Barcelona Terrorist Shot Dead

This prediction has happened. I believe the message is backwards, the waiting came afterwards, when police checked the bomb with their robot. Corner could be symbolic to being ‘cornered’

Prediction: Spain Standoff.    “Stand off”    Spain.  I had a visual of police waiting. “Wait.. wait.. patience..” after waiting then the police charged to a corner or side shooting the culprit.


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  1. cat Avatar

    THANK YOU Eric and SWC!
    THank you and Bless you for your AMAZING Predictions and Not only your incredible accuracy- but exactly as Spirit has said, your predictions and coming along fast and furious, and one after another- .
    Barcelona has been a horrid nightmare- I am
    Sending Blessings, Prayers and Peace to all victims and families who are affected/harmed/maimed by these evil attacks.
    Thank goodness the authorities were able to put down this Barcelona terrorist!

    1. cat Avatar

      sorry typo- meant to say Your predictions ARE coming along fast , not ‘and’

    2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar
  2. petemedium Avatar

    First time I’ve had to post for the past few days:
    “Seven-year-old Sydney boy Julian Cadman died in last week’s terror attack at Las Ramblas in central Barcelona, his family have confirmed, ending days of uncertainty over his fate.”

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