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With all the ugly posts recently I thought I would have a bit of fun. I wanted to show all of you what its like when I do personal readings, how I receive messages. These are real messages I have received in the past. There are three different messages, all three have a very specific meanings. I am giving it to you to figure out, keep an eye out for puns. I already know what they mean but what do you think? Share your thoughts in the comment section and on Sunday I will share the meaning in another post. Remember for those interested in knowing what 2018 brings, forward your personal reading request to Bea or I at you can also look at the personal reading page:

Question: I recently broke up with my girlfriend what do you see happening?

I had a visual of the young man in front of me cooking bacon. The bacon was still raw, and the pan was just starting to sizzle. He seemed very nervous while it cooked. Then the visual shifted to show a storm coming, but the storm broke up and the clouds separated to show the sky and sun.  The visual shifted again to show the young man in the tub, the water had steam coming from the tub, there were cute hearts floating all around him, in the air, almost dancing around him.

Other messages from Spirit for the young man:

“Eric we have a concern.. grandma” The visual shifted to show a very old woman laying in the hospital bed. Then the visual shifted to show a lit cigarette burning down, then the visual shifted to show a black liquid being poured into a clear vase of water. Then I saw a doctor with a smile, the doctor took the vase and poured in a cream that made the water clear again. The visual ended by showing the old woman leaving the hospital.

“He better be careful.” I had a visual of Spirit opening an oven, inside the hot oven was a small bun. Then the visual shifted to show the young man unwrapping a present while Spirit sat in the background saying “shoulda woulda coulda”. Then the visual ended with one of the Spirits with a smile,  smoking a cigar with the smoke rolling off the top, there was a pumpkin in the background.

What do you think? Thoughts? Leave your thoughts in the comment section.



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  1. Cynthia P Conners Avatar
    Cynthia P Conners

    OK, I’ll try…. First one. The relationship would had heated arguments and it’s best that the girlfriend left because new one is coming..

    Second one, someone didn’t follow through on not smoking after the Grandma scare…

    Merry Christmas Eric !!!!

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Merry Christmas! The key for the first message is the bacon and its pun like meaning. The second meaning is very symbolic.

  2. Rita Ravin Avatar
    Rita Ravin

    Translating visuals:
    1. Young man in a “sizzling” romantic situation that’s new but developing. The two people go through some rough times but eventually work things out. However, this romance seems to get him in “hot water.”

    2. Granny in the hospital looks like she has a disease, is then treated by a doctor and made well again.

    3. Case of someone bemoaning the fact that “ they could have, should have used protection because there’s a little “bun in the oven” due in late October and he’s giving out cigars for the occasion.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      !. Very close, on the right track, the bacon is key. 2. That is very close too, but there is a bit more to translate. 3 You nailed that one!

  3. Raymond Avatar

    1. I think the relationship is going extremely well. Good love life they hit a rough patch, break up for a while reconcile and then fall in love all over again (hot bath water), potentially marriage.

    2. Grandma is at the end of her life, illustrated by the cigarette burning down . The dark liquid represents death or illness and the doctor heals her, returning the liquid to a clear state. Grandma is healed by the doctor.

    3. The bun in the oven suggests that the man’s girlfriend is pregnant because the man did not use protection. The Spirit smoking a cigar with a smile might be the illustration for smoking a cigarette after sex. The pumpkin represents a very pregnant woman that might be giving birth around Halloween,

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      1. Bacon?? 2. Very close. 3 Nailed it!

  4. Rita Ravin Avatar
    Rita Ravin

    I wrote back in comments but it wouldn’t let me post saying it was a duplicate which was nonsense. Rita Ravin

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  5. aleafinthewind77 Avatar

    He’s young yet, the bacons not done. The storm/ break up is over, clouds are clearing and a new romance is steamy but be careful of that bun in the oven he could be a daddy. Grandma smokes to much, has hospital scare, but gets better with a no smoking warning

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Keep in mind almost everything is symbolic. But your right about being a daddy.

  6. Revvie Avatar

    “shoulda woulda coulda” ?
    is there something (the spirits think) he is doing wrong, atm?
    if it was me, I’d ask him back: “do you still in love with her?” Maybe he hasn’t move on yet (that’s why he asked you.) As for what (you should advise him) he should do, I think no one can say anything without hearing more of his part of the story.

    The 2nd part I don’t understand its relevance to the first question, but maybe while that shows a rather grim event that will happen to him or his family in the near future, that grim event will help him move on from his current problem/unpurposedly solving it, instead. A blessing in disguise.

    The third part is symbolic, imo. But either way, it’s a happy ending,
    and the final scene “the spirit is smoking = job done.”

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Cigar reference in the US? These are all common messages used, over time I would learn what they mean. Their meaning is consistently the same.

  7. Katie Avatar

    You guys are good. The last one cracked me up.

  8. RJ-DWA Avatar

    The first one: The romance is still cooking. It’s a young romance that will soon sizzle. It’s a lover’s spat and he’s nervous about it. There’s a dark cloud ahead, but it will clear. When it does he will experience a steamy love affair.

    The other two have been solved, but I think the 3rd one refers to a pregnancy that hasn’t happened yet. He needs to be careful. If not, the baby will be born sometime around October.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Very nice and almost perfect in interpretation.

  9. brathjens Avatar

    1. The young man’s feelings are raw and he’s nervous about them being exposed. As nervous as he is, everything will be okay after he gets through this difficulty and the sun will shine again for him. And, he will cleanse / renew himself with love.

    2. Grandma is close to the end of her life, brought on by cigarette smoking. She will pass soon.

    3. The young man will have an opportunity to have a baby in October and will be celebrating with a cigar. However, he may not have the opportunity for this gift if he doesn’t pay attention and make changes soon in his life – he will have regrets if he doesn’t change course (i.e. “shoulda, coulda, woulda”).

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Some of that fits. the third part is pretty spot on!

  10. Hope Avatar

    Bacon comes from pigs, which are the universal symbols for greed, self-centeredness and self-indulgence.
    Simply seeing bacon or a piece of bacon in your dream means that you must start to respect and value other people. You may have failed to consider other people’s pleasure or enjoyment. It is common to dream of bacon when you have been fantasizing in an inappropriate manner about someone whom you are attracted to.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Interesting thought. Think more like a play on words or pun. The Spirits love their puns.

  11. Monique Avatar

    1-broke up with old girl friend
    2- in HAPPY new relationship
    3- grandma has lung cancer but is in remission
    4-1st girlfriend is pregnant

    1. Monique Avatar

      Scratch #1 he fell bad because he was cheating on his girlfriend
      And girl friend #2 is prego

      1. Monique Avatar

        Hahaha. I read your post again and I believe that Grandma had a heart attack and then they gave her angioplasty cleared her arteries out and then she went home😊

    2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      The last two are correct!

      1. David Avatar

        Bringing home the bacon or making a living. Just starting a new job probably id crux of the brake.up .

        1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

          When I first started receiving the message long long ago I thought that too, but think ‘pun’ or play on words.

  12. Cee Avatar

    1. Okay, I’m stretching for a play on words here. Bacon still raw and just starting to sizzle
    and he’s nervous watching it… Maybe something is “half baked” and not yet ready….He’s nervous and not ready for what’s coming?

    PS – you guys are good. I totally missed the bun in the oven symbolism in #3.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      The key here is what does the bacon itself mean?

  13. aleafinthewind77 Avatar

    Could the raw bacon be a reference or pun to the baby in the works but not yet detected

    1. aleafinthewind77 Avatar

      He’s made a (bacon)lol, baby not yet detected. Which gets in him into a bit of hot water so to speak with the
      Bun in the oven(baby)

    2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      The bacon is unrelated to the Baby.

      1. aleafinthewind77 Avatar

        Ok, perhaps then, it is related to him not being ready for all this, not mature enough? Lol I’m tying to figure the bacon part out

  14. Daffodil Avatar

    “Bring home the bacon”
    His about to become a father, a provider.

  15. T Avatar

    In 1 he’s ” makin bacon” old school for sex

  16. Victoria Avatar

    I think I figured out the bacon riddle!
    The guy is cooking a piece of meat. The relationship is raw and based on the initial sexual attraction, and he was looking at the girl as a “piece of meat” in the beginning. So now they broke up, and will make up later (thus the storm and the sun), but then he will end up falling for the girl (thus hot waters and hearts)!

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Interesting translation. Thanks

  17. Raymond Avatar

    I am going to look at the bacon in a different way. The bacon was raw, which means it has never been cooked or ‘used’. Perhaps the guy was a virgin or he was insecure about performance issues with his new girl friend. Or the bacon could represent a new relationship. Raw, unfiltered and he remained insecure. . The relationship matured, they quarreled, reconciled their differences, kissed and made up. With a potential marriage on the horizon. Perhaps a proposal or a marriage on Valentine’s Day – represented by the hearts.

    And they will live happily ever after……:)

  18. Jillian Avatar

    Cool idea! It appears that I correctly unraveled #2 & 3, except I’d add that the cream to clear the black lung cancer is a type of liquid chemotherapy and not the new targeted therapy drugs available in pill form.
    For #1, the bacon was still raw not yet cooked, so the young man was dating someone in a slowly sizzling relationship. One could be treating the other like a “piece of meat”. Perhaps the slow sizzle meant it was too slowly evolving for the girlfriend, or too focused on the sizzle. Maybe he was nervous from inexperience or lacked the confidence to take the relationship to the next level above the sizzle. He could also be nervous if he wasn’t using a “meat” protector, and was afraid of exactly what eventually happened, pregnancy. In any case, the girlfriend broke it off in a stormy argument. When the anger passed, there was a renewal of the relationship around Valentine’s Day with the tub of floating hearts, steamy passion, and voila about 8.5 months later, a Halloween baby on the way?

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Very interesting, thanks.

  19. BeachHut Avatar

    “Back on” ?

  20. Rachel Avatar

    Just been reading through and you mention that bacon is a play on words….could it be back on as in the couple will get back together?

  21. Eliza Avatar

    Surprised and glad for you, Eric, to read that you felt like having a fun post today, but then I’m still fairly new here; don’t know if you do that occasionally! Looks like BeachHut (above) figured out the bacon! Excellent! (I did pretty well with the others, but even though I separated the word, “bacon” into “bac -on” in my mind, my mistake was in not pronouncing the ‘on’ part as “on”, but still mentally pronouncing it as “en”, as we usually pronounce bacon! That’s why I admire people who can swiftly catch puns where unintended. I rarely hear/catch unintended puns. My ‘significant other’ (recently passed on) was really good and fast with that. It always amazed me, but it sometimes drove me nuts!) LOL.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thank you. This is the first time we have done this, but with a terror attack expected in December and a massive Tsunami or earthquake coming at the end of December I thought I needed to lighten the mood.

      1. Eliza Avatar


    2. BeachHut Avatar

      It just suddenly popped into my head while I was preparing lunch, which was, appropriately, pork.

      1. Eliza Avatar

        Hi BeachHut, Isn’t that cool when the sub-conscious mind continues to work on a problem and then Bam! There’s the answer, or is it a helpful spirit? (I think it’s very sweet that you enjoy your lunch with your Poet, there in Londontown!).

  22. Eliza Avatar

    BeachHut, I just realized that mariakaos sits with her Poet in London. Got you lovely Souls mixed-up in the moment!

  23. Lance Avatar

    The ‘bacon’ is actually an identifier to one individual (on earth), that this is actually a message for him, given in such a way that no other understands the target audience, but is a duality and also means ‘begins, restarts or is back-on’ (a re-do of a previous failed story).

    The ‘steam on the water of the bath’ is not a comfort, but implies the young man is ‘in hot water’, but the ‘hot water’ is actually indicative of the ‘hearts floating all about’, his ‘hot water’ is the condition of love, or more-precisely, the target of this love.

    The old woman is dying of cancer, but the ‘healer’ does heal her from it and she leaves the hospital. This was not always the planned path, but the path is now changed – for obvious reason. The ‘anonymous writer’ is now known, and to stay to the original story is to assign guilt, thus to give the old woman respite is to give the appearance of benevolence. Is the old woman the young one of the last point? Fate says yes, and the duality is reiteration.

    The last segment, the pregnancy if not careful is blatantly what it appears to be, a warning of a child, if protection is not adhered to, that arrives in the Fall. The ‘smoking cigar’ on behalf of your spirit implies they are ‘overly confident’ that they sit at the head of power in saying this. They should not, for the story is an ancient one, and does not convey cigars – only the Abyss – and it actually doesn’t smoke at all. The Seven are known, and time doth run short. No Legend, No Myth, Hades is Omega, and Omega is Osiris. Rumor has it, the message was received.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Interesting interpretation, thanks.

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