Stock Market Plunge

This prediction has happened 23 days later.

Predictions 2-28-18   “The market is about to take a nose dive.”

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  1. Leslie Avatar

    Sorry about the stock market but China must be stopped, and Trump’s tariffs are a good beginning. China is the biggest threat to America’s safety and security, followed a close second by Mexico.

    It’s too early to tell, but I think he’s going to lose a lot of support after his betrayal of all Americans when he signed the spending bill.

  2. anthony Avatar

    That’s nothing compared to next week. Yuan starts trading in oil contracts.

  3. JoeyBee Avatar

    Is this the beginning of a larger correction or will the markets begin to recover from this point? Thanks.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      The impression is that a decline is in the making.

  4. Cory Avatar

    As a side note: With Bush neocon John Bolton as National Security Adviser, foreign policy just became that much more hawkish and high-risk. I’m wondering how NK is reacting to this shakeup due to how Bolton has talked at length in the past of a preemptive strike and regime change in NK? And in terms of Iran, Bolton’s been even more hawkish – doing the bidding of Israel and Saudi Arabia since he’s on their pay roll – not to mention that Mike Pompeo, former CIA Director and now nominee for Sec. of State, is just as hawkish towards Iran and also in bed with Israel and the Gulf states. And both men are also pro-torture, far-right religious fundamentalists with Islamophobic views.

  5. petemedium Avatar

    The wider American farming community, from hog producers in Iowa to apple growers in Washington state and winemakers in California, expressed deep concern over a potential trade war with China.
    China plans to levy additional duties on up to $4 billion of US imports, including dairy, soy, fruit, wine, apples, ethanol and stainless steel pipe in response to Trump’s import tariffs on steel and aluminium, due to take effect on Friday.
    China sees this as more than a trade war. They see America as bullying the world to side with the US against China, to concede economic resources and development opportunities to the expansion of the US so as to make the US forever dominant.

    1. Raymond Avatar

      American farmers won’t suffer one bit. People have to eat. All the grain that is produced in the world is sold and the price is determined by world production levels not by a major customer. If China does not buy our wheat and corn then it will be sold to someone else on the world market. The only difference is that instead of having 1 customer to sell it too, there will be 10. The ships that were going to ship the wheat to China will just be going in another direction. No biggee, no one will lose money.

      1. petemedium Avatar

        American exports have been subsidised so as to make it cheaper for US farmers to sell their commodities to the world. Australian exports, though a little dearer because we don’t subsidise our farmers, is in our rural news as China negotiates very large deals. Announcements last week here in Australia that our wool is back in demand, after years of a lack of interest from other nations. I assume other food producing countries, especially those hit by the new tariff, will also be negotiating.
        Remember, the US is not a part of the TPP and there are other trade deals which America has chosen to stay out off.

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