Syria Chemical Attack

This tragic prediction has happened. Someone needs to do something about this butcher Al Assad. So unimaginable, Al Assad is propped up by Russia while the world closes their eyes.  This deplorable act could be seen as a chlorine gas attack. The tree could be a reference to life.

I look forward to the day Al Assad regime falls.

Predictions 3-28-16   (3-28-17) I had a visual of a large tree, hanging from the tree was a make shift bomb, on the bomb it said bleach.  I believe the implication here is a homemade bomb of some type, perhaps a dirty bomb that requires bleach. I am unclear of the tree reference.

Notes on 5-18-13   The Butcher Al Assad.. kills on an unprecedented scale.. poison plagues Syria.. death to anything in its path.. A coalition forms no longer asking for permission.. bombs begin to fall.. soon afterwards the Al Assad regime falls.

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  1. jules104 Avatar

    I agree Eric. Someone needs to get rid of him. Just so dispicable. Praying for all those affected by this crazy man and those who prop him up.
    Also pretty quick turn around on that prediction. I believe you’re right with the tree of life. Good job. Thanks for your dedication Eric.

  2. Susan Steffen Avatar

    Your psychic predictions may be correct, but you are sadly mistaken when it comes to interpreting world aggressions- especially who is the “good” guy and who is the “bad” guy. Al Assad never gassed his own people during an inspection by international peacekeeping forces, and he is not responsible for this one. I have also wondered about your interpretations for Trump related imagery. As you know, he is the victim of an illegal soft coup set up by the previous Obama administration. He is against the globalist agenda which would dehumanize all of us, and is therefore a genuine “good”guy. After the atrocious 8 year take down of the middle class in America, Trump is the natural remedy for that.

    1. Luna tic Avatar

      Respectfully…and that is your own interpretation.

    2. Sara Avatar

      It’s hard to know what’s true and what’s false nowadays…some news articles say Assad did it, others say he didn’t and someone else did…but I think he has done stuff like this in the past.
      I can barely keep track of Syria’s issues–besides ISIS, al-Assad is supported by some countries, hated by others. We support various rebels, while other people dislike the rebels, and some rebel groups are good, some aren’t….I have no idea who’s on which side. It’s a mess!

      The only things about Syria that I’m sure of: ISIS needs to be defeated quickly, because their genocide has endangered everyone in that region. And that all sides need to work out the other issues civilly…because Syria’s people deserve better than bombings and gas attacks like this.

    3. Kacky Avatar

      Susan, Eric is very accurate and you admitted that but you obviously didn’t read his post dated 5/18/13. The message from Spirit specifically mentions Assad as a butcher! He has murdered many innocent civilians. Eric is not offering his opinion he is just stating the messages from Spirit.

    4. Amy Avatar

      Eric and Spirit have had predictions about the Butcher Al Assad on this site since 2012. I particularly like the last sentence of the 5-18-2013 prediction where Spirit says ~ “…. soon afterwards the Al Assad regime falls.” I’m with you Eric. Really looking forward to that day too!

      1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar


    5. Mary b Avatar

      Susan steffen,
      We have a world in turmoil. Babies Being slaughtered. Our country is being robbed of our basic rights. I am curious where do you find the information that supports trump, assad. How was the middle class taken down in the past eight years. Our last president did much to help people. When the effects of our current president start to effect individuals pocketbooks then perhaps people will understand. This is not a political forum. Eric takes his information from a higher spiritual plane. I find myself depending on Eric’s truth rather than news reports.

  3. Darryl Avatar

    Assad will be hung on a tree to death for using chemical weapons

    1. Mar Avatar

      Who ever is responsible for the death of Syrians should be hang on tree. Totally unacceptable! ! Pray for mercy!

  4. Shannon Avatar

    So horrifying. I pray for everyone there. There are no words to describe this horror. I cannot imagine everything those people have gone through. It has got to stop!

  5. Carolyn Avatar

    When is someone going to have the courage to assassinate the evil Assad? The fact that this man still lives is beyond me.

  6. Irish Eyes Avatar

    Myths from India include mention of a “sarin tree” – you may have been picking up a hint on the type of chemical used in the attack. Docs dealing with the patients say it looks like sarin gas.

  7. rhona Avatar

    Rgardless of who is to blame for this atrocious attack in Syria .
    Our prayers and loving light is needed there and with our government and theirs to end this …
    I believe Al Assad is responsible opinion ..along with many many more learned than i and in a more enlightened
    position than any of us to know .
    Yes im emotional about this filthy act and i make no apoligies for feeling as i do ..
    Im trying not to be angry but i am ..
    may the there be an end put to this ..
    and love be with Syria and its
    suffering citizens. .

    1. Linda Blair Avatar

      Rhonda, I am angry that so many innocent people were killed….angry that 45 approves of him….angry that our country is falling apart at the seams…I trust Eric and his spirits…I hope and pray that this dictator is assassinated

      1. Linda Blair Avatar

        Sorry…Rhona…not Ronda.

  8. Linda Blair Avatar

    When will Syrians get a break???

  9. rhona Avatar

    I totally understand where your coming from ..
    Its so hard not to feel anger and when we channel it into something more usful to the situation all the better ..
    at the end of the day we are human and it
    is not easy to be at times ..We can make a difference with love and light though it does seem not enough I have to believe it is ..
    Yes ..when will Syria get a break ?
    Hugs to you ..joining hands with you in spirit ..

  10. rhona Avatar

    I have been sending love light to middle east and Syria at 11.11 every day for a few days ..Join me in Spirit at this time and we can join hearts and send love
    and light together
    It matters not about our time zone differences ..It all comes together in the ethers. .and our united hearts ..
    blessings all

    1. Linda Blair Avatar

      Yes, light and love for the Syrian people…I join you in spirit.

  11. Lisa Avatar

    We all need to hope and pray that these horrid events get accounted for and the evil people Assad and his government that done this get brought to justice, killing these poor people is no way to bring a lasting peace to the people of Syria.

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