Hurricane Florence

Please share this message, we must get the word out, more storms are coming.

This prediction is coming. Please evacuate, do not stay. We are expecting two more hurricanes soon, one in southern Mexico in the second half of September, and then another in Florida in late September or the first half of October, both expected to be damaging. Yesterday they marked the 24th of September.

Prediction: Hurricane Florence  Spirit has confirmed that this prediction about North Carolina is Hurricane Florence or one of the others hurricanes behind it. The number 8 is a date,  happening now. North Carolina has declared a state of emergency.

Predictions: Major Events Coming   I had a visual I was looking out a window to see a very large storm unfold. “N..C.. 8.. 8.. 8”

According to Spirit this storm will make landfall next weekend between the 14th-16th. It will hit between two border states. (Perhaps the border between North and South Carolina.)

The Hurricane will strike the coastline and then loop around.

Now we need to gather details for the next storm. I asked for the details and they said ‘wait’. In this message are they saying October 9th?  The message they have so far:

Predictions: The Gulf Hurricanes Coming  “The family.. 9.. handful will pass.. the large Hurricane will strike Florida.. they will say, we are staying.. no! evacuate!.. the storm will move slow and the flooding will be extensive.. you must leave, don’t be a fool!.”

In the visual the hurricane was really huge. They implied October, but I need to verify.

“In the gulf of Mexico a huge storm, it will drown the area of Mexico and Latin America in the worst way, so much flooding.” – Mid to late September

Is this message NC or Florida?

Predictions 9-4-18  I had a visual of a boomerang at a distance dropping a bit and then flying directly towards me. In the visual it looked very similar to a Hurricane sign or a trajectory message.

“13 years ago.. it is coming again.. make no mistake!”

“Areas disappear.. total destruction.”

That would be 2005, and I can only think of two events, Hurricane Katrina in 2005 and the December 2004 Tsunami. In the visual the boomerang had to cross a great distance. If it is a Hurricane, that would imply that the Hurricane formed in the Africa region and had to cross over the ocean

Predictions 8-22-18 “In the gulf of Mexico a huge storm, it will drown the area of Mexico and Latin America in the worst way, so much flooding.”

“Eric we need to shift our attention as September and October bring deadly damaging storms”

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  1. kelly714 Avatar

    Sending Prayers from New Jersey to all that will and could be affected.

  2. Sara Avatar

    Anyone who lives in those areas, be safe–evacuate if you’re told to. Don’t take unnecessary chances with your lives. Or if you can’t leave for whatever reason, at least go to a shelter.

  3. Fernelis Augusto Avatar
    Fernelis Augusto

    I figure out that you perceive Saturday the 15th, the maths show it to me too. Pray

  4. star48 Avatar


    Mudslides are a worry.

    Millions of Americans across North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia are preparing for Hurricane Florence, a category 4 storm that could result in mudslides. Here’s why.

    1. swampy11 Avatar

      Thanks for such good info, Star48. I always wondered how that happens sometimes.

  5. Violett2 Avatar

    I don’t know if anyone has addressed this earlier, In regards to the 8-8-8 part, perhaps it means the hurricane will have an 888mb pressure? That would be awful. The winds would be around 200 mph.

  6. Anon2018 Avatar

    The new track of hurricane Florence showing up on guidance reminds me very much of a boomerang. Do you think this is what spirit referenced? Have they mentioned anything about inland areas. Being in Charlotte NC I have felt safe but growing concern for flooding. Could you please try to find out more about inland impacts? Thank you for all you do!

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      I will try. Thanks

  7. jules104 Avatar

    Eric here’s an update on Florence. One of the models is showing the hurricane hitting NC and looping down to SC and Georgia area now. Praying for the Eastern Seaboard.

  8. donna b Avatar
    donna b

    Here is another link about the power plants: hope this comes through Eric, you had the prediction about the “melting core” not too long ago I think. I hope this is not true. Prayers to all affected. ttps://

    1. jules104 Avatar

      Donna b…here you go. There are 16 nucleur reactors in VA, NC and SC.

  9. donna b Avatar
    donna b

    There are several articles about it from credible sources. If you google about the power plants. Everyone, please evacuate if you are told to. I lived in Fl in a storm like this, it was very scary and to be without power and any help should you need it is very hard!!! PLEASE BE SAFE, don’t stay for your possessions they are not worth your lives!!

    1. jules104 Avatar

      Donna b…Thank you for pointing this threat out.
      Here is another mentioning the two at risk nucleur power plants in Florence’s path. The Brunswick with the same design as the Fukushima Power Plant and the Sheron Harris Nucleur Power Plant. There are pics in this link. Praying all of the power plants in Florence’s path hold!🌟🙏🏻

  10. star48 Avatar


    Florence projected to have 83 ft waves,,
    Don’t play games.

    1. jules104 Avatar

      Wow 83 feet?😧 Holy moly. I hope everyone heads those evacuation orders. Praying for everyone in Florence’s path there.🌟🙏🏻

      1. jules104 Avatar

        *heeds evacuations

  11. jules104 Avatar

    Eric Marine Corp Base Camp LeJeune, right on the Coast near where the Florence is coming in won’t be evacuating. I hope they made the correct decision.
    I thought of the prediction “The Family” and “the storm will be slow moving, evacuate, don’t be a fool!” This Military Base is in Jacksonville, NC…which is very similar to Jacksonville, Florida. Could Spirits have gotten it mixed? Praying for everyone’s safety in the path of this storm.🌟🙏🏻

    1. lossie2020 Avatar

      Jules, you mentioned of the Jacksonville in NC. Saw this post from dream psychic Brian Ladd. He dreamed of the Jacksonville Florida. Wondering if this meant for NC? Wanted to share just in case.

      1. jules104 Avatar

        lossie2020…I saw that also. Thank you for adding though. It did make me wonder about it getting mixed up with the FL prediction since both have Jacksonville’s and the similarities of what’s going on with this storm are close to what Eric’s prediction mentioned for Florida. I just hope everyone takes this storm seriously due to all of the amounts of rain coming and the storm surge. I saw that since the storm is slowing down now there will be more high tides during the surge time period which isn’t good.

  12. star48 Avatar


    Report of Power could be lost to millions…

  13. rhona2 Avatar

    Swc Eric
    A few days ago my guide Singer said Georgia would suffer from Hurricane Florence .
    MIDNIGHT TRAIN TO GEORGIA came through .
    Now today he days
    Sea shore Mansions at risk Savanah .
    Also travellers on the road heading for Georgia are going to be caught off gaurd ..
    They think they are safe ..but they will be caught out ..
    Blessing please stay as safe as you can
    People of Georgia and the Carolinas my prayers and love and light are with you ..

    1. star48 Avatar

      I hope this information is widely dispersed…

      Especially as your guide said Georgia was going to be impacted, earlier…

      I am nervous about the people he mentioned being vulnerable ,while on the roads!

      Blessings to you..

    2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thanks for the info

      1. rhona2 Avatar

        Thank you Star..I Hope so too.
        Singer was quite insistent for 2 days to include Georgia ..
        He has also brought in Montego bay with a message to me on the 10th of Sept ..He has been mentioning Jamaica
        For 2 weeks ..Im thinking Issac Hurricane ..I did see that it’s heading that way ..
        He has had a few hits lately .
        I was not confident enough to post them all as they came ..but I appreciate his work .
        Well done singer. .

    3. jules104 Avatar

      Thanks Rhona. I hope everyone stays safe and off the roads during this storm.

      1. rhona2 Avatar

        Jules 1o4
        I’m terrified for them to experience this .
        Prayers love and light to travellers ..
        Also for lessening of Florence ..

  14. star48 Avatar


    Hurricane Florence has weakened to Category 2 at this time

    still dangerous..experts worried can grow stronger.

    1. lossie2020 Avatar

      Oh dear….:/ this is nerve wrecked moments.

  15. lossie2020 Avatar

    This is very worrisome as it took nearly a year to restored 75% back on power in Puerto Rico. Since Trump ordered transfered the funds from FEMA to ICE’s Immigration for $10 million which could hurt in future hurricanes victims needing help to restore power and buildings. We’ll see what happen when hurricane Florence hit east coast. There will be alot of angry people tited of waiting with little to no help from FEMA. Whose fault will that be….of course it’s Trump, not FEMA. Praying for all to be safe away from the deadly monster hurricane.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Florida is the big one, and I mean BIG

  16. star48 Avatar

    Your post sparked a thought..

    On Eric’s post 9/12/18
    Ref::FEMA resources spread thin, economics spread thin, so much rage from the US people as they wait too long.

    Your post information…could bring the foundation of the problem of the ” economics” spread thin that spirit mentioned.!?

  17. star48 Avatar

    Trump says we are prepared..for Florence

  18. star48 Avatar


    Oregon Air National Guard deploys ahead of Hurricane Florence.

  19. star48 Avatar

    Wind speed Category 2 …catastrophic flooding (Category 5) expected..

  20. T W Longtime Lurker Avatar
    T W Longtime Lurker

    I live in eastern NC. My area is not in the projected path but we still take hurricanes seriously. We know the wind and flood waters happen outside the path.

    I am not in an area under mandatory evacuation orders but I wonder if I should leave now while the getting is good.

    Power is out in other areas already.

    For local hurricane updates Google “WITN weather”, “WTVD weather”, and “WRAL weather.”

  21. jules104 Avatar

    Eric I thought you had something about parts of roads closed due to hurricane but can’t find it. Here parts of major interstates affected. I-95 and I-40 are closed due to flooding.

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