Planes Collide on Toronto Tarmac

This prediction has happened. Stay safe Canada, stay safe.

There are conflicting reports on the timing, some of the news reports the collision on the 5th, while others report the 6th, so we might be off by a day.

Predictions 10-18-17  Airplane crash.. Canadian.. weekend.. in 5



On a separate note, we are expecting another prediction to unfold today, Spirit is counting down with the words “42 seconds”. Minutes represent days so I have to assume they are implying a mid to evening prediction will unfold today as the countdown completes itself. 

13 thoughts on “Planes Collide on Toronto Tarmac

  1. The crash definitely happened Friday. My nephew, who is a WestJet pilot, posted it to FB last evening. No one was injured, so it really doesn’t qualify as a tragedy,

  2. Because of your hate for Trump, you are jumping to your wishful thoughts instead of what will happen. Trump will be around for 7 more years and he is making great progress turning this country and the world around for the better. Leading through Strength

    1. Donna,
      I respect your point of view; but please don’t discount Eric’s predictions. It’s certainly possible people’s wishful thoughts influence their behavior, no one is correct all the time.
      But for the most part, Eric seems to be doing his best and reporting what he sees/hears in visions. And this is just what he’s picking up.

      To be honest, I don’t like Trump, and aside from his policies on fighting ISIS and increasing America’s security, I disagree with most of his policies.

      Politics have been volatile the past few years and lately people seem to be going in and out of the White House like revolving doors, there’s a lot of arguments and questions about Trump’s sanity….I just don’t see how that instability can sustain itself for seven more years. (But don’t get me wrong, I understand the status quo with previous politicians has not been working; but I don’t think Trump was the solution.)

      I’m not trying to argue, I just wanted to explain why I feel that Trump resigning or being impeached is a real possibility. Your theory could be right, too. But judging from the instability, fear and confusion in politics now, I can’t really see him being re-elected.

      1. It’s called “Cleaning the,Swamp.” I too believe that the truth will prevail, and it won’t be Trump going down in flames. He is a major improvement. Yes.. he is rough around the edges, but, he is making progtess,despite the hatred and craziness from the other side. Just my oppinion.

    2. I don’t think you have to be psychic to see that the current level of chaos cannot hold. Or to know that Trump—and those who voted him to power—have become laughingstocks throughout the rest of the world.

      1. To be fair, the people who voted for Trump aren’t laughingstocks, even if he is.

        I think the election came down to “the devil you know, or the devil you don’t know”, and some people felt the status-quo was failing and was worth the risk of Trump, while others felt safer voting for Clinton, even if she was the status-quo.

        All in all, voters on each side faced a frustrating choice between politicians who were each bad in their own way.

        You’re right, the level of chaos can’t hold, though I think this applies to politics as a whole, not just Trump.

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