2000 Children Separated from Families

This prediction has happened.

It tears at my heart to think that a nation I grew to love for all of its splendor as a beacon of light for the world would sour and head towards such a dark place. We as Americans desperately need to take a look into the mirror, this is us hurting children, I say that again we are hurting children. We have become the global monster we use to fight and that’s just sad. What’s happened to us?

Predictions 4-20-18  “The cruel one, the unsympathetic, chirps into the president’s ear.. 3318.. affected by such an egregious act… the world condemns the US action.. take note America your choices, your government hurting people.. ruining lives.”


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  1. D Avatar

    You cannot how sad I am I cannot imagine the pain of being separated for a little child; I’m amazed these people don’t reflect and say “what if that was my child?” Unbelievably twisted and sick I’m my opinion, like my mom said two wrongs do not make a right, so they say well they knew the risks but did they? People escaping from bad stuff might not have internet or tv!! And even if they did why punish the babies??

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      For me it hits hard the Leigh-Pink family has dedicated our lives to watching over foster children so I see first hand on a regular basis the pain and horror children go through being taken from their mother and father. We have two loving children right now but when they first arrived they were in total shock and fear.

      1. Fredda Avatar

        Eric, you and your mother are such kind loving people. Those children are so blessed to have you two. I pray for your mothers successful surgery and complete revovery and for your strength and health. 🙏🏼
        We all appreciate your sacrifices to try and forewarn the world so we can somehow make things better. Thank you!

        1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

          Thanks, our whole family fosters from my brothers to my father helping. It’s Bea’s passion, the rest of us follow suit.

      2. BeachHut Avatar

        My personal belief is that the bulk of abusive and destructive behaviour in the world has its roots in severe disturbance in childhood. To break that cycle is not an easy task. The work you and your family do with those children is the most righteous work possible. We all see the selfless work you put into your public prediction work, but I just want to say that your private, family efforts are heroic and I am full of respect and admiration for anyone who takes that on.

        Now go and see to your mother, and I hope all goes well! May her recovery be comfortable, smooth and blessed.

        1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar
  2. jules104 Avatar

    I am very proud of my US Senator Jeff Merkley who represents Oregon, for going to the border and speaking out against this Policy and demanding accountability from those who have implemented this separation of children from their mothers. In my opinion, it’s the small things such as this, which when others turn a blind eye, and it becomes acceptable behavior…leads to the monsters of the world. They don’t just happen overnight.

  3. Fredda Avatar

    In my opinion the evil one whispering in the presidents ear is Stephen Miller. When I first read about him during the campaign I immediately thought of Josef Goebles. This man is truly evil!
    I pray that the people of this country wakes up soon and takes the action needed to stop this horror before it’s too late!! We are on a fast train to absolute disaster!! We are now the evil country! The evils that so many of our young men died in wars to stop in countries all over the world is now in our backyard.

    1. jules104 Avatar

      Hi Fredda, I found the Stephen Miller reference interesting. I watched a medium channel on YouTube and when asking about these kids she actually picked up that Stephen Miller is the main person behind these camps and actually was shown a vision of him watching nazi concentration camp videos…like for fun.

      1. Fredda Avatar

        Hi Jules, I didn’t see that video but I am not surprised at all. I have been telling people for over a year to watch this guy. He stays in the background. Away from media attention. All you have to do tho is read about him and you will see how evil he is. This is just horrifying!! We can only pray that he is accountable for his evil. Soon. Before more and worse atrocities happen.

    2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      That man is scary, it’s possible the whisper is symbolic, sort of like a thought nagging you

    3. Kacky Avatar

      Fredda, your are absolutely right about S. Miller! So scary!

      1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

        He does seem very white National

  4. Cody Avatar

    ProPublica obtained audio from inside a U.S. Customs and Border Protections facility, in which children can be heard wailing; Border Patrol agent jokes, “We have an orchestra here.”

    Then you have Fox “News” defending and racing the president to the bottom, even having Jeff Sessions on to draw distinctions between their policy and the Nazis. You know you’re in the wrong when you’re making those distinctions.

    This country’s going to hell in a handbasket.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      It’s definitely no longer a shiny city upon that hill. We lost that and did it to ourselves. I still have hope for change

  5. Juan Jose Perez Avatar
    Juan Jose Perez

    I am so depressed about the current state of affairs in the USA. Sadly, I am powerless. Together as voters, we can change this evilness. But I am overwhelmed by the idea that the evil hearted voters of this country have the upper hand and the “narrative.” The loving ones seem to have no voice at all, silenced by the loud voices of hate. Is there any hope? Spirit, what say you? Is there any hope? I have given up.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      There is always hope!

    2. jules104 Avatar

      Juan Jose Perez…don’t lose hope or faith. Yes it’s horrible to watch what’s going on with our country but I do believe that things are going to begin to change for the better very soon. The truths will be revealed and the light will shine in the darkness. There’s so much going on behind the scenes which we are not aware of. Just keep sending out that love and light into the universe every day.
      You are not powerless. Use your voice and call your governors your senators your elected leaders and make your voice heard. Write letters and demand answers and accountability. The people have way more power than they realize and when we band together we can make our voices heard and move mountains. And yes vote every chance you get. Don’t forget you are part of that “We the people”.

    3. Sara Avatar

      Yes, Juan, things are tough now, but don’t lose hope. You’re not powerless.

      Respectfully, I disagree that evil-hearted voters have the upper hand. Many good people on all sides of politics have been struggling to make sense of a difficult situation. They all disagree on what’s the best way to proceed, but most voters aren’t evil.

      Personally–sorry, a bit of a political rant here–I don’t think Trump is the solution at all, but I can see why people were frustrated with Obama, Clinton, Congress, and even earlier presidents like George W. Bush. There’s been corruption, mistreatment, and cases of presidents/congress ignoring their people’s welfare or putting them at risk–from all parties.

      I’m frustrated with politics as a whole–it seems like the two parties care more about one-upping each other than helping anyone.

      I also think extremists on all sides make things worse. Unfortunately, since extremism sells newspapers, we hear more about the extremists on all sides than we hear about ordinary, good people. But the good people ARE out there, remember that.

      I think ordinary people can work things out if extremists didn’t constantly get all the attention. The more ordinary people talk to each other, and then put pressure on the government to get their act together, hopefully we’ll see positive changes more quickly.

  6. Raymond Avatar

    I understand that the children are going through a lot of anguish, but I think directing anger toward Trump or the Federal Government is misguided. The reason they have been separated is because their parents were arrested for illegally entering the country. There are numerous crimes associated with the illegal entry and it’s out of control. Last weekend a SUV filled with 14 illegals overturned at 100 mph killing 5 people. They endangered the lives of the local community as well as the law enforcement community. And I recently saw that 20% of all the inmates in our prisons are illegal aliens

    In the U.S. you can be arrested for leaving your child alone at home or in a parked car. But for some reason people put the illegal aliens that endanger their children’s lives, walking through a hot desert associating with criminal elements, telling them to avoid law enforcement officials and multiple other immoral activities; on a pedestal. Women and children crossing the desert are subject to death, robbery, rape and other crimes. The parents KNOW if they are caught that they will be separated. Good parents don’t guide their children down this path. Good parents don’t endanger their children’s lives. If their parents are this unethical then the children are probably better off without them. If an American citizen can be arrested for leaving a dog in a hot car, what compels anyone to think an illegal alien should not be arrested for endangering their child?

    The nations of their home countries continue to condemn Trump and the U.S. But it does not appear that any of them are intervening to return the children home. Nor does there seem to be any condemnation from the parents endangering the children. It’s a shame that the children are upset but I have zero sympathy for the parents.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      First Raymond I thank you for a more civil response between Facebook and Twitter I have had some pretty harsh bantering from those supporting Trump on this. I don’t believe that is a fair comparison, people who leave children in their car don’t care for their children, these people (not all) are in desperate situations, lives riddled with gang violence, they are taking these bold risks in support of their children, in the hopes of better lives for their children. Traveling with little food and nothing but the clothes are their back does not seem like a parent that does not care but the opposite.. I just don’t believe they are neglecting the child, but desperately trying to help them. The reason Trump is at the center is because he controls the policies. He decides what to do with those policies. That is at the center of what a president does in all forms. So the question on so many minds is why does he need to split apart the family at all. Why can’t they be detained together? What purpose is there for splitting them up other than an uncompassionate deterrence.

    2. jules104 Avatar

      I can’t help but feel that people are not understanding the hardships and hell these mothers, fathers, families have gone through prior to even making the decision to travel to the US and yes, bring their children with them, (I’d venture to say it’s probably the main reason they are leaving their own countries), in order to actually keep them safe from harm, fed and alive.

  7. lossie2020 Avatar

    Very angry and disturbing. I am outrageous. I feel and need to go up there to stop them taking the kids away from parents and family members. Trump needs to be fired.

    1. jules104 Avatar

      Agreed lossie2020!
      Also…you can always write your elected officials. They usually have a place on their homepages where you can voice your concerns and opinions to them. As I write Trump is speaking on the matter, spewing lies and fear mongering. It’s disgusting to me. I hope and pray people will choose love over hate, and light over the darkness. 🌟🙏🏻

  8. BeachHut Avatar

    People may have seen me referring to Astrology in occasional posts. I know many people think it’s bunk, but the USA is currently going through its Pluto Return. That’s like a birthday but it’s every 250 years not 365 days, and the characteristics are Plutonic rather than Solar. If people need evidence that there is something in astrology, it is that the decline of the US empire was predicted to kick off from 2007/8 onwards. It’s been rolling out like clockwork.

    Pluto transits destroy what’s not working in order to rebuild a better way from scratch. They are the dark nights of the soul, and can happen collectively as well as personally. Pluto works like the life cycle of the Phoenix. It drags out all that is rotten, hidden and dark, burns it all up, then rejuvenates..

    The American and French revolutions occurred when Pluto was last where it is now – in the area of traditional establishment, corporations, nations and governments. It’s time for a reckoning. It is certainly frightening and the effects can be savage, but what comes out the other side should be a stronger, wiser America that has thoroughly examined its values and habits. It is part of a renewing cycle, not the end of the line.

    Pluto transits have hit me hard, and the way through is to accept what has to crumble. Don’t fight the disintegration and don’t cling on to old ways. Stay aligned with integrity and truth. And don’t give in to the fear. The new shoots will become apparent in time. Trusting in the process brings strength.

    I think it is also wise to be acknowledge that, as Raymond has conveyed, the desperate and unfortunate people who are deluging the US border (and for that matter Europe) also bring their own collective darkness that needs to be processed. People have a right to feel disquiet at the effects on their communities as these huge population movements are occurring. I see too much polarisation especially in our media, that the West is evil and that migrants are somehow morally superior and noble (or vice versa). Unfortunately when people move, they tend to take their problems with them and much of the behaviour is very bad. Migrant communities tend to recreate what they were running away from. That, ultimately is why there’s a rise in right wing populism, certainly in Europe. Everyone hasn’t suddenly turned into nazis. They are reacting to real changes, just as the desperate migrants are. But it is part of a global transformation, it’s bigger than all of us.

    I believe the state of the world isn’t about ideologies anymore, but the level of consciousness people maintain. There are some really peculiar coalitions forming across old divides, as people try to find a better way of dealing with these crises. They are the shimmering new shoots of Pluto. There is hope, it’s just a difficult and protracted labour.

    Sorry for the ramble, I just don’t want people to think there’s no way out or no hope. All in good time.

    1. BeachHut Avatar

      I feel I ought to add that the Pluto chaos is due to hit an ultimate crunch point in 2020, with multiple conjunctions involving Saturn, Jupiter and other planets. As Douglas Adams said, Don’t Panic! (And always keep your towel handy.)

    2. jules104 Avatar

      Thanks for the info BeachHut. All very interesting and well said. I particularly liked the part about it being more about individuals level of consciousness maintained (and raised) 🙏🏻 and not about ideologies anymore.

  9. Sara Avatar

    I don’t know much about the border situation, but there surely must be some way for families to be kept together while their immigration status is being decided.

    1. jules104 Avatar

      I totally agree Sara. This is not about what party you’ve aligned yourself with. This is about real children, common sense and love and compassion. I’ve seen first hand what this does to young children, it’s real…and it’s horrible! Praying this zero tolerance policy ends soon.🙏🏻❤️

      1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

        I agree this is not a left or right issue its right vs wrong, a moral issue.

  10. texasbelle4732 Avatar

    Why is it the focus is suddenly on Trump regarding this issue? This was put in place by Bill Clinton in 1997 as an addition to the 1996 Illegal Immigration Reform Act. The way the laws were written and passed by a Democrat led Congress literally tie the President’s hands. We are a nation of laws. Yes, Trump could probably draft an Executive Action, but he not in office to play God and ignore the laws Congress put in place. FIX THE SYSTEM. If you want things to improve, convince your liberal congressmen to replace what they, themselves put into place.

    1. Richard Williams Avatar
      Richard Williams

      Texasbelle4732, in 1996 the Congress was controlled by the Republicans. In fact, Republicans controlled the House 1995-2007 and 2011-present. They controlled the Senate 1995-summer 2001 (when Republican Jim Jeffords left the Republican Party and caucused with the Democrats, giving control of what since that January had been a 50/50 Senate controlled by Republicans with Vice President Cheney) 2003-2007, 2015-present. Also, there was no such law signed by Bill Clinton in 1997. Even several Republican senators and representatives say there is no such law and the President can change the policy without Congress. The blatant lies about this being told by the President and members of his administration, Fox News, Ann Coulter, etc., are astounding.

      I apologize if this is too blunt, but historical facts and truth are paramount in these dark times.

      1. Amy Avatar

        Thank you, Richard Williams and Cody, for stating the historical facts that some would rather willfully ignore. Thank you for putting things into perspective.

    2. Cody Avatar

      The focus is suddenly on Trump because he’s the first president to enact a POLICY that mandates children and parents be separated at the border. This POLICY was enacted in May of 2018 by AG Sessions. Also, there is NO FEDERAL LAW that stipulates that children and parents be separated at the border, no matter how families entered the U.S. The LAWS, NOT POLICIES, passed by Bill Clinton in ’96/’97 do not mandate the separating of children from their parents at the border. Btw, Congress was a Republican majority in ’96/’97, not the other way around.

      No need for Trump to draft an “Executive Action” when it’s not a LAW but rather a POLICY of his own doing. The Trump Admin. could easily rescind their POLICY today.

  11. jules104 Avatar

    Just wanted to add Lady Liberty’s own words on the matter. I don’t feel that this new zero tolerance Policy aligns with it or the American way.

  12. JS Avatar

    just to clarify….we should allow people who break the law to not be prosecuted because they will be separated from their children?? tell that to the millions of Americans currently rotting in prison cells, I am sure they will be overjoyed to hear it. and for the uninformed, this is NOT a new policy. this law has been on the books for a long time, and half a**ed enforced. We finally have someone with the cahones to enforce the laws. and now he is considered evil? without a border, you have no country.

    1. Richard Williams Avatar
      Richard Williams

      JS, this IS a new policy! You appear to be the one who is uninformed. At best, you are confusing a law about unaccompanied children, which has been on the books, and this current policy covering children who are accompanied by parents.

      1. jules104 Avatar

        Thank You Richard!🌟 I hope people are searching out the truth themselves and not just relying on cable news channels.

      2. JS Avatar

        No need to get so excited Richard. I notice how you ignored the rest of the comment.

      3. Amy Avatar

        Thank you again, Richard, for putting things in the right perspective here.

      4. Jan Avatar

        To me it appears the homeland security act of 2002 stipulates that illegal minors will be detained if they have no parent in the US or if they have no parent “available” in the US. Since the alleged parents were arrested for illegally entering the US, by definition the child has no parent “available” in the US.
        I’m not making the case of right or wrong…or right vs left for that matter.

    2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      All I can say is even the Spirits saw this as wrong and they don’t have a party, their not even Americans. If you can’t put compassion and love first then your missing the point of what we do here.

  13. Brandon Parnell Avatar
    Brandon Parnell

    Then they shouldnt come here illegally if u ask me

    1. JS Avatar

      Common sense prevails! Amen, my brother!

      1. Richard Williams Avatar
        Richard Williams

        JS, as to your earlier messege, I wasn’t excited, just responding in the same tenor as your original post. By the way, I didn’t ignore the rest of your original post; I simply thought it unworthy of response.

        As to your most recent comment here, your expressed sense is certainly all too common for the good of the Republic.

        1. JS Avatar

          typical response. you don’t like how I think about things, so you call it unworthy. So what is your solution then? Just open the borders and let everyone freely come in? No laws? Or just continue to pass laws that make people “feel” good and then don’t enforce them? I will say it again, without borders, you have no country. Why should people who break our laws to get here be entitled to different laws than those who break them while they are here? DO we have some laws for some and different laws for others?? I guess “some people are more equal than others” in your world. again…typical.

    2. Sara Avatar

      They should come here legally, you’re right about that. But try to understand, many are fleeing situations where they’re in imminent danger–such as crime, threats by gangs and cartels that operate in Mexico, etc.

      I agree they should try to come here legally. But when illegal immigrants are detained, there’s no need to separate children from their parents.

      From a purely logical perspective, separating children from their parents isn’t practical, it’s emotionally taxing on not only the immigrants, but the border people who are put in the position of prying them apart. It’s harder to keep track of who belongs to which family, or where each family member is being housed.

      It leads to chaos and confusion, and from a human standpoint, it’s cruel.

      While I agree they should try to come here legally, there’s no reason to separate children from their parents at these centers. It’s more logical and humane to keep families together while their immigration status is debated and they’re either approved or sent back.

      1. donna b Avatar
        donna b

        Also the parents can take care of the children and have the resources to do so. What if the children get sick? who authorizes treatment? who holds the children if they become sick or frightened? Children shouldn’t be pawns…in divorces..in politics, If these kids are made to be we are going to have some mentally sick children which will affect society some day. Besides being cruel and unusual

  14. Cody Avatar

    Stephen Miller — considered to be one of Trump’s main influences on immigration policies, including the Muslim travel-ban and family separation policies at the Southern border — emailed Breitbart 900+ times from 2015-2016 to lay out his anti-immigrant policies. His source material included:

    -White nationalist websites
    -A “white genocide”-themed novel
    -Eugenics-era laws that Adolf Hitler lauded in “Mein Kampf.”

    “Stephen Miller’s Affinity for White Nationalism Revealed in Leaked Emails”

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