Venezuelan Troops Fire on Protestor

This prediction is starting to grow. I can’t speak to the power outage.

Predictions 6-13-17    I had a visual of cars turned on their side, fires burning in the background. It looked like anarchy.

Venezuela protest turns to riots on the streets, extremely violent.. power turned off and on like rolling black outs.

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  1. Watching the beautiful country of Venezuela implode because of its government’s insane actions is painful. Soon, Venezuela will rebuild with a government that can work with all the people and their economic needs.

    1. Eric sorry to detract from this message but are you expecting anything soon for the people of North/South Korea and Japan?

    2. Juan Jose it is indeed tragic to see what has happened in your country. So much suffering that should never have happened.

    3. Juan Jose Perez
      I too pray for you country and its peoples
      sending much light and love
      blessings ..for you future

    4. I agree, it is painful to watch. It seems that ordinary folks always suffer for the mistakes of their governments. But I hope you’re right and Venezuela will rebuild. They seem to be a resilient people, so that’s in their favor.

  2. I just read on Yahoo that a helicopter dropped grenades on the Venezuelan Supreme Court. More chaos. 🙁

  3. I agree with madur , I think its plot attack , he’s still widely popular despite western medias depiction I’ve watched the rally’s support etc. If fanatical right were to ever protest because Trump was removed. That is what this looks like.
    And your prediction Eric is about riots that will take place in London unfortunately .

  4. Eric,
    Power outage..
    Critical Infrastructure Disruption in Venezuela on August 01 2018 04:24 AM (UTC).

    The lights went out across much of Venezuela’s capital for several hours on Tuesday, forcing metro riders to make their way on foot, while shutting down businesses from restaurants to banks. The outage that began mid-morning struck much of Caracas as well as parts of neighboring Miranda and Vargas states, officials said. It was due to a downed power main in a remote national park, Communication Minister Jorge Rodriguez said on state TV. He added that crews had trouble reaching the damaged lines, and heavy rains further complicated repairs. The power appeared to be restored to the majority of the affected areas by the afternoon, something President Nicolas Maduro later confirmed in a nationally televised address. Once wealthy from massive oil reserves, Venezuela is in crisis after nearly two decades of socialist rule and a crumbling infrastructure that frequently leaves residents countrywide without lights and running water. However, widespread power outages are rare in Caracas, the seat of government and the nation’s largest city. In downtown Caracas on Tuesday, the outages sent crowds of people flooding out of their office buildings. It hampered cell communications and froze high-rise elevators. Service at the country’s largest airport, Simon Bolivar International Airport, just outside of Caracas wasn’t delayed because emergency generators kicked on, officials said on Twitter. The outage comes a day after the lights went off at a socialist party gathering as the deputy leader was live on television urging delegates to elect President Nicolas Maduro as leader of the country’s ruling political party. Maduro later called the brief outage at the convention an act of “sabotage.”

  5. Eric,SWC,
    Ref:::This prediction is starting to grow. I can’t speak to the power outage.

    Venezuela 🇻🇪
    Power outage
    CARACAS, Venezuela (AP) — Much of Venezuela plunged into darkness Thursday evening, creating chaos as people struggled to navigate their way home amid what appeared to be one of the biggest blackouts yet in a country where power failures have become common.

    The power outage began just as commuters were leaving work. Hundreds crammed the streets of Caracas, forced to walk because subway service was stopped. A snarl of cars jammed the streets amid confusion generated by blackened stoplights.

    President Nicolas Maduro blasted the outage as an “electrical war” directed by the United States in a statement on Twitter. His information minister, Jorge Rodriguez, said right-wing extremists intent on creating pandemonium by leaving the South American nation without power for several days were behind the blackout, but he offered no proof.

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