Basketball Injury

This prediction has happened. Hopefully he recovers from his injury and can get back to the game he loves.

Predictions 3-25-17  Q 35  I had a visual I was looking down at basketball court in a full stadium, one of the players was horribly injured. It was not good.

Many of you have pointed out the ties to this previous prediction and the Chinese space station that fell to earth, I have doubts, some of the prediction fits, while other parts do not:

Predictions 1-30-18

While traveling through space the Asian spacecraft does the opposite from what is expected. Spirit showed two arrows on a map. One of the arrows was to the north while the other was to the south. In the visual these arrows were loosely placed in the North Atlantic Ocean.

7 responses to “Basketball Injury”

  1. TW - Long Time Lurker Avatar

    I feel bad for the injured player. His back might be ruined. Vince Carter stuck his arm out but only he & God know if this was deliberate.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      I need to look at the video again, do you mean someone pushed him?

      1. lossie2020 Avatar

        It is tricky. Looked closely at the video. Looked like Vince tend on purpose but didn’t meant to hurt him that bad. He felt badly about that. Grateful for Patrick is going to be okay. He forgave Vince.

      2. lossie2020 Avatar

        My stomach flipped. Take another look at the body language of Vince. It was if the devil was using him to attack or harm Patrick on purpose. If you can only see in split second. The way he moved and wasn’t aware of that but the devil used his body to hurt other player in split second. Kind of bizarre to put that way. I would be shocked if thst the case. Good grief….Devils are capable to manipulate by using persons to attack and harm others. Also keep in mind.. this year is the worst year for attacking in different forms. I need to find the link about that. Wow…it’s crazy when I see that in him.

      3. lossie2020 Avatar

        Ok. My apologies. It was not the devil using him in split second. It was Vince tend it on purpose. It seemed like he done it numerous of time. I read the coach lip “God…damn it! I am not mad at you! ( wirh his hands up) I’m mad at Vincent. ….he knows better!”

  2. Sam Avatar

    It was NOT deliberate.

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