Prediction: Malaysia

I tried to gather more details however Spirit wants to split this up as it comes.

“Razak cheats! He tries to cheat! The audacity, such violations to democracy. First it will pass, then he will be exposed. The Malaysian people explode with rage.”

This has to be in reference to the Malaysian elections which Spirit is predicting is riddled in corruption. 

16 thoughts on “Prediction: Malaysia

    1. Hi Eric
      Very distressing prediction about the prime minister. When you say the people will explode with rage does that mean that there will be civil unrest?

  1. The ruling party led by him cannot afford to lose the election or they will have to go to prison. so they are pulling out all stops to ensure a victory. It is sad.

  2. The opposition party pulled off a stunning victory yesterday but this morning Razak is meeting with the king and persuading him to choose the prime minister instead (hoping it would be him). It is still happening as I type this. Perhaps this is what the spirts are talking about.

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