Truth 18 The Foundation

To live, to die only to do it all over again and again but what you fail to recognize is a foundation is being laid, our Creators foundation, a bond for one another that slowly becomes more and more unbreakable. 

What a beautiful thing it is for our souls to carry over in lifetime after lifetime.

It’s through our struggles and experiences that our love grows in strength. It’s though our shared pain and suffering that we come to stand side by side together as one. Imagine our most cherished loved ones and the mounting experiences in 100 lifetimes, 1000, a million, what that would do to solidify our bond for one another. A future where the love is unbreakable because of our tribulations. The Foundation grows in strength. 

Each lifetime separately unique, so different. To be young to be old again and again.  Opportunities to experience different places, different cultures, different time frames but most of all is an opportunity to add to our community of loved ones. New friends, new lovers, complete strangers that would go beyond the norm to help us. The seeds that would sprout and become the loved ones of the next lifetime and the one after that.  The foundation expands. 

Evil doesn’t have this. The darkness is a cancer that spreads and then withers and dies. Its a fire that spreads across the land destroying everything in its path leaving nothing but suffering and regret, but in the end its ash. There is no foundation. 

Time is what is needed to accomplish the true awe of what I am reporting.  All the centuries of struggles and pains leading to an unbreakable bond with someone you love.  Time will eventually expand your community of souls so large it will surpass even this world. Forever is a long time to create relationships, bonds, to understand love as our Creator does. You might not see  what I am talking about in todays world,  a world so filled with hate and division, corruption and suffering, but lifetime by lifetime, through the sands of time itself the foundation will prevail. 

So as religion often teaches, get started, love your enemy. Forgive all. Show compassion for all life. Treat others better than you would want to be treated, and do it with righteous hands because it’s the foundation our Creator has made. 

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  1. ❤️❤️❤️ love this. Thank you Eric. From what I’ve come to understand so far I’ve been living many many many life times here on earth. I’m tired. But I’m forever grateful for the guidance and protection from my guides. And of course for the opportunity to live, learn, love and experience that zing of magic when you find another soul you’ve been with life times before. Thank you for sharing truths that help us feel at peace.

  2. Thank you, Eric, this is beautiful! I too get tired…I do not know if I am an old soul or not, but I get weighed down by the way people conduct themselves! It makes me horribly sad and discouraged the divisions the hate etc, I want to live in a world where things are done on a handshake, I get so burned out and bummed out! I know there are like minded people out there, so I try to fill my world with people like that, help the people I can in ways I can! Im the person that got the “big room” of people wanting to talk to me, so maybe they are from many lifetimes. Your work is so beautiful it has to come from heavenly realms because its so very comforting! Thanks so much!

  3. I used to be religious — now spiritual — but not anymore because religious people turned me away from religion because what I realized was that a lot of them do not follow the religious teachings of loving thy enemy, forgiveness, compassion for all life and treating others better than you’d want to be treated. They’re views about the poor, the sick, the marginalized, the disinfranchised, migrants, immigrants, refugees and those of different faiths are the exact opposite of everything Christ stood for and taught. As an American, where about 70% of the country is Christian, I really like this quote: “I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.” They care less about living by the teachings and more about using their religion as a mechanism of hate, division and control over the masses through our gov’t. Humanity in general though needs to live more lifetimes in order to be more like those religious teachings.

  4. Thank you, Eric, for this message. I agree with the previous comments to a point. I am confused. Why live again and again, why be recycled only to live a life of suffering for a foundation of humanity and the Creator. What’s the goal and how do I play a part in this goal? I don’t want to come back. Why can’t I just stay in the orbit of the Creator’s Love as described previously in a Truth published? I am overwhelmed by the hate and division around me. I don’t want to come back. Do I have free choice NOT to come back to this place? Thank you, once again, Eric, for your deep meditations.

    1. Its important to look at heaven as a place as rest. A place of peace. Though not the best example consider staying in bed resting all day, or forever for that matter. But I don’t think that really is the best example, its in our nature as souls to be assertive, adventurous, explorers, its us that chose to experience all that is around us and yet right now on this day, that experience seems a bitter. Tomorrow will be different.

  5. Yep, I am confused as well…at least with the reincarnation concept. How can one improve or learn anything when we remember exactly nothing from our previous lives? For instance, we could be making the EXACT same life mistakes – over and over again, lifetime after lifetime, and never even know it…which is a very depressing thought indeed.

    1. The soul remembers everything. Consider this would you rather be in one place forever or experience every possible outcome there is, both good and bad. Try and remember that’s forever.

  6. Juan and Jimmy and many more, let me bring your questions and concerns directly to Spirit for their response, perhaps they can explain it better. So in the upcoming days I should have a sequel to this post.

    1. So, I am not any sort of an authority on the subject, but I have researched and read a fair amount on this subject. Eric, I hope that you don’t mind if I try to explain how I look at the problem of reincarnation, and memory loss (etc.) for Juan and Jimmy.

      I actually agree that right now, if I had a choice, I would most likely prefer not to come back into this world again and again through reincarnation. But for me, I am speaking as a human being inside “the fishbowl of life.” In this incarnation I am unable to see a larger picture or fully realize the goals of my higher self (though every day I struggle to try). My understanding, or at least what I imagine, is that upon returning to heaven, the memories from this life will merge with those of other lives that I may have led. When this happens, my perspective may change, and a human life may feel like going for a nice walk, or a run. My understanding is that we ALWAYS have a choice before we return to this world or any other. Any not only do we have a choice, but we often have a plan, and things that we plan to experience within each life with the express purpose of learning from those experiences.

      I believe most people would agree with me when I say that “Growth is nearly always a painful experience.” Even when we desperately want this not to be true.

      With each life we learn, we grow, and we love. Those experiences return with us when we return to heaven, and I will not pretend to understand the state of our individuality vs. our link with God, but somehow I believe that our personal growth translates into something
      positive for God and the universe. The fact that these lessons are born through pain is not lost on me. I suppose we never truly appreciate anything without loss and/or sacrifice?

      As to the memory issue. I have learned that while we do not precisely have access to the memories of our higher self within this lifetime, we always have access to the guidance of our higher self (which strangely enough can exist presently in the heavenly realm, even as we live our lives – since time does not exist in the same way in heaven). This “guidance” can take the form of our emotions and/or conscience. It is maybe a little more binary than just calling it emotion. But deep inside of you, the voice that tells you when to do, or not to do something? Well, it may be your spirit guide, or a loved one speaking to you…but it may also be your higher self guiding you to take or avoid certain actions.

      I have experienced this guidance throughout my life, and in a few situations it has been very strong…and does not always agree with what my conscious mind wants. Sometimes it can be very frustrating, because the feeling does not provide you with an opportunity to debate a topic. It is simply the intense feeling of “good/bad” about an action I am about to take. On those rare occasions I have acted against this instinct, I have always regretted it, and upon following it, I have often found it rewarding in one fashion or another.

      This topic also reminds me of a speech given by Alan Watts. The gist of his speech became the inspiration for the movie Inception, but here are the highlights:

      In any case, this may not be a thorough explanation, but I hope it helps.

      1. Thank you for your insight. I agree, one of the more unique aspects of my memory is who I am as Eric and who I am in Spirit clearly has some glaring differences. All of that is about memory and experience. I would not entirely agree that our existence our lessons require pain, they might right now, but to say that. 1000s or millions of years in the future might be so beyond different. That glaring difference in my opinion is the point, the endless range of different experiences together with our loved ones. Thanks again

      2. Dear Brightraven, It was a pleasure to read your perspective as it enabled me to have some insight on ideas I had not yet considered. You cannot imagine how much I do not want to come back, so I can relate. If growth is indeed a painful experience, I must be a beanstalk, from that children’s fairy-tale. lol

      3. Whoops, got cut off when something fell on the keyboard. Thank you Brightraven for the Alan Watts link, which i will watch shortly and for taking the time to communicate. It is deeply appreciated. -Jimmy

    2. Thank you so much for your kind replies Eric, and I appreciate and look forward to any clarity that spirit can provide through you. This has been a painful life experience in many ways, and I do struggle daily to comprehend the point of it all – especially when it seems like so much could have been accomplished if this or that were different. Reading your Truths via spirit do help immensely.

      1. Things will be different, in about 200 years we will have world peace, in about 400 to 500 years we will be able to manipulate cells that end old age. In about 600 years we will consume knowledge as if it were a food, in over 2000 years we will be moving beyond our Galaxy. That’s Galaxy! All of these troubling times of suffering today are just a blip in our existence.

  7. Thank you Eric, are there ways I can help myself not to get discouraged also? I mean a person stole DOG FOOD out of my unlocked car the other day at my house. Im glad their dogs ate, lol, but I mean really? I get disgusted by peoples gaming, I think I know who stole it too, I gave my newspaper man a puppy because he said he wanted it for his 9 year old son. And since I cancelled the paper nothing missing from my yard. He kept telling me how he was getting robbed at gunpoint! However I found it hard to believe he was robbed over and over the area is just NOT that dangerous, but he made the point of telling me this. I mean no good deed goes unpunished lol

    1. Over my lifetime, I have always found meditation keeps my emotions in check. Before I meditated daily I would get very angry over peoples actions, very upset when people wronged me, now that I meditate there is always this calm that keeps me quiet, acceptable, calm, at peace. You can’t do much about other peoples actions only your own. Consider this solution to help bring peace.

      1. Thank you Eric, good idea. It is true you cannot control the actions of others, only yours or your reactions to things. Ill try meditation when I get upset. I try to have sympathy for the person too, like what led up tp this person being this way? You cannot be mad at a person and have compassion at the same time. I find this helps too, but I fall off this wagon too; usually when Im tired. I actually have an alarm set for a decent bedtime because when I get over tired my thoughts can become “stinky” and not very enlightened, lol

  8. You nailed it again…thanks Eric for sharing my favorite storytelling of all time “The Truth”.

    Would love to peek the ending result of our Creator’s goal. Imagine it takes million of years to be perfect of Love. Nice knowing that we have been here on this planet numerous of times. I see rhe same pattern as the flowers. It dies then grow back all over again from the seeds. DNA is the same way that enveloped the white light energy or soul as we called it.

    I witnessed the beautiful blue light energy base ball size that was hovering in the hallway and came to me. My keeshond dog woke me up at 3 or 4 am, I opened the bedroom door taking her out to potty….the blue ball energy slowly coming down to me from the ceiling in hallway..All of the sudden it was startled when I saw “it” then it bounced off like lightening then disappeared. Last like 8 seconds…thought it was interesting if it had “personality” energy. Amazing experience encountered the real live blue ball of energy.

    Again thanks for sharing inspired stories with scholars like us. You are the best! ♡♡♡

  9. Off-topic, but what do the spirits see regarding China’s Social Credit System? Is it something that will last or will it backfire? Personally I never thought something that crazy would come into existence, and makes me upset just how compliant their people are not realizing what they’re losing in the long-run.

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