Rob Porter Resigns White House

This prediction has happened.

Predictions 2-7-18  Quit! A leading government official or someone in the presidential administration is quitting.

I had a visual of a baseball player stepping up to the plate with his bat, then he put it down and walked away.

19 thoughts on “Rob Porter Resigns White House

  1. Eric
    Thats a hit ..well done. .
    so much coming out of the woodwork ..
    No smoke without fire ..
    Both wives surely haven’t colluded. .
    A mans good name they say.
    it seems is as good as his actions
    Allegations of this type are never pleasent.
    If he is innocent I hope its revealed ..

  2. General John Kelly knew from long ago about the abuse allegations, because the FBI denied Rob Porter the security clearance he needed to work at the White House. The White House still wanted this guy to work there and got an “interim clearance” to allow him to be there. Also an ex-girlfriend of Rob came forward when she heard Hope Hicks was dating him with her concerns that Rob might abuse her because he had been abusive to her as well.

    This is another story with John Kelly sounding like a jerk, so maybe Trump will confront him and this will lead to the other prediction of a general walking away from the Trump administration coming true.

    1. I can’t see Kelly leaving due to Trump confronting him about this topic since the WH already knew of Porter’s past and still hired him on anyway.

      Aside from Kelly still supporting Porter, he recently characterized undocumented immigrants who didn’t register for DACA as “too lazy to get off their asses.” And last year Kelly joked with Trump about taking a sword to journalists/the media.

      1. Yeah, you are probably right.. I was mainly going by some report that Trump was upset about the situation with Rob Porter, and there are other reports that he and Kelly have had some disagreements so I felt like maybe this could be the excuse to get Kelly out if he wanted to. Maybe Kelly has been like the school marm trying to control the unruly student, and maybe Trump is sick of it and this is like a good time to say you’re outta here…or maybe not. You might have the more accurate view.

        1. Nathan I would encourage you to sign up to the “follow blog by email” that way you can receive all the predictions over your email. This will allow you to create a filing system of all political predictions. I have another fan that uses that system so that he can track all the earthquakes I predict. From the beginning of January they talk about the ‘General’ who would quit, there are 3 separate messages I believe. At the time I believed it to be Kelly but it seemed odd, why would he quit, now of course it makes more sense and is far more plausible. Rob Porter was presented as a rising star in the Trump organization, someone who would also quit, for some odd reason they presented him as a ball player, they also talk on multiple occasions of three more indictments coming, one would be a younger person very close to Trump, perhaps Jr.

    1. Another article just released about Trump complaining about John Kelly states, “The New York times on Thursday cited people close to the president saying that Trump phoned several people including Priebus to complain about Kelly’s performance.” These articles that are being reported about Trump complaining about John Kelly are possibly going to become the way that Trump shames or angers Kelly into resigning. Kelly is getting all of the worst press right now, as well as these reports of Trump’s displeasure of him. He will most likely become fed up with this atmosphere of derision and the negative stories and resign soon.

  3. Hello Eric and SWC!
    This is a slow rolling line towards the exit door-
    MORE people are leaving the WH staff-
    Apparently- as of tonight, Friday night February 9th, in the aftermath of Rob Porter resigning…. the White house Deputy Chief of Staff john Carroll is taking a step down and resigning his position to become the WH Drug Czar. John Carroll’s direct supervisor is John Kelly….
    Maybe John Carroll knows john Kelly is about to resign and he wants to get out while the getting is good? ??????

    1. And WH speechwriter David Sorensen also left tonite too, also for Domestic Violence charges- similar to Rob Porter’s domestic violence and spousal abuse

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