World Predictions 12-7-18

One more word one more message, and a bit of a jab, H 

I had a visual of the car then I had a vision of a car upside down then Spirit  said “Oh that’s not good” 

I am guessing here but are they saying a ‘flip’? Or is it an accident of a well known person. 

“We got him.. it’s done”

I had a visual of a zero highlighted bold in perfect format. That implies one of their predictions are about to happen very soon. 

24 thoughts on “World Predictions 12-7-18

  1. Erik, I worry about the health of you and your mother.  There is a energy healer, Charlie Goldsmith, who does remote healings.  His website is Stay healthy!

  2. Maybe it is a witness that might derail Mueller’s legal case, or someone else associated with Bill and Hillary.

    1. Unlikely. Mueller’s legal case only grew stronger today and it’s just getting warmed up. A lot of people in the president’s inner circle getting exposed by Mueller for lying and trying to coverup for him. Not looking good.

  3. Given everything you picked up about Trump related to December, and your TRUMP word theme right now, and today’s news… this prediction sure sounds like Trump is done.

    1. Also re: the flip— I’ve been picking up Carter a Page “rolling over” and “flipping” on Trump for a while. Maybe it’s that.

    2. Yes, but I believe now that this month is just the start, perhaps it’s next July when the end happens, but December is going to be very bad for the president according to spirit

      1. Hi Eric, I remember reading several months ago that someone predicted that Michael Cohen would be killed in a car accident. That’s the first thing that popped in my mind when I read your prediction.

  4. This is off-topic, but is there any new information about the possible terrorist attack/bombings mentioned in the 11-24-18 prediction, or the assassination in Europe?

    1. Unfortunately all questions have stopped for our project. However the plan is to point to events that are coming now or next so I have to assume they will remind us, as they did with Trump right now

  5. On November 8th you wrote this prediction:
    “I had a visual of a president or prime minister, he was smiling or happy, then he was shot.
    I had a visual of the number 11 then 12.
    I had a visual of a newspaper that read: “The president killed by Nazis”
    They implied a young leader. The Nazis might be a reference to a radical right. I have to assume they are still talking about the heart of Europe. Which implies France and Macron. Please take caution France, please ramp up your security.”

    So according to this article it looks like President Macron will be addressing the people of France today, 12-10-18, around 8pm. And there appears to be a connection to Russia, “the Northerners,” fueling the protests.

  6. Eric,
    Ref:::I had a visual of a zero highlighted bold in perfect format. That implies one of their predictions are about to happen very soon.

    France 🇫🇷
    Terror attack…shooting…🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨

    A shooting in Strasbourg, France, on Tuesday killed two people and wounded at least eight others and is being treated as an act of “terror,” police and government officials said, adding that the gunman is on the run.

  7. Eric,
    Ref::::had a visual of the car then I had a vision of a car upside down then Spirit said “Oh that’s not good”

    6 coal barges sink into Ohio River..
    LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) – Two more barges have sunk into the Ohio River, spilling tons of coal into the water after a towboat hit the Second Street Bridge Tuesday. That makes six of 15 barges loaded with coal that have now sunk into the river.
    A towboat was pushing 15 coal barges when it struck the Second Street (Clark Memorial) Bridge on Christmas.
    The Coast Guard said that the water at the McAlpine Dam fell about one foot on Friday evening, causing to more barges to sink and another to shift.
    Three barges are still stuck on the dam at the Falls for the Ohio. One of those is stuck in one of the gates of the dam. Six other barges have been recovered.

  8. Eric,
    Ref:::One more word one more message, and a bit of a jab, H

    CIA director…Gina (H) Haspel
    GUANTANAMO BAY NAVY BASE, Cuba — An attorney for the accused architect of the Sept. 11 attacks told a judge in a secret session last year that CIA Director Gina Haspel ran a secret agency outpost at Guantánamo, an apparent reference to a post-9/11 black site, according to a recently declassified transcript.

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