Gerrymandering Grassroots Fight

This prediction is starting. Good news!

Predictions 5-13-17  In the congressional districts there is a big push in the nation to end Gerrymandering.

The Facts: LANSING, Michigan—Katie Fahey walks into the Grand Traverse Pie Company, blocks from the state Capitol, wearing a black T-shirt that announces her cause. “Voters should choose their politicians,” it reads, “not the other way around.”

As Fahey steps to the counter to order lunch, the cashier, a twentysomething like her, recognizes the message. Last year, he tells her, he signed the initiative petition circulated by Voters Not Politicians to ban gerrymandering.

“We got almost a half a million people to sign,” enthuses Fahey, who founded the group in 2016 based on her viral Facebook post.

“That’s for the midterms?” asks the cashier’s co-worker.

“Yeah! So, Yes on 2, November 6!” says Fahey. “We just need two million voters. It’s fine! We got this.”


12 thoughts on “Gerrymandering Grassroots Fight”

  1. Good to see some more positive things happening that you’ve predicted. We really need to fix gerrymandering if we want to fix US politics so govt will be more responsive to the people.

    Thanks, Eric!

  2. Yay! Hopefully more of the same and hopefully we can one day get money out of politics. Doubtful but hopeful

      1. I don’t know if you saw. but an FEC rule just went into effect requiring disclosure of dark money.
        It’s kind of complicated — the trial court ruled in favor of a new FEC rule requiring disclosure, one judge on the Supremes (Roberts I think) stayed that decision, then the full court overruled the one judge and upheld the lower court decision.
        I’ll look for a link for it. It was in the last 2 weeks. I’d look on the CREW website for it. Also former FEC comm’r Weintraud tweeted about it.

  3. Great news! I hope this gerrymandering ends. It’s ridiculous! And all of the dark money too… no matter which side you are on. Who’s running our country???🤔

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