Maryland Shooting

This tragic prediction has happened. Please pray for the victims of this horrible attack.

Annapolis is about 30 miles away from Washington DC. Not terrorist but a sinister attack on a newspaper office.

Predictions 5-26-18  I had a visual of the words “Washington” written on a wooden plaque. Then it shifted to show a long legged spider crawling by.

Spiders represent sinister acts, sounds like terrorist.

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  1. Brandon Parnell Avatar
    Brandon Parnell

    At least five dead at the moment and the shooter had a non-work history with the capital gazette

  2. star48 Avatar

    Mentally unstable…
    Grudge….used smoke grenades…
    Genesis…stalking of woman that was reported..than he filed suit,
    At the time it was noted he was unstable..
    Terrified employees at a Maryland newspaper threw themselves under their desks when a shotgun-wielding maniac with a grudge against the outlet stormed their office and opened fire Thursday, killing five people and wounding two others in what authorities and witnesses described as a “targeted attack.”
    The suspect, identified as Jarrod Ramos, was arrested minutes after detonating smoke grenades and unloading a barrage of bullets inside the Capital Gazette’s Annapolis newsroom around 3:15 p.m., acting Anne Arundel County Police Chief William Krampf said.

  3. star48 Avatar
  4. star48 Avatar

    Woman. He stalked …
    warned police..he would be next mass murder

  5. Sara Avatar

    Awful situation. I feel for the victims and their families, and the shooter’s family, too. Losing someone to murder must be horrible, but if your own family member is the shooter, I can’t imagine the horror of coping with that.

  6. Sara Avatar

    I know we all feel helpless about shootings, but there are things we can do to help lower the risk. Some people believe better gun-control is the solution, others that mental healthcare needs more funding and help. Others think a mixture of both would help.
    I advise everyone to write to your Congress members and push for either better gun-safety measures and/or better mental health systems.

    Sign petitions, write editorials, but most of all–and this is the hardest part–don’t give in to anger or hatred, because this shooting will likely be used by politicians on both sides re: gun control.

    The country’s dealing with a lot of division right now, people demonizing the ‘other side’, but when you think of it, both sides want the same thing: safety and peace and joy. Americans have been very divided, but now more than ever we must try to work together.

    The country didn’t get built by one party beating the other, but by both parties working things through, making compromise. Sometimes each party had disappointments, but by working together, at least something was moving forward.
    The past few decades the two parties, IMO, pulled the country right and left depending on who was in power, but never forward.

    We can’t allow hysteria, hate, or politician’s immature squabbling to divide us. America is better than its politicians, better than the screamy headlines on news sites. America is made of ordinary people of all races and religions, many are Democrat and many Republican, others Independent or unaffiliated. It’s these ordinary people that struggle to make a better life for themselves and their children that make up America.

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