Batangas Philippines Earthquake

I question if this is just the beginning of a larger earthquake to come, but the prediction seems to be unfolding.

Predictions 3-7-17   “Destructive..Earthquake.. Philippines.. 20”

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  1. star48 Avatar

    Eric, SWC,
    Here is report from USGS..

    1. jules104 Avatar

      Thanks Star48. Hope that’s it then.

      1. star48 Avatar

        Could be —
        beginning of damaging swarm or precursors to bigger one?
        We should monitor.,,

  2. russell montojo Avatar
    russell montojo

    Can you please ask the spirit when the big one is going to happen so that I can warn my families and friends living in the areas where the earthquake occured.

  3. rhona Avatar

    SWC Eric
    article covering quakes in Philippines .
    Hundreds flea as they thought a tsunami was coming place has been evacuated to higher ground to keep them safe as they expect it to continue ..this article was posted 9th April
    there has been more 5+ swarms

    1. jules104 Avatar

      Thanks for the links and info Rhona. It’s really active right now. Must be really scared for those affected. Praying there isn’t a larger one coming up.

  4. rhona Avatar

    Mindanao 5.6m 60km depth
    Osias 5.8m 8.3km depth
    Also this update from 11th April
    North and south are registering quakes now …

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