Trump Slams Bannon

I don’t see the Republicans turning on Trump but with Bannon’s brash comments this prediction seems fitting.

Predictions 5-16-17  “Mutiny” The Trump surrogates and Republicans begin to turn on him. Those who speak out receive a slanderous vicious attack from Trump.. while the bombshells continue to drop.




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  1. Nathan Fleischman Avatar
    Nathan Fleischman

    What will happen to Trump next?

  2. Anita Avatar

    Obviously not a fan of Bannon, but his new comments about Mueller going after Don Jr., etc. for money laundering seems quite fitting and accurate with past and recent predictions.

  3. Eliza Avatar

    Greetings Eric, Don’t know if you are aware of this just yet: There was a 4.4 magnitude earthquake centered in The Bay Area, near Berkeley, Calif., probably on The Hayward Fault. That info. is from a morning news report on NBC TV. Also stated that it shook people out of bed at about 2:40AM PST and was felt at least 40 miles away. (Wishing you and all here very good health and security in our new year).

    1. Sarah Avatar

      There is also a missing plane between Oklahoma and Texas. Not sure if this is related to the plane prediction since it’s a small plane with only 2 passengers.

      1. lossie2020 Avatar

        Got my attention.

        I was on my way back home driving on loop 12 from south dallas to north dallas which is less than half hour drive. Oddly, my iPhone went blank in split second then back on. I looked up to see if invisible ufo was hovering. It was dark in west of dallas. Could be nothing and just wild imagination. Hoping the plane will be found somewhere. :/

    2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar


  4. Karben Avatar

    Sounds like this new book Fire and Fury could be Trump’s downfall. He’s supposedly going to sue the author and Steve Bannon. No surprise there, Trump is always suing somebody. There are reports of tapes. Wasn’t there a prediction regarding bombshells and secrets coming out about Trump and the White House?

  5. Eliza Avatar

    It has been recently reported that Bannon might be seeking to run for president himself in 2020 (Heaven Forbid). I’m trying to figure out what’s in it for Bannon to be suddenly and publicly talking anti-Trump whilst meanwhile, Trump is shown on camera, yesterday or today, to reporters and speaking as though unconcerned, stating that he & Bannon were just talking “last night and he says I’m a great guy! He said I’m a great guy.” What’s Bannon up to? Any psychically gifted person – or very logical person – got any ideas on it? I think it’s important in regard to our future. Bannon aligns himself with nazi’s and their ilk, thus they could get even more of a presence in our government come next election. Also, that new book mentioned by Karben up above here, “Fire and Fury; Inside The Trump White House” by Michael Wolff, reports lots of statements made by Bannon against Trump and his family, etc.. So far, no one quoted in the book has made any public statements contradicting the reports in that book. The only people denying the book’s reporting are Trump and some of his sycophantic ‘Team-Trump’ members, such as Sarah Huckabee Sanders, which is to be expected, of course. Don’t know if is appropriate to ask my question about Bannon’s possible motive(s) here on Eric’s global predictions site, but it’s kinda drivin’ me nuts trying to get to the bottom of it. lol

    1. lossie2020 Avatar

      In my opinion if Trump can do it then anyone can do it. It’s crazy.

    2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      I think Bannon probably knows something we don’t, that makes it clear Trump is most likely going to be outed or impeached, so now he is distancing himself. Throwing him under the bus as they say.

      1. lossie2020 Avatar

        Awe…okay. I misunderstood. Thanks for clarification. Now that’d be very interested as what Bannon may knows something. Can wait when that day comes.

  6. Karben Avatar

    The author of the book is on the Today show this morning. A clip I just saw he said 100% of Trumps White House does not feel he is fit to be President. 100%!

  7. Eliza Avatar

    I just was finishing a reply to you, lossie2020 and Karben, when the page suddenly flew off and couldn’t retrieve it! No time to re-do it, so just let me beg every democratic-minded U. S. voter to get out your votes in the upcoming elections because it is going to take A LANDSLIDE of Democratic votes to win back the Senate and the House due to the vote-tampering that WILL be taking place AGAIN, including Russian hacking, the oligarch-funding of fake news and misleading, expensive campaign ads all over social media, etc., voter suppression, gerrymandering and the electoral college, etc.. The ONLY way to take back the Senate and the House of our government is the same thing that enabled the democratic Obama to win the presidency; namely: A LANDSLIDE of Democratic voters TURNING OUT their votes. It’s the ONLY way right now. We can’t afford to have a split party this time, either. I understand that this is why a lot of ProgressiveDemocrats are combined now in the major Democratic Party, especially for the next elections. Remember, even though the Democrat Hilary Clinton actually was the winner in 2016, all the things I listed here enabled DonaldTrump to ‘win’. That is why the Majority of American people are ticked off, not to mention the people in other democracies who are informed and know The Truth of what happened here. (Karben, The Republicans in power now, as I’m sure you know, are all self-serving cowards who lack the guts, the moral integrity, the honesty to tell Trump to either resign immediately or face possible impeachment. Of course, we know the (infuriating) reasons they are doing nothing about him. Vote — and encourage and help, if need be, anyone you know to vote so that we can get rid of the current, authoritarian, treasonous and dangerous Republicans in power). May we and the Earth have a more secure and better future. Let’s all help to bring it about via our power as voters, exercising that, even more overwhelmingly, in the Critical, next elections… <3 Thanks.

    1. Fredda Avatar

      Agree!! Also, the real power behind all the corrupt Republicans as well as Trump are the big Money men like the Koch brothers and Bob Mercer and his daughter. We all have to encourage and really get everyone to vote!! It’s getting really scary. Watching Rachel Maddow and the FBI is caving into the Republicans now. They’re giving them files, private FBI emails and txts, etc. I just can’t believe it!!!
      Eric are we going to lose our democracy and our country to these evil evil men?!?! WHAT can we do to help to stop this?

      1. Eliza Avatar

        Fredda, I watch Rachel, too. Got that sinking feeling, too, when learned tonight on her program about the FBI apparently not resisting the Republicans pressure on them anymore. In my better comment that suddenly flew away with page this AM, I’d mentioned the Kochs, Mercers, other American oligarchs and Putin. I. too, wonder, Fredda, if our democracy is going to survive this all-out attack upon it. The only way to legally defend ourselves is to hold massive protests and to keep voting in all elections, local and national. Am also concerned trump might order arrests of journalists, protestors and other defenders of our Constitution and democracy. It all appears to be coming down to US at this point, “WE THE PEOPLE…” Thank you for asking Eric if he can get the info. as to what we can do and if the demonic forces driving the agenda of the so-called Republican Party will be taken down and without blood-shed and within about what time-frame are we looking at?

        1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

          We still have the courts, the states, (not the congress) to protect us from the executive branch. I truly believe our founders created a system to ensure our leaders are kept from going to far off the rails. ‘The people’ do need to be more active.

    2. lossie2020 Avatar

      Yes please….Trump is a thick skin and tough fighter. When he falls down, he immediately rise up. He is a great mental warrior I ever witnessed. Good Lord, have mercy on America and around the world to be safe and peace.

      1. Eliza Avatar

        Hi lossie2020, He’s merely a sociopath; a dangerous, deranged tyrant. The majority of Americans did not vote for him. They knew there is nothing great about his mind, his intellect, nor his heart. His skin is very thin, actually, lossie. As Hilary Clinton ( who actually won the election) aptly remarked, “He can be baited with a tweet.” He’s not a strong, smart man at all. He’s got the mentality of a bullying child. I’m sorry, lossie; I don’t at all mean any disrespect to you. I believe I understand what you are misinterpreting as strength and intelligence. I can see that you’re a good and caring person. Thank you for asking God to have mercy on America, on everyone around the world and to grant us all peace. <3

  8. Cristian DOnofrio Avatar
    Cristian DOnofrio

    Airplane collides:

    There are two events: The 5th january in Toronto The 6th january in JFK NewYork


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    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      That’s interesting. It sort of explains the contradiction of weekend vs the 5th.

  9. Karben Avatar

    I just read Mr. Mueller has now turned his attention to Ivanka regarding the Russian probe. I find it hard to believe the FBI is giving Trump and his cronies a pass. No way.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      It seems like things are turning against Trump, his Teflon reign seems to be ending.

      1. Eliza Avatar

        Like the Mafia Don — John Gotti, “The Teflon Don.” It’s ironic that Trump had called out to his team of enablers one day in the White House, around the beginning of the probe into the Russian Collusion investigation, “Where’s my Roy Cohn?!!” (Roy Cohn being one of mobster Gotti’s lawyers at the time. Trump wanted Cohn to protect him from the investigation.). Really appreciate your replies to questions we all have, Eric. Grazie. <3

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