Personal Readings Update

For those of you who receive personal readings I have now simplified the process by adding a PayPal button on the site.  The ‘buy now’ button allows you to use either a PayPal account or card. The other options are still available.

Phone readings are available now to anyone in the world. Please email us at for the details.

For more details about personal readings with Eric check out the Personal Readings page above the posts:



About Eric Leigh-Pink

Predicting the world events of tomorrow in the hopes to alter any tragic outcome through awareness.
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4 Responses to Personal Readings Update

  1. Kimmarie Hornbeck says:

    Hi! Is Eric by chance doing any email readings?


    Sent from my iPhone…

    “…to know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived. This is to have succeeded.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

    Have a PHENOMENAL Day!!! (smile)


  2. Sara says:

    Any new information about the terror attacks, what month they’re in, what we need to watch out for?
    I still cannot shake this tense feeling of them happening soon, though you did say the plane attack was delayed. (I’m not clear if the others were delayed, also?)
    I don’t mean to pester you constantly about this, but I’m not psychic and so I can’t explain this foreboding feeling, which is really frustrating.

  3. MaryKay Sauls says:

    Hi I’d like to schedule a reading as soon as you can please?

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