Stranded in Puerto Rico

This tragic prediction has happened, please pray and donate to help our neighbors in Puerto Rico

“When the Hurricanes arrive.. Puerto Rico will be demolished”

I also had a visual of a mangled or damaged bridge.




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      1. Iraqi Kurds have just had a vote on Independence – the ultimate aim is for a Kurdistan that crosses the borders of several current countries including Syria, Turkey, Iraq, Iran, Kurds have faced prejudice and suppression for many years and have played a key role in fighting back against ISIS. Self determination is a wonderful thing in itself. However, carving out a new country would stir up the hornet’s nest even further in the middle east. That’s a summary of what Afraax was asking about.

        1. We have an existing prediction that briefly talks about Iraq splitting in two, it’s unclear
          If that’s about the Kurds, I assumed it was about the Sunni-Shia rift.

  1. I’ve been quite appalled as of late by the complete lack of empathy by our leader towards those in PR. Wasting an entire week of creating a culture war between the NFL and the country when you could’ve spent that time assisting PR is just juvenile and careless. Hopefully they will get the adequate assistance needed from us in due time.

    1. Brittany, CNN agrees. “Trump’s lack of empathy about Puerto Rico is staggering”. For the Mexico earthquake, 16 nations helped with emergency response. Because of the Jones Act, Puerto Rico was limited to help from only the US for too long, and that response was slow to come. As the days go by, the urgency just increases. This is a huge humanitarian crises. I keep thinking about drone technology. It seems like that could help deliver goods in remote areas. Try helicopter deliveries. Glad to see the naval hospital ship will be coming. Epic tragedy. The prediction is right on target. Puerto Rico is demolished. It is such a heartache. Words fail.

    2. Brittany,
      To be fair, the media’s just as responsible for the NFL/Trump feud getting so much attention. They’ve focused a whole lot on it, with front-page top-story headlines, but focused little on more serious events, like a church shooting in Tennessee a few days ago, or a stabbing attack in Israel that killed 3 soldiers, or the possibility of major earthquakes looking more likely.

      Even the Puerto Rico disaster is being reported almost solely as Trump’s response to it—while that’s important, they’re focusing less on the people in Puerto Rico who are going through this..

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