US Indicts Russians For Hacking, Nuclear Power Company

This prediction has happened.

Predictions 9-14-17  Hacking.. some one has control over the systems. (The implication was serious, reflecting something like power plants)

20 thoughts on “US Indicts Russians For Hacking, Nuclear Power Company

  1. Can someone please explain why my current cellphone did not get the presidential alert but my old cellphone that is not on any cellular or WiFi network did?

  2. So after seven months of psychic interaction with my friend Sam, who passed over at the end of February this year, it seems he has finally found peace. A full transcript of all of his encounters, including a confirmation from our psychic circle at the end, is now available at:

    Thank you Eric for allowing me to link Sam’s Blogs numerous times to your site. Very much appreciated. Pete

    1. I spent mostly all night and morning reading this. Fascinating. Now I want more. Hoping maybe you have other blog posts maybe of other psychic encounters with other spirits. And any blog posts about the things you know about the afterlife because you seem to be really well educated in it. Thanks. (Was also really glad this link was posted here)

      1. Thank you Olivia. To be totally truthful, I have no idea what is coming next. Today, in less that 4 hours, I’ll be linking up for a meeting with ‘Danny’ and another psychic friend to discuss the matter. Thank you again for you interest, wow that was a long read.
        And again my sincere thanks to Eric for allowing me the link. Pete

    2. Blessings to you and your dear friend, Sam. Thanks for sharing to help me understand their struggles on other side and find peace. It’s a very happy ending to find peace.

  3. Hey Eric-
    Driving home tonight I got an image of a giant can of Campbell’s Soup. I feel like I remember you having a post earlier this year talking about soup also. Do you have any idea what it may mean-represents? (I feel like it’s symbolic to something world event related but I’m at a total loss for what). Also- this am I woke up with an image of a woman feeding a baby deer. I saw it and immediately heard “deer… female deer… for, a deer a female deer.” Again it felt significant but I have no clue in what the symbolism of this was either. Any thoughts Eric? (Or anyone!) on either.

    1. Nicole, just reminded me of the song from “Sound of Music”

      (Doe, a deer, a female deer Ray, a drop of golden sun Me, a name, I call myself Far, a long, long way to run Sew, a needle pulling thread La, a note to follow So
      Tea, a drink with jam and bread That will bring us back to Do)

      1. Oh my- yes I’ve been thinking about that show, too. Also- I was also thinking about broadway yesterday morning right after this (all in quick proximity on timing).

        Okay so that link I actually kept staring at Oklahoma- not Texas. I typed “Oklahoma” in my notes to see if I’ve had any related premonitions. I have- on Sept 2 I had one about an explosion that I thought it was saying was “like Oklahoma City” and felt like it was in Colorado at a Federal Building. BUT I also got the numbers 11 and 2 at the same time… which is the date of that sound of music show in Oklahoma City. There was zero reference to the show then so this could be completely unrelated- but that is really weird.

    1. Trina,

      You were likely seeing the worst mass shooting in US history — in Texas and on or around October 17th, like Eric was told.

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