Hong Kong Flooding

This prediction has happened. Please everyone in Hong Kong stay safe. We failed to get more details in time.


Predictions 8-2-17  Hong Kong flooded, coming soon. (When exactly?)

13 thoughts on “Hong Kong Flooding

  1. Eric- Any prediction with the Texas hurricane? I have elderly family in the area evacuating but I am concerned about the flooding and whether they will be out of their home for a long time. They have been lucky so far with storms but this looks like a bigger than normal one.

  2. Eric, I just remember of your prediction of the great flooding in the Gulf of Mexico. It’s happening right now by hurricane Harvey. Pray everyone be safe.

  3. Ocean waters pulled away from shore again in Brazil and Hong Kong got massive waves and flooding.

  4. It’s actually a pretty rough situation in the towns between Corpus Christi and Houston. I have friends in the area. The Rockport High School (a shelter) appears to have collapsed last night around 10 CT and they still can’t get out to help ppl, the walls in a new “hurricane proof” hotel collapsed. One area is expected to receive 5 FEET, not inches, of rain because the jet stream isn’t moving it, the hurricane is basically stuck and moving 2 mph — it’s going to continue raining through Weds or Thurs per current predictions. Luckily it hit in the less populated area between Corpus and Houston. Rockport describes “widespread devastation”
    They need prayers big time.

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