Toronto Shooting

Such a tragic event, my heart pours for all of those in Canada. Please pray for all those recovering.

The first message was marked in a different location. The attack in Ontario was also presented differently, so I am unclear if the two predictions are related or separate. But there was no explosion. I need to ask them if they are separate. The number 23 is the date, and the carved 7 could be seen as the month.

Predictions 7-9-18

I had a visual of an old blue door with the number 23 on it. Then they showed the lock of the door turn back and forth (that means lockdown) “One of the worst shootings” Then it shifted to show a graveyard. “Too many!”

I had a visual of a parade or festival. In the visual people were either walking down the street together or marching in a parade. Then off to the side there was an explosion.

“Ontario.. the first part of August.. Aud.. Audrea (or Audrey)..”

Australia, Canada, the sister city, “T” — Spirits Voice
They mentioned Brisbane but its unclear if they are talking about the expected flood or this terror act. “T” could be Toronto. Australia was mentioned several times, leading me to believe this event below is in Australia.
In two days, ‘around’ the 10th
I had a visual I was walking down a sidewalk, on one side was a parking lot on the other side was the back of a mall. I walked into the mall to see people scrambling for safety. In the background you could hear shots being fired. I saw to the left of me a picture of a hamburger in the window.  In the corner of my eye I saw a fireball race by.
Part of me believes they are implying a food court, but it could also be just a set of different restaurants. The fireball could be a launcher of some kind.
I had a visual of the number 7 carved into a wooden plaque.
“Everyone get inside!”

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  1. It sounds like the predictions could be separate–the part about the shooting and 23 and the restaurants and “sister city T” all sound connected to what happened in Toronto.

    The part about the parade and bomb in Ontario, and the mention of Australia sound like different events, but it’s a guess on my part.

    Prayers for all the people injured in the shooting–may they make full recoveries.

      1. Hi Eric,
        I think Ontario event is separate from this shooting in Toronto. I had a dream recently where I heard “Ontario, Ontario, Ontario”, and saw big crowd of young people, and then the image shifted and I saw blood and people’s souls going up into the sky. In the dream the feeling was much more horrific, with many more victims than the Toronto shooting.
        This dream shook me to the core, I think this event is still coming.
        On another note, Ontario is also a city in California.

      2. Victoria,
        You’re right, I forgo that there’s a city in California called Ontario. Other predictions in the past have mentioned attacks in California, but who knows whether they’re related or not.

      3. Police haven’t released the shooter’s name yet—and probably won’t until they’ve located his next of kin. I feel sorry for his family; whenever they get the news.

  2. Eric, there’s an Audrey Avenue in Toronto, in the Beaches and both it and Greektown/Danforth are downtown, but the two are pretty far apart. Audrey Avenue is totally residential.
    Unless the two locations are somehow connected by the shooter.

  3. The rapper Drake,is from Toronto and his first name is Aubrey.I am not sure if he has any shows coming up…I know he has a beef with a few other artists.

    1. He just released an album, 7 songs on Billboard’s hot 100. So no axe to grind, not even Beatles or Elvis did that. He’s also a really standup guy, big on charity and helping those in need, a local hero to many.

  4. Eric,SWC,

    Canada 🇨🇦
    Man with knife tried to attack Ceremonial guard on Parliament Hill was stopped..

    Department of National Defence official Daniel Le Bouthillier said the incident took place Monday at 10:15 a.m. on the lawn of Parliament Hill, during the Changing of the Guard parade.

    The man was armed with a knife and attempted to stab a guard member. “Due to the quick reaction of our soldiers, RCMP and Parliamentary Protective Services, the potential threat was identified and neutralized,” Le Bouthillier said. “No one was injured during this incident.”

    Man was arrested..

    1. Police are saying the shooter visited ISIS websites and may have pledged to support them, so it’s looking likely it was a lone-wolf terror attack. The shooter may not have planned the attack with help from the group, but he probably was inspired by them.

      1. Sara,
        Thank you for following up on situations…

        I have to have (eye) surgery at the end of the month so will need others to step up for the short time I am sidelined… is only a few days..however I would feel better if you and some if the SWC would look over ????
        I would really appreciate everyone support follow breaking news…and followup on posts…

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