Prediction: New Zealand Earthquake Now

I had a visual of two zeros arriving. “Times up” two different predictions are about to happen.

The first:

I had a visual of a map pointing to New Zealand. In the visual they highlighted an area at the top corner of a land mass.. Hamilton/Auckland?  Then Spirit shifted to show the very old prediction Notes on 7-30-15 , specifically the water bottles. That message pointed to New Plymouth.

This prediction points to Christchurch and the number 17: Prediction: Earthquakes Coming Its possible we are talking about two separate earthquakes coming for New Zealand

There is still a debate on size and destruction, this message below implies a ‘moderately large one’ but in another message it was very destructive. One message also implied a 6.6 – 6.9 size.  Previous prediction: 

“New Zealand.. Eric the moderately large earthquake is in the area where the land sticks out.. not Wellington.. 9.. 10”


Spirit said: “Evidence.. new evidence.. that is hard to refute.. a cover up exposed.. the truth always finds a way to come out.”

They implied a US political situation.  It sounds like yesterdays message: Predictions 10-7-18

32 thoughts on “Prediction: New Zealand Earthquake Now

  1. “Evidence.. new evidence.. that is hard to refute.. a cover up exposed.. the truth always finds a way to come out.”

    I truly hope it’s about Kavanaugh and Trump. Very disappointed covering up all the lies and denials. Eventually, Truth always win and comes out. (I’m just so upset with the US govt mess and deceived.

    1. Lossie2020, I’m not sure about this but I heard that Kavanaugh was in the Yale “Ezra Stiles” Residential College. The people who attended during the same time as Kavanaugh would be tightly knit together basically. I’ve also heard that there could possibly be proof within the Universities Medical Centers records from the time period which he attended. Proof of his past issues with alcoholism etc. So proof needed for perjury atleast. I myself believe he had/has an addiction with debts paid off by others…and that there is a cover up. Follow the money trail? They need someone who has kompromat. I hope and pray it backfires. Sending light into the darkness so that it may reveal the truth. I feel it’s just a matter of time. Blessings.🌟🙏🏻

  2. Eric is Spirit saying for the earthquake…ground zero is Hamilton NZ or it’s just the whole general Auckland area? One of its nicknames is “H-Town”. Didn’t you recently have a prediction with the letter “H”? I looked but can’t find it.
    Also has Spirit suggested there is a tsunami which accompanies the EQ?
    Praying for New Zealand.🙏🏻❤️🌟

      1. im sensing top left of south island. near nelson or fairwell spit area. this area sticks out. just a feeling.

      1. Yes there are earthquakes that have happened in Auckland. In the 1800s south Auckland had a magnitude 7. There have been others just not regularly. I remember living there when Auckland had a small shake. So they have had earthquakes

  3. Hi Eric, I was reading the comments from yesterday’s predictions and Trina mentioned the Bruno Mars concert in Dallas. It happens to be at the America Airlines center. Do you think the AA reference might relate to the Texas shooting or separate?

    Thanks for the clarification on the political issue. I will be happy if the exposure brings more truth comes into our politics.

  4. The Alpine Fault line has been mentioned which is in the South Island. The letter “H” mentioned could be the Hikurangi Fault Line which runs up the East Coast of the North Island, also land jutting out. If these two let go together we are in big trouble.

  5. 6.2 just hit new zealand. near new plymouth.
    felt much of the country. bigger one maybe coming.

  6. i mentioned a quake to come between wanganui and new plymouth at the bisect between the two. a 6.2 just occured. 200km deep so a more stronger sallow one to follow.

    1. beleive so. because its so deep a more larger shallower quake will follow in days. like a 6.5 in the same area. eric did mention two quakes in the area of 6.2 and 6.5 if i remember correctly.

  7. There was a 6.2 in Taumarunui New Zealand today, but it is in the central North Island & there was no damage – is it wishful thinking to hope this was it?

    1. If you take aap of the whole of NX the quake was top left as Eric was told by spirit. Also near new plymouth as in another prediction.

      1. i would agree. however i think another quake slightly larger is coming for the same area maybe slightly south due to its depth. but eric appears to be correct here.

      1. Eric,

        Bay of Plenty Civil Defence stated in a post on social media that a lot of people reported swaying, but “at this stage, we are not aware of any damage.”

        “Some things are still being checked as a precaution, especially because they were such shallow quakes.”

  8. Eric,
    13 km SSW of Tokoroa, New Zealand
    2021-08-01 13:04:53 (UTC)
    171.1 km

    M 3.3 – 7 km WNW of Burnham, New Zealand
    2021-08-01 03:10:18 (UTC)43.593°S 172.228°E24.9 km depth

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