Weinstein’s Scandal

Is this prediction Harvey Weinstein? CEO could be seen as a president?


“The truth is out! Get ready to put on a defense.. will it affect his teflon exterior that seems unpenagable.. this time it will.. how can you support someone who blatantly did that. 23”


Get your hands off of me!.. president.. repugnant.”






57 thoughts on “Weinstein’s Scandal

  1. I’ll be disappointed if it was, I was so hoping for something that would take down 45. Weinstein’s a pervert and a poor excuse for a human being and I hope he pays dearly for what he’s done, but he’s not trying to start a nuclear war. Many of us outside the US are holding our breath waiting for someone to work up the guts to begin enacting Article 25.

  2. It’s possible that it relates to him. He is / was the CEO – similar responsibilities/title as the President of a major corporation.

  3. No one is supporting Weinstein. This is about Trump. CEO may be to differentiate between him and other presidents.There doesn’t seem to be anything he can do that the Republicans will not support, so this prediction must be really bad. We know, unfortunately, it’s something repugnant because it’s Trump, sleazy, no remorse, no conscience Trump.

  4. It is about Weinstein. The remarks about the President have to do with people accusing him of what Weinstein/Clinton have done without any proof. Nor has he ever been accused of this except by the left for political reasons. Wish people would stop lying and covering up. Why is it that people like Weinstein and Clinton have gotten away all these years with rape and sexual assault and the people in the industry/politics and public turn their heads the other way. That’s even a bigger crime.

    1. Trump has been accused by more than 12 women of sexual abuse and harrassment. He’s no saint and never has been. It may all be coming to the surface now, no where to hide.

      1. Totally Agree Karben-
        Unfetterred Abuse of Power- by trump, o’reilly and weinstein-
        It works across the aisle, Abusers are Equal Opportunity scumbags- political parties do not matter-
        Lets not forget the Fox news clan and all of the sexual harrassment going on there- – Roger Ailes – who created the fox network and brand, and all of the women he has assaulted, and bill O’Reilly and all of his garbage, and others at that fox network who are being fired for their sexual harassment.
        and of course trump.
        This systematic Abuse of Power- in All walks of life, globally and usually done by men against women-but it could be done by anyone- this evil has to Finally be broken down, dismantled, crumbled and destroyed once and for all.

      2. and forgot to mention cosby…..and multitudes more- men and women from all walks of life, whole lot more out there, yet to be revealed and exposed (no pun intended)…..

    2. There is proof and as much proof on Trump as there is for Weinstein…the women themselves. And Trump’s allegations have been out there, I live in NYC, these allegations are not new and invented by the “left.” He is ON TAPE as well.

  5. “Why is it that people like Weinstein and Clinton have gotten away all these years with rape and sexual assault and the people in the industry/politics and public turn their heads the other way”.

    The “casting couch” has existed as long as the motion picture industry has – It brings into play issues of power, greed, lack of scruples, silence for convenience, solidarity etc on all sides all covered up by the myths of tinseltown with its fame, money, beauty, “high” society etc.

    Why the faux outrage and hypocrisy over this one man? – Most probably they were all at it, over nearly 100 years

    I’m not condoning in any way what he allegedly did, just putting it out that the practice was fairly common but unspoken knowledge

    1. You could say the same for Clinton. I imagine if the walls of the Oval Office could talk, it shock a lot of people. We all know what Kennedy was like now but he practically became a saint due to the assassination. The only difference with Clinton is that he got caught and the public found out.

      1. You’re probably right, Joy. Neither political party is free of sexual predators. I imagine things have been covered up by both parties, “for the good of the party” and not for the good of the people–especially victims.

        Sadly, politicians today seem to think their actions only affect their careers in Washington, they don’t seem to focus on everyday people.

        I don’t know for sure whether Trump or Clinton is guilty of the crimes they were accused of…but if they are guilty, then they should both be prosecuted.

  6. The “23” — or 23 day countdown (I assume) — seems as accurate as it can be with the timeline of the last prediction concerning this — 9-22-17 — till when this story broke in the news.

  7. “will it affect his teflon exterior” Trump’s nickname is Teflon Don. This is about Trump.

      1. “Get your hands off of me!.. president.. repugnant”

        Who are they referring to?
        There are die hards who support Trump, but who is supporting Weinstein?
        Even his wife left him.

  8. eric yu r bad man .why not warning muqdisho biggest terror attack in history happend today .50 dead .100 injury today .

    1. Afraax,
      If you read today’s prediction, you’ll see Eric was in the Emergency Room at the hospital for the last couple days.

      What happened in Mogadishu was a horrible tragedy, but it’s no help to blame Eric. The attackers are the ones who should be blamed.

      1. Agree Sara, nor is Eric responsible for other people’s actions – he didn’t plant the bombs! Much love and light to you Eric.

    2. As has already been noted, afraax, Eric did send out a warning he received from his Guidance Team in Spirit. But how could anyone have given warning to so many of such an atrocity. Yes afraax this has got to be one of the biggest, if not THE biggest mass killing from a terrorist attack in recent history.
      My thoughts of Peace and Good Will to those who are now in Spirit’s care.
      “Death toll from bomb blasts in Somalia’s capital Mogadishu rises to 85.”

  9. Weinstein’s legal team are putting on the defense towards every new accusation of sexual assault that surfaces or is made.

  10. Come on Karben, get a grip. You’re living in a world of liberal wishful thinking and ignoring facts. This is not the forum for an education in political reality, so I won’t abuse the privilege of posting to this board.

    Based on details, the prediction fits Weinstein. The fallout from this has only just begun and the ripple effect is going to be massive. That said, Hollywood has always had a “teflon” skin and NOTHING negative ever sticks for long. It is the master of illusion and misdirection.

  11. Hi Eric! Glad your doing better and out of the hospital like everyone here you are loved and wishing you good health stay healthy and take more care of yourself! Thanks 2 for all you do first website to read about predictions and educate myself about what you do and your awesome abilities to see the future and all that good stuff! 😊 The spanish Colombian Psychic i follow said a major earthquakes would hit up around the 13th – 14th on October between 3:30 – 4:30 am in Los Angeles i wish she would of been more detailed but she says she can’t say because then the date will change and it will happen another unexpected date and time so she informed her followers this earlier this week to prepare for the earthquake coming then she mentioned the earthquake will strike before the 20th of October this year. 😐💜🕊🙏🏻

  12. Eric, couldn’t this prediction cover both Weinstein and Trump?? Or maybe the 9/22 prediction is Weinstein and the 9/1 prediction is Trump. I only say that because Oct. 15th Buzzfeed was the first to report the Trump campaign was subpoenaed by the attorney for Summer Zervos for “all documents concerning any woman who asserted that Donald J. Trump touched her inappropriately.” which they may be forced to provide by Oct.31st, unless the Trump lawyers can get the case dropped or delayed until Trump is no longer president. Here is the link to the story I read:


    There are a lot of potentially embarrassing things that could come out from this subpoena if the Trump campaign has documents or emails to turn over to the court, if forced to. At any rate the Trump accuser stories are in the news again due to the subpoena.

  13. The other thing to mention is that the Weinstein case has all the Trump accusers upset because it seems their claims were brushed aside, leading some of them to feel like only famous or well-known women’s claims of sexual assault will be taken seriously. If you are not well known or a powerful famous actress, it seems no one listens to you. This is sad if true. A lot of the women that accused Trump last year were harassed with phone calls and threats by Trump supporters as well.
    The repeat of the alleged sexual assaults in the media has a definite repugnant even ew-gross quality to it: “Zervos said that in 2007 Trump summoned her to meet about professional matters on several occasions and then kissed, groped and humped her against her will.” This came from the Huffington Post:


  14. Thanks for interesting article star48. The social pressure put on victims not to disturb the peace and to keep quiet is harmful. The pressure to forgive and forget is a common way to discount abuse. Justice is not easy to get for those who have been abused.

  15. Eric, SWC,
    Even France..
    PARIS (AP) — Women protested sexual abuse and harassment Sunday in 11 French cities under the #MeToo banner in the wake of mounting allegations against Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein.

    Carol Galand, an independent journalist who organized the protests, told The Associated Press that it’s important this movement went beyond social media.

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