Japan Flooding

This tragic prediction has happened. Please pray for the safety of those in Japan.

In other news Spirit showed a list of times and then highlighted 3am and 4am. Another prediction is about to happen.

Predictions 6-10-18  I had a visual of an entire town under water. There was debris in multiple places floating along. You could see houses partially under water.

“Japan”   “7 00”

I believe they are implying ‘July’ with the number ‘7’

Is this the prediction with 7 39? Perhaps I mistaken this flood with a Tsunami? In the original message they talked about an earthquake and mass flood. I assumed that meant Tsunami. However Japan recently had a 6.0 earthquake and a mass flood around the same time.  Here is the prediction below:

“The Japan prediction is coming.” I had a visual of 7 00 in big bold print.

There are only two different predictions about Japan. The first is the passing of the King or queen. The second is a Tsunami, the Tsunami prediction is below, note how 7 00 fits the message, implying the countdown is complete:

We are expecting one massive earthquake/Tsunami, if we are to follow the old message it will be in the Japan or Asian Pacific:

Spirit kept repeating 7 39, 7 39, 7 39. Then they said ‘Earthquake, its a big one.’ This implies an old prediction:

Over 500 homes destroyed by the deluge of water

“Japan.. Japan.. Japan.. 7. 39.. big one.. such a massive flood.”


40 thoughts on “Japan Flooding

      1. Eric,
        I typed 52 in the search engine (that really is handy now that I know it’s there!) and an old prediction from 2012 was the first thing to pop up. Since it’s so old, I’m not sure it’s still relevant, but here:

        Prediction 52; A New Wave of Terrorism

        In the coming months a new wave of terrorism unfolds both foiled and successful.
        As one example; on a global stage they will kidnap both demanding and killing hostages. Brace yourself world the rats and their sinister acts are back in action.

        Notes from the other side, their words and images:
        the word “terrorism”
        A picture of a man kidnapped and a line of people behind him, as if to say this unfolds multiple times, perhaps. ” A global problem”
        An image of a large bridge. Unfortunately I am taking that as a reminder to Prediction 17, my hope is this prediction becomes one of the foiled situations. It continues to be one of two predictions that gives me nightmares.
        “A new wave from the rats!”

      2. Hi Eric, Sara and SWC, the “52” reminded me of a deck of playing cards and when I searched the site I found this prediction from 1-11-18 https://worldwidepredictions.com/2018/01/11/predictions-1-11-18/
        “I had a visual of a large picture of Trump, with the words July on the frame. Then the picture was slashed in half. “Its done.. over.”
        Later they implied the house of cards fall in July.”
        It also mentions a monster, a vehicle attack and the mudslides in California. I was trying to see if there may be some clues as what is going to happen soon.

    1. Maybe the older prediction with the school bus and kids stuck on the side of the road in the mud with it raining is about the Thailand kids?

  1. ERIC hope you and your mother are well. This is unrelated to your above prediction. Just wondering if you have seen any about the safety of the 12 boys and their coach stuck 4km/2.4miles in flooded cave system in Thailand. This is such a dangerous mission for the rescuers and the 12 thai children who cant swim to dive through the narrow cave system.
    I pray to God they all get out. It was a miracle that they were originally found.

    We will bring them home’: Rescuers vow to save trapped boys

      1. Eric,
        That is what I was thinking…especially with millions affected..
        I wonder if this is the ” tsunami ” ? (feeling/visual-)

  2. Eric,
    Japan 🇯🇵
    More flooding..records falling.

    Japan 🇯🇵.

    Record rains struck Northern Kyushu on August 27 and 28, 2019, and continue to devastate parts of Southwestern Japan, killing at least 3 people and triggering evacuation orders for around 870 000 residents. 1.9 million were advised to evacuate. Parts of the region saw record hourly and 24-hour rainfall totals. The Japan Meteorological Agency said the torrential rain was at the level the region has never experienced before.​

    Authorities placed Fukuoka, Saga, and Nagasaki prefectures under Level 4 Emergency Alert due to mudslides, flooding, and raging rivers. As of August 28, 2019, at 06:30 UTC (15:30 local time), evacuations were ordered to hundreds of thousands of people following the unstable weather.


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