Philippines Earthquake 7.2

Please pray for the safety of all those in the Philippines, the South American earthquake took place a few days ago.  Some of the news reports 7.2 while others report 6.8.

Predictions 3-7-17  “Destructive..Earthquake.. Philippines.. 20” (is 20 a date or countdown, a countdown would lead to sometime around the 27th?)

Prediction: Earthquake Coming  “There is a destructive earthquake coming.. now” I had a visual of seismic waves in yellow, then another in yellow and finally one that was in red.

I believe the seismic waves in yellow represent the multiple moderate earthquakes hitting the Philippines. Now they are predicting a more destructive earthquake around the corner. However, it is possible that Spirit is referring to South America, we have a prediction about a large earthquake coming there as well. But it was only the Philippine prediction that said the earthquake would happen ‘around’ the 20th. Either way we are predicting a large destructive earthquake in the next day or two. I am asking you to please share this post. We need to warn those who might be affected, especially share it with those in the areas discussed. Hopefully by warning them we can prevent tragedy and avert suffering.



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  1. jules104 Avatar

    Hi Eric. I was just wondering if Spirit has made mention of that possible large EQ on the West Coast, or North California at all recently? Could be interior US even.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Just the old prediction about San Jose

      1. jules104 Avatar

        Thanks Eric. Hoping you are feeling much better. 🙏🏻🌷😇

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