Explosion in Houston

The details of this explosion are still unclear, My heart pours out to those injured.

Unfortunately I did not finish getting the details of this incomplete prediction.


The prediction: I had a visual I was walking down a street when I saw a building explode.

The Facts: HOUSTON – Two workers were injured Friday in an explosion and subsequent fire outside the Whitehall Hotel in downtown Houston. The incident was reported about 1 p.m. near the intersection of Smith and Pease streets.


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  1. Afraax Avatar

    Hi Eric Iran and Saudi Arabia tension it could be a war or something else .also Lennon and north Korea growing tension .

  2. Anita Avatar

    The Democrats winning in this past week’s elections reminded me of the prediction about Democrats winning again — though that prediction could also be about the upcoming Midterm elections next year as well.

    As a side note about the recent elections, I was happy to see love overcome hate in terms of candidates defeating their bigoted opponents who don’t recognize them as equals. For example, a trans-women defeated a trans-phobic candidate running against her; that’s just one example from these past elections.

  3. jules104 Avatar

    I’m here. Red rover, red rover send Star48 and Rhona right over!😉

    1. rhona2 Avatar

      Jules 104 Star 48
      over red rover ..copy ..no problems here in Houston .

  4. star48 Avatar


    Be aware sharing with 3 others..
    Mini tsunami..Giant waves ..Columbia


    1. jules104 Avatar

      How about this… “Airfrance Emergency Landing in Canada” (Oct 1, 2017) Two comments from you on thread. 😉

  5. rhona2 Avatar

    yes 3 others ..
    Fiji 4.7m at 600km


    Yalripok India 309 odd km from Bangladesh
    5.5m at 22km .

    That freak wave could be a watch something went on out there .
    Thanks for posting .

    1. jules104 Avatar

      Here it is again just in case. It’s hard to remember. “Airfrance Emergency Landing in Canada”, Oct, 1, 2017. Schwooee😉

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