Truth 4

The evolution of humanity.

In the most odd sense humans will evolve into giants twice the size we are today. According to Spirit we are already on a trajectory course towards that. Our ancestors were shorter. Due to climate change and perhaps an implication of mans manipulation we become giants when compared to todays standards.

I had a visual of a human today vs humans in the distant future and you could see how they were twice as tall, twice as large. Their eyes were different too, more protruded and eyelids that were more round. We really looked different.

On the topic of ‘Truths’: We are at a crossroads with these truths, do we discuss religion? If we talk about the Truth about the Spiritual realm we are unfortunately going to contradict the beliefs/religion of others? At first I did not think it was a big deal, I mean how far could the contradictions go? Spirit shared a scientific example of how ill informed humanity is in regards to sex and sexual orientations. I agreed that was a taboo subject and covering it would cause an explosive reaction that rivals our Trump critics. Thoughts?

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    I think many of us who have kids see already that our kids are taller than us, as are other kids, and wonder how they have gotten this tall. For example, when I go in my son’s school after school, I am literally the shortest person out of the middle school kids. I can’t see over them. So this truth comes as no surprise to many of us.
    As far as religion or any other truths that are shared, sexual orientation, etc. I believe you should be able to share it all. There are people who will question and argue any point, no matter what is said. But I believe, at least with the kids I am around, acceptance is a huge aspect of people, it’s almost as if their generation is much different than any before them with regards to this. There is a reason people have left the churches and are out on their own spiritual quests and a lot has to do with the antiquated beliefs continued to be passed down.
    As far as the truths or any religion goes, as I always say, take what you believe in your soul to be truth and leave the rest behind. Just because it’s stated here or anywhere else doesn’t mean people must accept it or agree with it. There is no reason to argue because we cannot change the minds of others nor will they change ours. I say lay it all out there, don’t censor yourself or Spirit’s message just because there are people who will not accept what is said or will argue about it. As I say, this generation of younger people are the ones ultimately who will help change our world for the better through love and acceptance of others and their views. It’s time adults learn these lessons as well.
    I promise I will not engage in arguments with those who have a different opinion than I do, but I won’t sit by and allow anyone to put others down because their views are different (that includes those who put you down for speaking your truth) 😉

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      Thanks.. so true about the kids!

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      Here, here, Irish Eyes.

    3. Kacky Avatar

      Karen. Love your comments. I agree whole heartedly! I look forward to Spirits truthful message! I have a feeling I will finally hear something that makes perfect sense!

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        I love all of these enlightening perspectives!

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          They are very popular, soon after posting it there was a sudden surge of hits, that normally happens if a major event unfolds.

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      Mary b

      Thank you Karen!

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      Lurker 123

      Bless you. You are right not to argue because people will believe what they want. Arguing closes open minds as well.

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    I would personally like to hear the truth about the spiritual realm and everything else. You say your here to give us the truth. Don’t shelter us like our shady government does. Give it to us and then we can decide how we want to handle it.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thanks the conversations with Spirit is complete, it should be interesting to see what the leaders say.

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    I believe you should most defiantly post anything they tell you. You will have those who don’t want to hear it. But I believe most will, I for one want to hear what they have to say!!!!

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    I’m open to hearing what you have to say Eric. How can we ever learn and grow if we close ourselves off to something that may offend.

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    You’ve really got my curiosity up!! What did they say about human sexuality!???

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      As soon as its approved we will add it to the list of truths.

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    Jon Blue

    Well in my dreams with my grandpa, he spoke some on religion and sexual orientation. Also some of it was shared in my near death experience from the Light Being that cradled me. In human life my grandpa was very conservative and staunchly republican as well as very very Baptist. He did not have those same thoughts in heaven when I was on the other side for 8 and a half minutes. It was very moderate and surreal and very real at the same time. Being gay, I made it to heaven just fine and he told me as did the Light Being holding me that ‘I was born as the creator planned and my soul was beautiful in the creators eyes”. I remember weeping with joy and for the first time felt I really belonged. I did see the things I did get wrong but the many I got right. I passed. I made the choice to return to earth and live in human form again. Then nine months after that experience, the dreams I have spoken of many times on here came. I share my story even when I get ridiculed because I know my truth and I know heaven exists first hand. So please share and if you lose friends or followers, that is their journey to bear. I am sure Christ, Buddha, mother teresa and many other good prophets lost followers but they stood by their teaching of Love and acceptance to not judge. Only Creator can. Books were written by man, some evil men with agendas. I say share it and let Spirits share their understanding of things. That is the way of it. I know what the Light being said to me. Some of that was shocking and I had never even thought of it that way. Ultimately I found the human companion meant for me to make a positive difference and I love him greatly even though like with every relationship it takes hard work but we put in that work so be can do better for the community around us. That is what it is about. Two Spirit People. Share away.

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      Mary b

      Thanks jon💚

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      I am so glad that you had your experience and that you felt you belonged. I’m sorry for people who can’t understand. I have always believed that God, or whoever a person follows, made us all different so that we could learn to get along, love and accept each other for who we truly are.
      As for heaven, the other side or whatever anyone chooses to call it. My grandmother, who was not ill and we never expected her to pass away, was in the hospital and was looking out the door of her room (she was not on any medications such as morphine or any pain meds, etc.) and she said, “I know people will think I’m crazy, but you tell them that I saw my dauhter-in-law Vickie” (who at 47 passed unexpectedly of a heart attack just a few months before). She was coherent and fine, my grandmother, and she said, “Well, I have to go now, the girls are waiting,” turns out she was talking to her daughter who had passed when she was 16 and my aunt, and she kept saying, “You tell them what I saw!” She laid down in bed, closed her eyes, took her final breath and was gone.
      My son at three (who is named after my grandfather who had passed about two months before) kept saying “Great Papa! Great Pap!” and pointing to our backyard. Not to mention the time he saw him when he was in the bathtub and my son was not happy about that visit though.
      So for anyone who doesn’t believe what you have to say, you can tell them there are many others who can share stories of what their loved ones saw and if they still don’t believe it, well that’s just their loss.

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        Very well put Karen

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    Thank you Eric for all that you do. I would love to read everything! Perhaps you could password protect it and give people a heads up to what the discussion is about. Then, we could choose if we wanted to read your post, or choose not to read it. If we wanted to read it, we would ask for the password. Then, if we were offended, we only have ourselves to blame.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thanks Bev. I will consider it.

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    None of us were religious when we were brought into this world. The reason for religion is because we have spiritual amnesia of where we originally came from. Eventually humanity will evolve out of Bronze Age belief systems. I believe this will occur when main stream science can prove that consciousness is non-local, basic evolution, and with each new generation more aligned with spirituality. I find organized religion to be fear-based, prejudicial, man-oppressing-man, and a tool that’s been used for crowd control. One of the main reasons why psychic predictions/abilities in the West doesn’t translate to the masses as well as it does in the East is due to closed-minded fear-based religions that the West ascribes to — which see these abilities as witchcraft, playing “god”, or the work of the “devil”.

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    I agree with a lot of what MHB says. I’m also intrigued by the idea of coming back as the other sex, because as a child I felt uncomfortable and ill-suited to being a girl, though not in any way I would want to label trans or binary or anything. I have grown into my feminine nature and shape, and have used the vestigal memories or resonances of past identities – even if they are only imaginary – to mould myself to a purposeful life that’s a right fit for my path in life.

    My views on religion are that there are core spiritual practices and patterns that can be found in most spiritual paths. The problem is that those truths have been passed down in different times and places on earth with their own existent givens of the day, and the superficial cultural differences have solidified into tribal dogmas. I believe much of what religious people practice and blindly obey are simply the habits and rules which may have been appropriate to life in another place and time but are not universal, and the true message within their faith’s channelings is about something quite different, that a lot of religious believers seem to miss entirely!

    I also believe that Carl Jung nailed this common global stream of spiritual truth and awareness of things like archetypes, anima and animus, synchronicity and other such patterns, which have transformed my life in magical ways. I can see the patterns in all cultures and spiritual texts, but the metaphors often get taken literally and bogged down in cultural niches. The core spiritual practice is individuation or becoming whole, which includes taking back projections of rigid gender differences and other polarities, and owning all aspects of ourselves, left and right brained, masculine and feminine, reason and intuition, working in balanced co-operation and all in tune with our inner gyroscope that some call higher self or god. I believe that is the true spirit of ‘religion’ but ‘Religions’ have developed into ideologies of power and social control rather than enlightenment. The purest essence of the basic spiritual stream is one of the oldest – the Tao.

    I’m sorry that’s long winded. What I’m saying is that I believe the truth should always prevail, and if people are so rigidly attached to a fixed dogma that they can’t cope with others’ paths to the same goal, then surely that’s a sign that they have some way to go to spiritual maturity.

    It’s a synchronicity in itself that you ask today about uncomfortable truths regarding sex and gender. I have just been pointed towards a recent Norwegian series called Hjernovask (It’s on youtube with English subtitles, link below. The title means Brainwashing) which very calmly examines whether our modern beliefs about gender, sexuality, racial types, bear out in scientific data, or are wishful thinking. It makes very uncomfortable viewing at times, so much so that apparently Sweden banned its broadcast. Perhaps Political Correctness has become another kind of religious dogma? The irony is that the core spiritual paths to wisdom and wholeness mentioned above, mean becoming more androgynous in essence.

    Again, I think that truths should always be conveyed as cleanly and fairly as possible. The important thing is to present things in as uncontaminated way, without an agenda or ego trying to push one view or another. I think Eric is excellent at that kind of reasonable and fair presentation, as proven by the fact that he is asking this question in this post at all. I say go for it. This is the time of awakening, and people are being forced to examine their preconceptions anyway. It’s the spirit of the times. I have no idea what Eric’s truths contain, but I’m completely open to the possibility of being wrong!

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      Wow Beachhut! Lots to digest. Thank you for sharing.

    3. BeachHut Avatar

      MHB’s post has disappeared! How often is that happening? It happened to me a few weeks ago. Is there a glitch in the software? MHB was the original first post.

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        Hi BeachHut, I actually asked it be removed. I had emailed Eric rather than post just because I didn’t want to post something controversial and I figured my own beliefs were sort of controversial. Plus somehow my email address managed to be in the post too.

        In general, I’ll just say my religious/spiritual beliefs have evolved to include things not accept by the Christianity taught to me and have received blowback from the few people I’ve shared that with. I believe in an overall loving God and it’s hard to reconcile that with other good people going to “hell” just because they were raised in a different religion.

        If you believe in a religion that accepts reincarnation, the general idea is you are incarnated in both sexes and multiple races, so it’s easy to see how sexuality could be confusing if you’re constantly changing places from one life to the next. 🙂

      2. BeachHut Avatar

        Hi mhb, thank you for your reply. I thought I was going a bit mad at first. I really valued your post, but if it contained personal details as you say, I understand. I have read a lot of the comments that have been added now, and I am encouraged that this is a place where people are more open minded. I suspect a lot of religious people – and atheists for that matter – would react strongly to the nature of what Eric does here, so the ones that do come and join in are naturally more accepting of a broader view of spiritual matters.

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        Beach hut on what post was your comment missing? That should not happen

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        Since we are on the topic I would like to cover the reasons why I would erase a comment. It does happen however the most common theme is that you post a comment and yet there is nothing there? It is most likely waiting for my approval. Because of our fake virus issue a few months ago the security of this site has been raised, so many of your comments require my ok, if I am busy that might take awhile. But unfortunately there are times when I need to draw a line, it is rare, but I feel you should know. Here is why I would erase a comment from the most common to the least: 1. Your trying to sell something. 2. Profanity or x rated material, I still answer to WordPress and they have rules against that. 3 Racism, when someone says that a specific religion is evil, it’s wrong and I will not tolerate it, this is a global community and it’s important to respect each other’s beliefs. 4. Verbally attacking another commentator, you can attack me but I draw the line when it comes to others. This is touchy because sometimes it’s just a heated debate, sometimes I will just ask individuals to be more respectful. 5. Consistent trolling, I try to give everyone an opportunity to debate but there are those who just want to be mean.

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        Hi Eric, it was on the ‘Red Balloon’ prediction a few weeks ago. I wrote a fairly long post which appeared and then wasn’t there the next time I called up the page. I mentioned it at the time, and Petemedium said that he’d read my original post and verified that it had been there at first. I summarised what I’d written and reposted the info. I wondered if the same had happened here but I was mistaken.

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        Hi Beach Hut! I remember your post mentioned about the Red Balloon so perhaps it wasn’t removed.

        Blessings to you!

      7. BeachHut Avatar

        Thanks Eric, I feel certain that my red balloon post didn’t infringe any of your guidelines. I just put it down to a glitch in the system rather than censorship. Oh, and lossie, I typed up the info again and reposted after the first one disappeared. The meat of it is still there so it’s all OK.

        Incidentally, I just read that the Google employee who sent the memo about gender disparities has been sacked for perpetuating stereotypes. The first part of Hjernevask which is embedded in my post above is about that EXACT topic, and I recommend people give it a watch before making judgements about that news story.

        1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

          I will try and look into it

  11. NReekay Avatar

    Go hard or go home, Eric. Let ‘er rip.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thanks 🙂

  12. professorkemp Avatar

    If the Spirits have entrusted you with truth and want you to tell it, you should do so. I’m certain they know how crazy humans are and they probably hope that some who here will become standard bearers for the truth around the world. But they can’t do so if you don’t tell. So put your hand in Gabriel’s hand and blow your horn!


    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      I agree, I think they are warning me to expect one big stormy mess with these messages.

      1. lossie2020 Avatar

        Go tell the truth, Eric. There is so much that the humans do NOT know! Yes it will be messy but worth the shot. =-)

  13. Irish Eyes Avatar
    Irish Eyes

    We are already about 6 inches taller and 50 pounds heavier, on average, than those who lived 100 years ago. If you try to squeeze into seats in older Broadway theaters in New York, those built before 1940, you already have experienced the difference! Evolution is continuing, and so your predictions about height make total sense. Eyes will also change in response to changing light intensity and duration – so again, this makes sense. The size of the brain will also have to change, to process information faster to aid survival, so one could expect the larger body being needed to support the larger head and brain. Re discussing sexual orientation – my thought is to relay what Spirit is giving you. Spirit will try to assist and support, and this is a natural thing. Should some not want to hear due to their chosen indoctrinations, that is their concern.

    1. BeachHut Avatar

      I grew up in an area of England that still had a lot of ordinary houses from Tudor times and even earlier. It was very disorienting to visit people who lived in them. The doorways were tiny, and the road outside could be several feet higher after centuries of muck etc, so the house would feel sunken as well as shrunken. I have also been lucky enough to visit Haworth parsonage where the Bronte family lived, and they display some of Charlotte’s dresses. It is unbelievable how miniscule she must have been. Even as a child I’d have struggled to get into them. Disorienting again, as her mind, talent and character were so huge!

      1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar


  14. Michelle Avatar

    If spirit enlights you than I believe he wants us to know,, thank you for all of your good work

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar


  15. Joy Parks Avatar
    Joy Parks

    Go for it, Eric–you’re being shown these things for a reason. Don’t be silenced by the fear of opinions.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar


  16. Julia Avatar

    Don’t censor Spirit’s message. If some of us find it hard to accept, so be it. They are using you for a purpose.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar


  17. Bella Avatar

    I think that you post what you see regardless of the reactions.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thanks everyone seems to be on a similar page.

  18. LLG26 Avatar

    I guess I’ll be a worry-wart and say as awesome as I think it would be to here all they told you, maybe offending people who can’t handle some of these truths would interfere with your primary goal of enlisting people of all kinds to help spread these world predictions…I know, I sound like I worry too much…

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Yes! That is the concern will this help or take away from our ultimate goal of change through awareness. But we will wait to see what the leaders of this work have to say.

  19. Mary Avatar

    Eric, I do think that perhaps we as a generation are taller due to better diets and health care. However, if Spirit is giving you messages that pertain to giants then I say give it to those of us willing to hear what Spirit says. I like to read your messages even though some are dire but you tell the truth as to what Spirit shows you. Keep giving us the messages and I think I can speak for some people that we do appreciate you and what you say. Don’t hold back just because some might be offended.

  20. LLG26 Avatar

    Sorry I meant “hear” not “here”

  21. PeetieJ Avatar

    This really hits home with the height predictions. I have same experience as first person that replied, with my own child. So many kids are >120 percentile these days. I did have question on the spiritual part of the evolution, because you brought up the eyes. Seems as though a lot of kids have blue eyes these days (when parents do not – I realize gene pool can skip generations, but there are a lot of them – my family included). On top of that, I have been reading about Indigo, Rainbow and Crystalline Children (supposedly starting to be born in the 70’s), and they are supposed to be the ones to change the world as we know it (for the better). Each different type (Indigo, etc) represent a higher state of that spirituality as the next generation is born from the previous (I think it goes Indigo, Crystalline to Rainbow?). A lot out there on this, so had to bring it up, since it seemed relevant. Do you get any feelings about anything like this from your visions?

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      with this message unfortunately there was more of a focus on science and evolution, next time I will drop them a hint.

    2. Karen Avatar

      I too have read some about the Indigo children and others after I spent a great deal of time with kids. Whether it’s true or not (I tend to believe it is), I will say this, I spent a year with kids from 1st grade through 12th. I saw kids stand up for kids who were being bullied, I saw kids rush to help another who had fallen down or was hurt. I heard conversations of acceptance, something our society doesn’t really push, acceptance of sexual orientation, weight, size, ethnicity, you name it and they were spirited debates where the majority of the kids, I would say 90% fought for the rights and acceptance and love of everyone. I saw tears when political decisions were made that took away what these kids saw as others rights. Now here’s the interesting part, these kids attended a Christian school, that did not teach these things as acceptance. The kids today from high school down are amazing and compassionate and fighters, it’s unbelievable and wonderful to see and to know many will soon be voting and making decisions for our country.
      I have been around for a while and I have never seen kids be so passionate and loving towards everyone. They would even debate teachers and at two different Christian schools they debated pastors on these subjects. In my view, as small as it is, these are amazing times and to me not only are these kids all the things I mentioned above, but they are wise and beyond intelligent, many graduating high school with associate degrees at the same time, and the vast majority carried a 4.0 or higher (I never knew that was possible) for the time I spent with them and beyond as I’ve kept in contact with several of their parents and the kids. It truly is amazing when you look at the generations before them of their own families and their beliefs. These kids opened many of their parents’ eyes and hearts just by watching them stand up for their friends. The kids today are different for sure and we live in the south, which is sure saying something!

  22. petemedium Avatar

    Religion is like an old, thick, twisted piece of rope that has been entangled with reeds, vines and stuff never intended for the rope. Though the rope can never be untwisted, it can be explained to those who are willing to move into this new Millennium aware that there was Truth in the original. True seekers of Truth have no fear. Fear seekers don’t even know they are but will fight to hold onto what has been.
    Eric, I would be honoured to support you and what you receive from Our Spirit Friends….it is one of the reasons They found you and this site for me.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Very well put, thanks

  23. Interested Avatar

    Some people will be open to new truth. Other people will go to their grave defending their beliefs and their preferred Holy Book of choice. Whether they are accepting or not will depend on how open they are to new truth. But telling these new truths are not wasted, even on the person that is closed. Maybe just a little will seep into their minds and little by little they reach out to seek new truth. So, expect the close minded to defend their belief system. Meanwhile, share the new truth for the rest of us who are eager to hear it.

    On height, astronauts spending time in space grow in height. If we find our earth orbit changed a little bit with an earth shift, for example, and find our earth to have less gravity, our bodies will begin to adjust to the change. Height would be one of the changes.

  24. Zethkal Avatar

    Darn! I kind of hoped we evolve with better physical protection considering how delicate our bodies actually are! : (

    Aside from that, I would definitely like to know the truth about the spiritual realm. I tried for years to find some answer, but kept running into blocks. I only been given some small clue due to my own personal journey.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      By all means please share it with us, I would like to know if it lines up.

      1. Zethkal Avatar

        Well it was due to a personal problem I had with another, and led me to finally cave-in, and see a friend of mine who was a psychic. Of course I had to make sure she was actually a psychic so I gave only the most vague details of my situation..and well she did a number on me because immediately knew my past with this person, and that person. Also she knew my health pretty well, and what my future plans were that only “I knew”..I was kind of shocked that day. From that day forward, I believed in the spiritual realm (though I did kind of believed since I did believe in spirits regardless, but I needed some kind of reassurance)…I no longer had any doubts in my mind.

        Also brace yourself for a rather strange story:

        Also there is a bit of the past life experience that I have studied immensely into for years, and I do believe there is something to it. One example is from a friend who told me his past life experience through hypnosis from his mother and who also did a past life experience on herself.

        He told me something really interesting that him & his mother actually knew each other in a past life, and they questioned each other why are you here on Earth? Because the reason being that Earth apparently is a terrible place to experience according to other life out there in the galaxy, and it’s sort of quarantined off. They rather not even come near Earth period unless it’s for specific reasons. My friend in another life was a bounty hunter, and apparently he was near the solar system at the time, but something happened with his ship, and he suffocated. What’s interesting is that he never liked people touching his neck, he never knew why until the hypnosis.

        Aside from all that he apparently had recurring experiences with a Deep Misty Forest that doesn’t exist on Earth since it was on another planet..and he felt he knew this forest, but I forgot what he said about it though. I liked stories like these besides the Earthly reincarnation stories because it gives a small glimpse what could be beyond Earth.

        I tried to do the whole past life hypnosis thing many years ago, but my mind is too strong to fall under it.

        I’m only sharing this story with you because I trust you at this point due to your abilities that has long since convinced me, I can’t find many people like yourself.

    2. Karen Avatar

      If Eric and PeteMedium don’t object to this, check out PeteMedium’s page. I find it extremely helpful and of course he, as Eric does here, listen and answer my 10,000 questions on any subject or prediction.

      1. petemedium Avatar

        Thank you Karen….and you too Eric for allowing this through.
        Interesting that you should mention my Blog Karen because what I’m about to post may be similar to what Eric is about to share….or similar areas.
        For what it’s worth, I’ve been sitting on some of this info for fear it might offend. Than you Karen and Eric, I’ll pop it up in the next hour or so.
        It’s so much safer keeping things to ones self…but that’s not the reason for it’s being given I guess.

  25. Thomas Wolke Avatar

    I’ve never met or heard of a prophet or psychic who was accurate all of the time. I think part of the problem is that it’s easy to inject your own subconscious or even conscious hopes, fears and beliefs (political and religious, for example) into the mix on occasion. I would stick with verifiable information such as physical happenings. Otherwise, you just generate controversy that can’t be resolved.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thanks Thomas, it’s a good point.

    2. Karen Avatar

      That’s true, but it would at least open up the conversation. I am a true believer in listening to anyone’s ideas and beliefs on predictions or on a personal level simply because I know I don’t have all the answers and my view of the world is seen through my life experiences and I need to be able to see the whole picture, whether I agree or not, so I can understand each side of any discussion.
      With the utmost respect to your comment of course.

  26. Mary b Avatar
    Mary b

    Please share Eric! I am so heartened to see so many lovely thoughts💚

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Me too!

  27. Adriana Avatar

    On the subject of truths-go ahead and spit them out. Its not like the world will stop dead in its tracks.People aren’t going to commit suicide over whatever it is the “spirits” reveal.If some see it as garbage, so be it. If anyone disagrees that’s their right.No one is forcing them to believe the info you give out.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar


  28. Kristy Avatar

    If the truth of our essential spiritual nature is what I have recently learnt from my spiritual mentor/teacher or however you want to put it (I don’t take anything I read or hear as gospel truth but keep an open mind) most people probably will not be ready to hear it & will be very resistant to it. She warned me that that is the case & I have never discussed it with anyone. It isn’t anything bad, just difficult to accept – I’m even hesitant to try & clarify what she told me to see if we are talking about the same thing.

  29. Molly McKee Nickson Avatar

    I think the truths about religion and our beliefs about sex and sexual orientation are perhaps the most important for human evolution. You area warrior of truth, don’t let perceived reaction stand in the way

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thank you

  30. jules104 Avatar

    I agree. If Spirit is giving you a truth than please share with those of us who are open to the message. People have free will and can decide for themselves what they chose to take in and what they chose to leave from Spirits messages. One would hope that if they are secure in their religion, beliefs, spiritual upbringing…then they will be mature enough to not be offended by Spirits messages and take or leave them. They do have the option of not reading the “truth” messages and only focusing on the predictions or not visiting your site if they find it too uncomfortable or contradictory to their own beliefs. I would hope that people would not do this but they always have that choice. There isn’t anything you can do about that but stay true to yourself and who you are and the Spirits you serve. Blessings

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thank you. I have enjoyed so many of everyone’s comments, I promise to share whatever information the leaders have to say on the topic, but the majority of our community wants to move forward unabridged. Thanks everyone for sharing your opinions I promise it has been heard.

  31. Anita Avatar

    I wonder when ‘distant future’ is? And I’m guessing they’re probably telepathic (obviously way more psychic than anybody now)? Would be cool if someone could sketch what you saw. I’ve heard that a way into the future human’s will eventually no longer need their physical bodies/shell — as in their bodies will be their spiritual bodies, just pure energy.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Just imagine a brush in a valley that reaches our necks, but to them it would only reach their knees.

  32. Raymond Avatar

    @Jon………..What did the light beings say to you that were so amazing? Can you share that with us, I would like to know myself.

    I have had a few dreams (astral travel?) that were insightful but unfortunately I forgot the message as soon as I woke up. Once I dreamed? that I was speaking to someone next to me and I exclaimed …..”So, the Catholic church teaches the message that is closest to the original intent of Jesus…. wow !” Then I woke up. Unfortunately, I don’t recall the content of the dream or how we reached that conclusion. But it was an important dream for me because I have often wondered which religion teaches the lessons that are closest to the messages that were originally intended.

    And I remember another dream? when I was speaking to someone next to me and I shouted out ” Wow, you mean all I have to do is think about something or ask a question and I will automatically know the answer?” And I recall smiling and then immediately downloading everything I have ever wanted to know, learning the secrets of the universe and seeing dark space and the stars zoom past me. Then, I woke up and forgot everything I had just learned.

    I wish I could have retained the full content of those dreams, but I guess the Angels don’t want us to know that much.

    Thanks for your blog Eric!

  33. Hugo Sanders Avatar
    Hugo Sanders

    I believe in God but not in religion. Religion is humanity taking a wild guess at what God is like. God is found in our inner being. Not necessarily inside a church or a temple.

  34. Lisa Avatar

    Please cover it. Would appreciate some truths about it.

  35. Jay Avatar

    Truth is the truth is the truth. It does not matter if it cotradicts every persons belief on earth on the worst way possible because truth is just the truth and it needs to get out.

    Please dont hold back any information you know because everyone should have the right to know whats actually going on. If people don’t want to believe what you say then so be it but most clever people dig deeper and the most stupid thing a man can do is not question the beliefs that were instilled in him/her by other.

    Eric roll out the truth in the rawest way possible.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Good point, thanks

  36. Kristy Avatar

    Maybe try to consider it from the point of view of someone who is not as spiritually aware & open as yourself, as information that can be processed & understood from a perspective of awareness may be incomprehensible or misperceived by those more firmly entrenched in the physical reality & the values that come with it. What I am thinking of could cause extreme discomfort & upset to people in that position – particularly as it is very different from the generally accepted beliefs that bring people much comfort.
    If you can honestly picture yourself being able to process it as someone who does not have the degree of spiritual awareness & the resultant reassurance that you have now I would go ahead, but maybe it will be necessary to gradually introduce people to it if it is a very new concept that could potentially be misunderstood & cause great upset?

  37. TechCowgirl Avatar

    I say cover it anyways. Truth is truth, if a person isn’t ready to hear it, they simply won’t listen. But, there are many who are ready to hear and learn. Don’t hold back just because someone might complain, that’s not fair to the rest who are ready. Let the complainers complain, there’s no need to defend Truth as it stands strong on its own. Let’s hear what Spirit has to say and let the chips fall where they may. I’m not surprised by the direction of evolution at all. Compared to my family, both myself and my son are much taller and more muscled than my parents. I stand head and shoulders above most women I know, which can definitely have me feeling like a giant alot!

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar


  38. Samanthas Avatar

    In the realm of spiritual discussion, I had a thought the other day. If you’re to believe in the past life theory, I have had dreams of dying 5 different ways, what if those dreams account for how you actually passed away in previous lives.?.

    1. Thomas Wolke Avatar

      I have a website on reincarnation that might interest you. See

  39. Lurker 123 Avatar
    Lurker 123

    You could always post a disclaimer saying the information is coming from spirit, not from you. Not all spirits are good. I don’t know anything about the spirit you speak with. Having said that, you are correct, you will cause controversy no matter what you reveal. You will cause controversy even if spirit’s information is 100 percent accurate. Is it possible spirit does not want you to share it yet? As for religion, all religions are man made. I am Christian and a lot of us believe it is a way of life that allows us to have a relationship with God through Christ Jesus. There are no records of Jesus starting a church or religion. The early believers were not even called Christian. I tell you what, if spirit says post the information then do so.

  40. Tausha - Long Time Lurker Avatar
    Tausha – Long Time Lurker

    I can see how this can be true. I believe the physical bodies we have are not the bodies His intended in The Beginning. In other words, things were different when God created and stated it was perfect.

    Sin entered the world because of Adam and Eve and the process of death has been at work ever since. Eve told Adam the fact she was alive was proud His lied about them dying. I think the Hebrew says God told them “dying you shall die “. So, the death process and all it entails would begin, not instantaneous death. Thanks Adam and Eve!

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