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You can now get a phone reading from any where in the world. From France to Malaysia, from Russia to Australia, Brazil, Spain, UK,  anywhere.

If you are interested in a personal reading with Eric please email me at to start the conversation. Please provide your full name, DOB, and the time zone you live in. If you live outside of the US please give us the country you live in, the time zone, and code for phone calls. The cost is 100$ per hour and 50$ for a 30 minute reading.  You can use Paypal under or regular mail.   Please be patient with a response, I do several readings so it might take a day or two to respond.

Commonly asked questions:

What can I expect from a personal reading?

At its core I predict the future. The reading is geared towards predicting the future. During the reading I usually allow Spirit to converse first by telling you what they feel you need to know. From there you can ask any questions you might have. Even though I usually predict the future, people have connected to their loved ones who have passed away. Others have asked me to locate missing people and sometimes missing objects. Clients have also asked me to shed some light on how a loved one passed away that might have previously been a mystery. While we are setting up the appointment please let me know if you have any special requests.

I read your blog and I am concerned that all the information you give me will be bad news?

Keep in mind there is a huge difference between personal readings and our world predictions. With the world predictions I seek out the worst tragedies, the nightmares of tomorrow in the hopes to alter the outcome, this sets a very dark tone towards all the information they give on our site. The goal during a personal reading is to provide you with spiritual advice, to help, to guide, and to warn you of any concerns they might have. We want to help you, and connect you with your guides and loved ones.

Are the readings confidential?

It is forbidden for me to share any information about a reading with anyone else. This is something that Spirit insist upon, we see this work as sacred and feel that sharing a reading would be a violation of that sacredness.

Is there a difference between a phone reading and in person reading.

No, there is not, the best way to explain the process is Spirit provides the information that I then share with you, One could say all I am is a translator. I can do this even if you’re not right there in the room. On another note almost all the readings I do are over the phone.

Who exactly is providing the information?

Spirit, who guides me in this work, is a group of souls that have the ability to predict the future both for the world and individuals. The group over time has become fairly large. During a personal reading Spirit connects me with your own spiritual guides and they in turn provide the information for your personal reading. I have been doing personal readings for over 20 years, while the world predictions have only been done for the last 4 years.

Why do you need my Date Of Birth DOB?

Both the name and DOB clarify to Spirit who you are. Consider that others in the world will have your name, and more common than that many families will have a Sr or Jr in their families. This ensures clarity for them.

As a spiritual man shouldn’t I provide my services for free?

I have devoted my life to serving the Spiritual realm. This is my only job and my only source of income. We have done our best to keep the price of readings fair and on the lower end of other popular and well known psychics.




239 Responses to Personal Readings

  1. D says:

    It is easy to predict when your eyes are open. Everyone wouldbknow the future if they came to learn everything i have. You and together could prosper. Big.

    • Eric LP says:

      Do you do predictions? What do you see coming?

      • Lisa says:

        Hi Eric my name is Lisa. I came across your page here in a hopeful search for some answers. You see the morning of July 19, 2014 I dreamt of the Mount Ontake eruption we just saw happen. As surprised as I was to see my dream being covered on the news it wasn’t the first; only this time I couldn’t dismiss it as just another coincidence. I was in search of others out there who may have had the same dream which led me here. You seem to have a grip on these vision/dreams and I sure could use some guidance here. After reading some of your notes I can tell your visions are different then mine. Id like to learn how to nurture this skill maybe you can help me.

      • Hi Lisa, the best advice for anyone hoping to improve their connection to Spirit is the Zen practice of meditation. When I do these predictions the short answer is to sit in a quiet dark place, close my eyes and focus on absolutely nothing. Remove all thought from your mind, empty your mind of thought and emotion. Its through that, you can hear them more clearly. When I reach that state of nothingness I usually hear a voice say “Eric are you ready” I nod, and then the predictions begin. It takes a huge level of dedication. I do the world predictions every other day, and use a similar process for personal readings, so I meditate for about 5-6 hours straight daily. Those 5 hours will only give me maybe one or two predictions. On another thought Lisa are you sure you want to go down this road. There is so much darkness in doing world predictions. I would not recommend it to the faint of heart and it isn’t the horror you witness that’s the worst but watching these events with a constant feeling of guilt and dread for not being able to intervene. Just be cautious. That’s the short answer there are a number of other additions to the process that help the process, you should consider a one on one reading if you really want to do this, so we can ask them directly the best course of action and the details needed to accomplish it.

    • Sarah W. says:

      You had better tell the World then instead of Attacking a Kindred Soul. Look forward to your revelations.


    • Nolan Rowley says:


      Eric, after your Personal Reading you gave me… I spoke calmly and wonderfully with my Wife and Brother. YOUR READING HAS brought me , her , and my brother CLOSER TOGETHER than ever before!! We had wonderful discussions on what our Present Day actually is looking like, and what we might take from what you told me during my reading, to apply it to OUR Futures..

      It’s amazing the power of an ‘open mind’ , and both my Wife and my brother were VERY RECEPTIVE to the information I shared (by the spirits and coming from you >> to me and them).

      You CLEARED UP much FOG between me and my wife, and she was forthcoming about some things I never knew before, me and her ARE NOW CLOSER THAN EVER, AGAIN, just like when we FIRST MET IN-PERSON AND FELL IN-LOVE FOR THE 1st TIME!! She truly IS my Soulmate, and she and me are BACK TO being FULLY CONNECTED, and I mean FULLY. So Amazing, so Awesome, THANK YOU BRO!!! 🙂

      I have YOU and the SPIRITS to THANK for that, ONLY !!

      I wish I could explain better, the POSITIVE IMPACTS your reading information and views you shared , from the spirits to us, have MADE!!! Thank you for being BLUNT about all things TOO!!

      ~ Truly, and ALWAYS GOING TO BE a FAN!!!

      EVERYONE ::: The Spirits and Eric ARE the REAL DEAL !!! NO BULL!!!


      Ty Eric Bro, and please Thank the Spirits for ME and my WIFE and my BROTHER GALEN.

      ~ Nolan Rowley (Alabama)
      I will keep my promise to you, it’s coming soon, for ya bro 🙂

      • Thank you very much, I am glad the Spirits can provide the help, I hope one day you can help us in our goal of changing the outcome of these horrible events I predict, so that we can help the world and bring as much happiness to others as they did for you.

  2. susan says:

    In a nutshell D, where did you learn some of the things you have learned?

    • Eric LP says:

      I was born with the ability to communicate with the other side. I listen to what they have to say and translate it to share with who ever its for. They speak in riddles, symbolic messages, and emotion. I am always learning their language and with every mistranslation I learn more. For example ” P 55 Brazil Flooding” under notes talk about where “the star sits” which was a foreign message, but now that it has happened, I now know the next time they say that, it means the Capital of the Nation. I hope that sums up your question. Bottom line I bungled my way to where I am now.

      • susan says:

        I started reading your posts after a recommend from psychicpattie for you. A good recommend! Thanks for sharing!

      • Eric LP says:

        Please make sure to thank her for me! The more we share these predictions the sooner we can get to our ultimate goal.

  3. Azz says:

    Hi there. I heard about your prediction on asteroid to fall to earth.
    I was thinking it may fit in with the prediction from
    They predict that by June 1 2013, meteor impact in Kenya.
    Also a small asteroid around 50 metres across is to come very close to earth
    In feb 15th 2013.

  4. sixsox says:

    I had an experience like this once, ten years ago, in fact. I had a vision of fire from the sky over my home area in Texas. I was frightened. We had just had 9/11 and we were all in fear of more terrorist attacks. Dallas has long been a target for the technology we host here. However, it was not an attack, but a terrible accident that occured four days later. I heard the explosion that morning. It was the Columbia space craft disaster. Fire did rain down over North Texas that day. It was horrible. I have gotten out of touch with the other side. It is scary. My mother was scared away from reading too, in her youth. You are very brave to look to the future with your spirit guides.

    • Eric LP says:

      It can be scary more than that depressing, you see these horrible events helpless to do anything but watch, and there is nothing you can do to change it, in some odd way you feel guilty your not doing anything. But the way I see it while everyone is working in a cubicle or factory listening to an ungrateful boss. I have the honor and privilege of what has got to be one of the most unique jobs out there, and my boss is truly awesome and we are determined to change the outcome of these predictions even if its infinitesimal.

      • sixsox says:

        who is your boss?

      • Eric LP says:

        His name is Macabe, a very ancient spirit. We call him the Conductor. They say he is older then our solar system. He in turn works for the ‘ancient ones’ who work directly for the Creator.

      • anthony bell says:

        ask macabe if he was ever here on earth.”the Dance of Death. Macabe sounds like an arch angel. Would love to find out which one. I heard from another the conductor was female also. arch angels are both.

      • No he has never lived here on earth, most of those in charge of these predictions have not been to earth, but the Conductor is definitely the most ancient.

      • Harvey says:

        May I ask, Eric? This is fascinating. I so long to understand how things were created from out of no where. There is much to learn yet we are not supposed to know everything for a reason. So, Macabe, the very ancient Spirit, is working for “the ancient ones” who work directly for the Creator. My question Is “How in the world did the Spirits exist before the solar systems were created? Where did the Spirits came from before the solar systems? How is it possible to have a spirit when there was nothing out there to make it happen? How did the Creator exist out of no where? How did the darkness exist then the Light? Imagine, it would be just void, no spirits, no darkness, no lights, just nothing.

        I sincerely thank you for sharing it with me.

      • They are just referring to our solar system, not the galaxies. I would assume Macabe comes from a time and place very foreign to any of us.

  5. John says:

    Good job on the asteroid! Checked the web you are the only one mentioning it.

    Keep up the good work! All the best!

  6. Azz says:

    Hi Eric
    I discovered your website early this year. I’m quite amazed about accurate many of your predictions have been. You have an extraordinary gift.
    I’ve noticed on the psychic grape vine recently that many people are predicting a history making event to take place in April 2013. I was wondering if you have any prediction for anything happening in April ?
    I can come up with a scenario of what would be expected to take place by fitting all the prices together. Rather than distracting you with and preconceived ideas I can give my view later.

  7. Eric LP says:

    I am not familiar with any specific situation. I know there is expected flooding or storm damage in March/April either in the midwest or Northeast, Ohio comes to mind. Understand they usually report predictions as we get closer to the timeframe, its very possible they just haven’t mentioned it. There are very specific major events for 2013 they have on the back burner. Extensive damage and flooding in both Florida and Japan. 3-4 major medical breakthroughs, terrorism back in the spotlight (hopefully not that bridge prediction) and two very large earthquakes one might come out of China. They have not presented a timeframe on any of those predictions. Who’s the source?

    • Azz says:

      It’s a combination of several sources, it fits in with the remote viewing time frame for world wide environmental changes before June 2013 and several of the popular psychics around the world.
      They all seem to have pieces of something which could fit together in the same event.
      Here’s a very wild theory. This comet in march through to April, comet “panstarts”? Also around the same time there is another comet “Lemmon” coming around in opposite direction. The comet effects the balance of earths core or magnetic field some how. Earths protection from solar energy is lowered and solar flared cause kaos with electronic equipment such as modern cars, aircraft, banking. Somehow causes earth to tilt on its axis and bringing the sea level higher. Also mega earthquake and other related disasters. End of that the death toll is rather small for such an event and it’s said that people will be changed in the way they think somehow, maybe values will change?
      If I saw a movie like that I’d likely think it was far fetched. I’ll believe it when I see it but sometimes life can be stranger than fiction!

      • Eric LP says:

        No I have not heard that. But like I said they usually report things as we get closer to the timing, and never did I imagine I would be predicting some falling asteroid/meteor crashing on the earth, so I have learned to be open. They have mentioned a mega earthquake that would sweep through several nations, I did not even know that was possible, it is expected this Century but not any time soon. The sea levels will become a major issue as I have mentioned before, it will magnify storms and hurricanes and create much more damage in areas that normally would not be affected. As it rises over time it will begin to consume pockets of land all over the globe. This is also expected to happen this Century but is directly connected to climate change. As for us as a race, its my opinion that as the world gets more tightly connected the days of apathy, not helping or caring for each other, will begin to crumble. Its going to get to the point where our actions will affect those around us, and vice versa, and we won’t be able to act cruely without hindering ourselves. I know that might sound odd but you can already see it unfold with the crashing of the economy. Greedy selve serving indivduals managed to not only hurt the stock market, or damage one nation, but sacked the entire worlds economy. We can no longer afford to serve only ourselves.

  8. seeker says:

    Eric, do they see anything of note happening in North American on or shortly after April 10, 2013?
    Thank you!

    • Eric LP says:

      I am not familiar with that. Right now we are working on: Storms hitting US/Canada in march/april, a scissors related killer, Malaysia elections, and news about our space shuttles. Do you know what is expected so I can ask or verify with them? Remember they usually predict events as we get closer to the timeframe so its very possible it just has not been mentioned. This is designed to organize the prediction, when we started these predicton we would post predictions that would happen a month later and others that would happen a year later, my critics ate it up, so most of the time, not always we try and present it a few months or weeks before it happens.

  9. penny says:

    I would like to know if anything negative is going to happen in South Africa. Is there going to be a drought and what about solar flares causing electrical outages. Seems like the meteors won’t be coming in May/June – we are obviously in a different time line. Also is there anything that will happen to the stock market?

    • Eric LP says:

      I would have to look into South Africa, I have not heard anything about meteors so I think we are safe for now. They did mention a space craft or something like that crashes. As for the stock market, they actually say the economy is turning the corner, things are on the up and up because of coming inventions and innovations. There will be an explosion of new techs. But they also predict deep cuts, and warn the governments might stand in the way of success.

  10. goosher says:

    Eric, Thank you so much for the personal reading you did for me today. Wow,.. what an eye opener. I have had these done a few times in past, but nothing like you shared with me. Insightful, accurate, and without telling you anything, you nailed it with my life and whats going on. Everyone should get a readying.

  11. Seaker says:

    Eric, there is a lot of buzz about a worldwide coastal event between May 20 and June 1, 2013. Are you getting anything for that? Thank you.

  12. Fel. p. says:

    Hello, can you see any major natural disaster occuring in washington within the next 30 days ?

    • Eric LP says:

      Hi Fel, there is the Tsunami that is expected soon. Its location is in question, but it is expected to affect parts of the West Coast.

      • Fel. p. says:

        If you can see well ahead, will a similar holocaust/countrywide marshall law repeat itself due to for example society collapse ? and where and when ? and can you assume the safest spot on earth from future major disasters ?

      • Eric LP says:

        unfortunately yes, they see another hitler like individual come into power and create genocide on a massive scale. It is not expected anytime soon. The time frame is on my death bed or around my death, and I am still fairly young. With that said there is plenty of very positive news, massive medical and technological breakthroughs, this century is one massive explosion of advancements. It will be seen as one of the biggest Centuries, with such beautiful beginings and such horrible nightmares. But as always humanity prevails.

  13. Fel. p. says:

    washington state

  14. Jasmyn says:

    Hi Eric,
    Do you have any info on the outcome of the Boston bomber’s case? Also, will there be any other incidents like the Boston Marathon bombings soon? It seems as if there are so many that pop up…shootings, bombings, whats next?! You are really great and so are your predictions!

    • Eric LP says:

      Hi Jasmyn, unfortunately yes there is another attack dealing specifically with a bridge, it is a very old prediction. They still talk about it, and it is expected this year, but other then that no timeline is given expect it would be around an “anniversary”. We are still planning to rollout the timeline. There is also mention of something unfolding in Germany, but questionably foiled. I have not looked into the Boston bomber case but I will mention it to them. Thanks

  15. Paulette says:

    Hi Eric,
    I also left a comment for you in the “bio” section. Just wanted to mention after reading several comments in this section, that I agree with many who posted here, that it is refreshing that you are so truly authentic. I have been “downloaded” lately with many things that came to pass, such as Hurricane Sandy this past year, the Sandy Hook event and others. I have intensely wanted to connect with someone who was getting similar downloads. I appreciate your extensive gift that you share with the public. Thanks so much for your info and kindness. I look forward to stay connected to your blog and may look into having a reading with you. I can tell from the comments and my own intuition how gifted and authentic you are. Thanks for connecting with the world. Namaste!

  16. jane says:

    Over the past year I have several times seen a lot of water rushing very high like a tsunami, and have many times felt the chair and bed where I’m sitting move like an earthquake, the movement feels like it is happening so I’m surprised when it’s not real. I live in England so if these things do happen here in a big way it is unusual. But with so much going on now, I would not be shocked.
    When the tsunami happened in Phuket I could see such a happening a day before, but did not see the exact spot.

  17. Mark says:

    Your price for a personal reading is listed at $60 per hour What is the normal time required per reading.

  18. craftymummas says:

    Hi Eric I am from Australia and I was wondering if possible to get a reading from you ? What are the ways one can get a reading internationally ? I dont know how i came across your website but I am truely thank ful as it is very informative and pleasing to read 🙂

  19. Jamie says:

    Hi Eric,

    I just wanted to say that I am truly grateful to come across your page. I was wondering if you might have heard anything about future generations being sterile? I have this feeling that are medicine is being tampered with knowingly or unknowingly but its causing people to be sterile. I don’t know if its true or not but I just have a feeling. I hope I am wrong though.

  20. Robin says:

    Hello Eric,
    I’ve heard that the North East should prepare for a colder, snowier, longer winter for the 2013-2014 season. I am wondering if you see anything that we should prepare for, and maybe time frames if we need to prepare. I live in Central Vermont, but have family scattered throughout New England.

    • Wow Robin, we are actually rolling out those predictions in the next few days, but want a timeframe still. Yes its suppose to be a vast chill that crosses the US and Canada, the threat that we are focused on is the south east where it will destroy crops extensively. Please share your source.

  21. Robin says:

    My source is simply local and national tv stations. Fox news, and our local CBS had said that the farmers almanac predicts a rough winter ahead. So I was thinking that your work with spirit is more reliable.

  22. jamie says:

    I was wondering if you have any signs of what the possible outcome for the Gov’t shutdown and how Obama Care will affect the US.

    • The shutdown isn’t suppose to last very long. I will ask about Obama Care, put I am very hesitant to engage in a prediction that is so political. I never had such a stream of venom when I predicted Obama’s re-election, but I will ask all the same.

      • velma Celeste says:

        I agree the feeling is not good around the white house i feel it is false and shutdown is a pre cusor for a whole plan greed must be overcome high angels are waiting to teach

    • The 14th perhaps? That might be short for the spirits but that’s a long time for us. I hope this is wrong.

  23. wow. can you predict a little in the future about my life ..

  24. Dorothy says:

    Hi Eric
    I have been reding your blogs they are wow any predictions for Australia

  25. Dorothy says:

    From what I read I am sure you will be able to

  26. Ash W. says:

    Whats the truth about Comet Ison?

  27. Ogelthorpe says:

    “Congrats to the child who receives accolades. Our hats off to you.” They showed a young child walking up to a stage, while a large crowd clapped.”

    Seems to be the young boy who upstaged the Pope. Charming!

  28. Amie Ignacio says:

    Hi Eric, can you please share your predictions about the Philippines? A large earthquake happened in Bohol and Cebu province last October. Is that the bigger one or is there any? where in the Philippines?

    • The Philippines earthquake is in the notes of 10-14 and 10-11, where they predicted the exact date, that it would be damaging (cracker), and on Islands, they failed to mention the actual Philippines. You can also type in “Philippines Earthquake” in the search engine of the blog.

    • Notes on 10-14-13 “Again Eric, again, another earthquake, key 8.” 7..8 visual.
      Notes 10-11-13 “Earthquakes coming..” “Seismograph with line, is in the islands, next week” Marked dates: 12-13.. 18.. 11:15 or 15 “The cracker.. the earthquake will unfold in a couple of days”

      The Facts: On Tuesday 10-15-13 at 8:12 local time there was a 7.1 earthquake which destroyed buildings in and around Mindanao, the southernmost island in the Philippines

  29. Reggie says:

    Hello Eric, I want to know if I can also develop such powers?

    • That would be a very long conversation. One of the biggest keys to developing a connection to Spirit is Zen. A meditation practice to clear any and all thought, empty your mind completely of all its trash. For me after hours of practice that’s when they start talking, usually with the starting words “Are you ready Eric”

    • But connecting to Spirit is different for everyone, some can talk with passed loved ones, remember key parts to peoples past, help others emotionally and if your really blessed heal others. For me, its all about the future. The world part came later.

  30. Dorothy says:

    Thank you for your reading you are truly blessed Eric wow

  31. hash khan says:

    Hello sir,
    Can you have anything on the future of Pakistan.

  32. hash Khan says:

    Dear sir,
    Can you predict future of Pakistan?

  33. ed says:

    Can you ask about the economy? Any crises coming up?

  34. Jayasri says:

    Hi! Eric, its me Jayasri! With 2014 fast approaching and the 2014 World Cup(Brazil) fever/excitement on the rise, who do you think will win this world cup next year? Will it be the host themselves? I am kind of curious to know! Do you think you could ask your Spirit guides on this one? I’m kind of getting into football mania now! Can’t wait! Thanks!

  35. Regina Palmero says:

    Hi Eric,
    Reading your posts and the ever strongest typhoon, 7.2 mag earthquake recently came to happened here in the Philippines. So sad, many people lost lives, shelter and food! Any future readings / predictions for us living in the Philippines ( particular area)? Please post and thanks alot!

    • Wow I am so sorry to hear that.

    • When did this earthquake happen? Is that the earthquake they predicted under “Philippines Earthquake” on 10-15 where we failed to provide the location?

      • Regina Palmero says:

        The 2013 Bohol, Cebu City earthquake occurred on October 15, 2013, at 8:12 a.m. (PST) in … The magnitude of the earthquake at the epicenter was recorded at Mw 7.2 which is Bohol. Nope, its not the Philippines Earthquake who predicted that, we have no such things here in the Philippines. After that earthquake, I get back online and it was predicted by you only no location was mentioned and it was also predicted by Sudhur ( dont know the correct spelling of his name).

        After the october earthquake, we again had strong typhoon US named Haiyan (Yolanda here in the Philippines!.

      • Thanks for the clarity Regina, Its change that we need, changing these predictions must happen, just imagine what could be accomplished everyone was aware.

  36. Regina says:

    Yes, true to your previous postings prior to such incident. Responses from our governmens was SO SLOW despite the a week’s warnings of stRongest tyhphoon Haiyan. However, sad to say that our authorities here concerned failed to let the people from Tacloban City understand the full meaning of STORM SURGE. Your posting for 10 thousand lost of lives is very true!

  37. Michael says:

    I am astonished by your gift Eric. I was just wondering if you have any readings with the future of Canada. Toronto to be exact as that is where I reside. Happy New Year 🙂

    • We haven’t had many new ones, have to ask about that. Previously we predicted an increase in Government corruption and the upheavals with the Aboriginals. Under the search engine type in ‘Idle no more”. But your right, I will put it out there to spirit that we need more Canada related prediction. There is the looming Tsunami expected to strike the west coast, BC is expected to be affected extensively.

  38. Dorothy says:

    Hi Eric
    What I would like to know people ask if you able to predict things why can’t people who predict ,predict the lotto or horse races they would make a fortune that way

  39. Regina says:

    Hi Eric,
    Any predictions for the Philippines come 2014? Please keep us aware! Thanks!

  40. Dorothy says:

    That’s true thanks Eric

  41. Jon says:

    Have the Spirits ever made any references as to the existence of alien beings?

  42. ROBIN CHOK says:

    Have you ever had a reading for your own past and future Eric? I’m just learning about these from my reader valmarie here in Australia who does the same but more individualised. Thanks for your explanations and insights. Thanks to the spirits too

    • I can’t read for myself, it doesn’t work that way, think about it like looking through a telescope, it doesn’t have mirrors. However I do have several friends that are of like minds and we do read for each other.

  43. ROBIN CHOK says:

    She comments that she finds it difficult to get another person to read her own. Perhaps you can help each other with some insights

  44. Hema Lata says:

    Hi Eric,
    I came across your blog/site recently. Very interesting. You had mentioned earlier about Tsunami hitting the West Coast. I live in BC, Canada and it is very scary to think of this. Would you be able to get an update on this from the spirits? Thanks so much.

    I hope to get a personal reading from you when i can afford it.

  45. Regs says:

    Hi Eric,

    Any readings for us here in the Philippines?

    • Not yet, I don’t get to really pick them, they just inform me on situations around the world. You guys have been through a lot though between storms and earthquakes. Prayers are with you.

  46. Regs says:

    Hi Eric,

    Ohhh thank you for the prayers! please keep us informed, awareness is important to us.
    Best regards, Eric.

  47. ed says:

    Eric, do you see a US dollar crisis emerging this year?

  48. Hema says:

    Eric, curious to know about Bitcoin’s future? Can you ask the spirit guides please?

  49. Regs says:

    Hi Eric,

    Read an article from another psychic and she was saying about another BIG earthquake to hit Philippines and a pandemic disease Can you please the spirits about these?
    Thank you.

  50. Dorothy says:

    Any other news for Australia

  51. Melissa says:

    Wow, I am very excited to learn about your blessed services to individuals and humanity, God bless you Eric, Divine work indeed, I will look into a reading 🙂 !

  52. Stephen Reavie says:

    Hi Eric,
    Love your blog.
    This story fits right in with what you saw about flight 370 and where it will be found.
    They are still looking in the wrong place.

    Stephen R

  53. Helen says:

    Mt Etna is active and half way between Spain and Lebanon Maybe your volcano and major earthquake are linked

  54. Erin says:

    Hi Eric:

    Just stumbled across this site. It’s actually a relief! So much is happening world wide right now that is terrifying and sad. I wish everyone could just love each other despite our differences. Anyways, lately my… Instinct we’ll call it, has been giving me bad vibes about yellowstone and other major geological possibilities. Do you have any knowledge of that? The earthquakes and such lately have been…. Disconcerting.

    Anything helps! Thanks!

  55. Chandra says:

    Hi Eric,

    Thank you for your valuable service. Can you ask about US stock market direction in 2014.


  56. joanne says:

    Just wanted to thank you for a wonderful reading last WED. will do this again in 6 months.

  57. Regs says:

    Hi Eric,

    Can you please check for the Philippines? Reports says that we here will be having a strong tyhoon. Is this alarming? WEhad the ever strongest one called Haiyan last year.

    Please send me your readings on this.

  58. joanne says:

    god bless you during the fires that are taking on land in Sa Diego
    Bless you and yours

  59. Amanda Larson says:

    Can I ask you something?

  60. Amanda Larson says:

    Will there be an Ebola outbreak in the US?I’m sick with worry.I don’t want to die of that virus or anyone for that matter.Something needs to be done and soon.Please tell me something ?

    • The Spirits have said it does pop up in different locations but do not see it as a major threat to the US. However they have on several occasions mentioned that ‘fear’ will be the real worry and lead to cold calculated responses.

  61. Amanda Larson says:

    What does that mean?Is me and my family safe from yet?

  62. Amanda Larson says:

    Every time I read the news I hear more about Ebola.It scares me to death that it will happen here too.When will it stop?Please tell me that the US will not fall victim to this virus.I’m so scared.

    • Again they only see it as a moderate threat, and are more concerned with how humanity reacts in fear. Moderate is not good, it does mean 1000s will pass, however they are not predicting a contagion like they showed me as a child with the AIDS epidemic.

  63. Amanda Larson says:

    Where ?What states?

  64. Amanda Larson says:

    So no outbreak here?

  65. Amanda Larson says:

    Pleease tell me the Ebola outbreak is not going to be as bad as some are saying.I live in WA.USA is apart of the world so the spirits should know what will happen here too.

    • Jesse says:

      I understand your fear and concern, however you are feeding into the fear factor and though reality checks are always good, optimism is also. Try to ease your worries with optimistic outlooks and practice safe techniques to help prevent the spread. Pray. Prayers go a long way. Eric quoted “Fear is the mind killer.” Stop killing your mind and try to be optimistic about things.

  66. Eddie says:

    Eric, I have heard voices call my name and hear spirits talk randomly not everyday. I also feel like an old soul and like I need to reach out to the spirits and help. I’m just lost on all this. I have lights that flash at me in the night sky but cant figure out what is needed or what is wanted from me.

  67. pr says:

    Hi Eric,
    If there is life outside in the solar system, have these alien beings ever visited us. Will there ever be an official first contact?

  68. Donna says:

    In Nov. 2008 I was invited to a conference in Jerusalem scheduled for June 2009. I did not register
    due to the possible troubles in Israel. (Two weeks before the Mumbai terrorist event occurred) In
    2009, I reconsidered going to Jerusalem and began to look at an aerial map of the city to determine which hotel to register for the conference. For some reason, I kept obsessively looking at this map and my eyes kept circling around the map and became worried about staying at any of the recommended International hotels. Also, when looking at a hotel at the outskirts, something told me that it would be too far to take a public bus into the city….but the three International hotels in the city seemed uncomfortable to me also…and my feeling seemed intense, like paranoia….Finally, I registered at a Catholic convent that was near the Damascus Gate to the Old City and one block from the Conference venue…The convent had a bed and breakfast and was in a secluded alley…So, I felt safer with this reservation (and in June attended the conference and all went well.)
    However, just two weeks after my paranoia while viewing the aerial map of the city in order to make my reservations, the terrorist event in Mumbai occurred. A newspaper published an aerial map of the city and the location of several International hotels that were targeted and the hotel
    and cafe where several Americans were killed. Somehow, I realized that my longtime psychic ability had received something about a terrorist attack in a major city….whether terrorists were considering whether to attack Jerusalem but instead attacked Mumbai, or whether my reception was about an attack in a some city as big as Jerusalem, I don’t know…. So, now I am aware that when these kinds of experiences come to me, I need to know how to interpret or ask in prayer for more information…Reading about you has confirmed for me that meditation and prayerful questioning is important. Thank you.

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  70. priscilla says:

    I just got my second reading from Eric …First I want to say that he is very kind to me I did my reading threw e-mail three of the four things he mention is happening as I write this ,if you have ever thought about getting a reading and have put it off please reconsider he is good at what he does he also seems to be caring thank you Eric I will keep you updated

  71. Kimberly says:

    Hi Eric,

    Let me start by saying thank you for all your efforts in trying to make a change. I’m just curious if you see anything going on for Long Island natural disaster wise? I’ve had reoccurring dreams of trying to evacuate when a huge wave knocks many cars off the expressway all the way up on the north shore. Thanks again for all you do!

  72. j says:

    Eric seeing the events that have been taking place in Baltimore, Missouri is it possible that this country is on the verge of fall (collapse) from within like Rome?

    Also, what do you see in relations to our Presidential elections predictions for 2016

    • No just the opposite, America will continue to be great. They did mention a very horrible president, and an awesome 3 term president but both is not expected anytime soon. I am not expecting them to predict the next president until next year.

      • j says:

        horrible president as in the wrong intentions for this country or just his/her character?

        And wow a 3 term president!!! maybe time for another Roosevelt? maybe the days of a prosperous US is still ahead of us.

        Thank you so much for your insight. Is it ok to continue asking questions as time goes on? I love your predictions.

      • Thanks, this future president is seen as one of the greatest leaders of all time, they have several distant predictions about him. He makes huge changes on a global scale, so yes its probably going to get rough, but we seem to take our grace and greatness right back.

  73. j says:

    horrible president as in the wrong intentions for this country or just his/her character?

    And wow a 3 term president!!! maybe time for another Roosevelt? maybe the days of a prosperous US is still ahead of us.

    Thank you so much for your insight. Is it ok to continue asking questions as time goes on? I love your predictions.

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  75. jules104 says:

    I have had one reading with Eric and I am about to do another soon. My two daughters have also had one done by Eric. All of our readings were absolutely wonderful! At the beginning of my last reading the Spirits started out by telling me something which was what they wanted me to know right away. I thought okay well I wasn’t even going to ask about that but…(as if I know more than they do right?) Anyway a few days later I realized what that was all about and was/am still so thankful for that initial message from Eric/Spirits. I also had written down my parents names, who have passed, on a piece of paper wanting to ask about them but unsure whether I should or not, so I thought I would just wait until the end. Well they both came through right away without my ever asking about them. So that was wonderful. Needless to say I have had great experiences doing readings with Eric/Spirits and would highly recommend them to anyone interested. For the amount of information given and time Eric spends with each reading it is well worth the money in my opinion. Blessings All and Happy Readings 🙂

  76. Donna says:

    My mother passed away at 93, on March 9th 2015. I miss her so much. Is she OK? I was sick and did not go into the assisted living to see her that weekend and I think she got mad, because she allowed them to dehydrate her and she died on Monday. I had the bad flu and there was a snowstorm. I did see her and tell her I loved her and I was sorry, but I do not think she understood. I just want to say I love you and I miss you to her and I am so sorry. I took care of her for 17 years and sometimes it was tough, but I always loved her, even though I got mad at her sometimes. If shes around, I want her to know this, I feel really really bad, I was always her protector and protector of my family. I feel like I let her down. Sometimes I feel like she visits, but I am not sure.

  77. jules104 says:

    Hi Donna. I know it is hard taking care of the elderly and our loved ones sometimes. It sounds like you sacrificed a lot of your own life to take care of and be there for your Mom, and I am sure she knows that and loves you very much even from the other side. It sounds like you were her blessing here on earth.

  78. Donna says:

    Thank you for your kind words and thoughts! I did sacrifice a lot and raised my boys at the same time and they were not easy boys to raise! They are 19 and 21 now and much better, but I spent tons of money moving them to safe places and situations as they were both headed for real trouble in their youth. I am also pretty intuitive when it came to the matter of my kids. I would get flashes of the future of the two of them. I was VERY open at an early age. I think one of my sons is that way but he denies his gift. The other one is not. I just was so tired at the end of her life! The end of the boy raising too! I also dealt with anal cancer two years ago which I feel is gone. It was hard with my mom getting the appropriate rest to take care of myself when I was sick, as she was pretty needy and pretty narcissistic her whole life. She was always the queen. It WAS quite a group to work with I have to say! I do not know how I made it through! So thank you for those thoughts and I will request a reading coming up here. THANKS AGAIN!

  79. jules104 says:

    Hi Donna. Wow you have been busy! I totally understand the whole narcissistic parent thing, and raising your children, trying to keep them on the right path. Not always easy that’s for sure, but very rewarding in the end. It sounds like you did the best that you could do at the time with everything you had going on, which was a lot! I would totally recommend a reading with Eric. Mine was wonderful and I hope to do another soon. Blessings

  80. Donna says:

    Thank you jules104, I promised my dad I would take care of her and I did. You are right the kid thing is very rewarding and I am starting to see progress with the boys, I take little victories, they both have jobs, I still support them some though. Trying to get them to be independent. Thank you so much for the encouraging words :}

  81. Donna says:

    Thank you Eric, it is very comforting to know that they hear us always. I have told her often since she died, out loud, how much I love her and that I am sorry. I feel that sometimes she visits as my cats and dogs see something here and there at 3 or 4 at night, like barking a greeting to something, it used to wake me up, now I know it is just my mother most likely. She loved my animals and would talk to them and give them treats. I think she hangs out. Not all the time, but sometimes. I got up and they were looking at the ceiling and wagging their tails, so who knows? I will be scheduling a reading as soon as I am able to. Thanks :}

  82. Chewdy says:

    I too see visuals on a daily basis. Been doing it for for about 3-4 decades now. I receive pictures, short visual clips, and thoughts. The thoughts come in as a very condensed language, and sometimes you dont know what it means until after the event.

    Where is the information coming from..? My spirit guides I guess. I asked them one time and they said just to call them ‘The Group’.

    I mostly get personal stuff, but if I ask I can get information on any individual, or any event, anywhere. Future events usually come in the way of symbolic pictures. Getting the picture is only half of it – the other half is correctly interpreting it. I would say at least half the time I misinterpret what I get. So I’ve learned over the years to just tell people what I see and not try to interpret it.

    About the President:
    Before the elections In 2008 they told me the next president would be a senator. Later they told me Obama’s intent for America was to ‘clear unity’.

    *The following are exact quotes from the spirit guides:*
    January 2009
    Obama is the number one terrorist (at the time I believe they were referring to his new health care law).
    We are being deluded by someone who doesn’t have a clue as to how to run the financial system.

    Everyone wants to jump in the wagon, nobody wants to pull.

    World Events:
    March 2004:
    Iraq was a rescue mission not a combat mission.
    If we hadn’t done it, life would be considerably worse here in the US.
    We should ‘dictate’ in Iraq. They don’t know what a democracy is. Put the leg iron back on.

    June 2008:
    We wont be able to keep pace with the Chinese and they will overtake and overwhelm us.
    The Roman times are coming.

    And just some philosophical things they’ve said:

    If there wasn’t conflict whats the point of coming to Earth.
    Agony is the ability to delay as much as truth as possible.
    One of the great pleasures of life is anticipating pleasure.
    The song ‘California Dreaming’ is a metaphor for changing personal beliefs.
    Dues paying is a part of life it goes in cycles.
    When you concentrate on something you are actually forecasting the event in your life.

  83. Janak Khatri-Chhetri says:

    Hey Eric,

    I did my reading not so long ago and I wanted to do another one as you told me my life was good but I have been stressed for more than couple of months now and the financial problems are starting to worry me. Can you do a quick 20 mins reading for the people with more financial problems for maybe the third of the price of $80 an hour?

  84. Marie says:

    a good attitude and thinking positive will help to bring good things and events.
    let life happen.

  85. sapher says:

    Thanks for this blog,,,,,can you reverse the order of show,,,so that the most current is first,,,,
    right now I have to scroll to the bottom to read current comments

    • Unfortunately with a blog it is based on the date you post it. So it always reads by the most current date. Originally it was decided to use a blog so that I could verify that I wasn’t just adding these predictions after the fact, now days we are beyond that. Now at a later date, we are thinking in a year or two, we will switch to a website, where you will have the power to alter the order and read it in multiple ways.

  86. Jay says:

    I have had my reading done twice now and man is he accurate. Everything he says turns out to be true as it unfolds.

    Eric I have a question for you, do the position of the planets really affect us and how our life goes? Is there any truth to horoscope and astrology or is it all bull to make money? Almost feels like our life is predetermined no matter what we do.

    • Thanks Jay! Just my opinion: I believe there is something there. Even with their ‘theme’ predictions (under: do you believe in a higher power) the spiritual realm acts on a set goal or mission for the entire world, they dictate a theme and they use the planets as one massive clock to set that agenda. Think about it, the alignment of planets is the best way to tell time from the multiple places out there. We might have our own system of time but that system would only work for us, not the universe as a whole, and Spirit serves the whole. However, when it comes to our understanding like horoscopes I believe we are just starting to understand, the world in that area is still flat.

  87. Linda G says:

    Eric, I really think that the reading you did for me recently hit a lot of areas of my life and gave me ideas and suggestions for improvements as well as unexpected revelations that were exciting and interesting. I like the manner and style of your readings, it shows you to be very thoughtful and kind person. You told me a lot and I had to ruminate over it all the last couple of days. I think I should thank your spirit guides for helping me as well as thank you. Everything you told me rang true. It was awesome and you do have a great gift for all of the world. I felt very emotional for the day after–I guess because even though I knew my spirit guides were protecting me and communicating with me in dreams, I didn’t know I could make that connection stronger until you told me how. I have been dreaming pretty vividly since your reading and I feel so much more active in my own spiritual journey. Blessings to you and your guides!!! Love to you and all who help you in your quest and hope for the best outcome in your spiritual journey!

  88. Malin says:

    Hi Eric!

    I had a very positive reading with you one year ago, but I am still waiting for things to happen 😊 Hopefully it won’t be long now.

    Regarding the love of my life the the reading read: spirits presented a man holding a pointer and had an apple as if to imply he is a teacher.

    I am just wondering if the the pointer and Apple could imply a man that works for a company named Presentations Data?

    Or should I perhaps order a new reading to clarify?

    Have a nice day!
    Kind regards
    Marlin 😊

  89. velvetmaggot says:

    Are you able to help contact loved ones that people have lost?

  90. Donna says:

    yes he can. If they want to talk, I had a classroom full!

  91. Lance Cole says:

    Hello Eric. I have a simple question that might be considered the ‘most basic’ of all psychic-related questions anyone could ever ask, maybe you can answer it. What if the most famous person, most powerful person, most legendary person directly contacted you via pseudonym and asked you the ‘three questions’. Would you know them and could you sense them?
    If you have ‘the gift’, then you know why I ask. If you don’t, then I’m just a common street heckler – nothing new, I am sure.
    If you know who I am, and do have the gift, then tell me what happens when I depart.

    • Unfortunately your question is mute. Spirit does not see humans that way. They don’t acknowledge one person as more important as another. Nor would they agree that one person is more powerful than another. They see all humans as equally important, with different roles and different talents. Its the whole of humanity that has importance.

      • Lance Cole says:

        Interesting, indeed. I could explain who I am, but am not interested in word games with such ‘unknowing’ spirits. You aren’t as connected as you might think. Tell your ‘guides’ that I am the one who withstood Akiel and prevailed. I’m not sure if they would know what that means, either, but their master would.
        It is much later than any knows or realizes. Look for the great fire very soon. Feel the shock and surprise that all will have in that moment. We are not in the beginning of the story, but the very end of it. My passing lights the fuse. Expect it soon.

    • Lori H says:

      To Lance Cole: Hi, When you reference “look for the great fire very soon”, to what are you referring? Also, you mention your “passing” and to expect it soon – are you still with us? I found your post somewhat intriguing and just wondering how the story will end.

  92. wavygrace says:

    Can humans really manifest thought and feelings into existence? How much of these law of attractions true? I am having a lot of financial issues, what type of help can you give me from your reading.

  93. wavygrace says:

    what is the current mission of the spiritual world?

  94. Precious says:

    When I was talking to one of my friends about you and how you can tell the future, he brought to my attention that according to all gods talking to spirits is a sin and god condemn. He told me that in order for you ask the spirits or ghosts a question and get an answer you must make a deal with him that you will do something they ask in return?

    Is any of this true?

    Deuteronomy 18:10-12 and Revelation 21:8 speak against the following types of false prophets:

    A. Charmer–one who casts spells or uses charms.
    B. Observer of times–astrologer.
    C. Sorcerer–one who claims to contact spirits of the dead.
    D. Consulter with familiar spirits–medium, or channeler.
    E. User of divination–fortune teller.
    F. Enchanter–same as a charmer.
    G. Necromancer–another name for sorcerer.
    H. Witch–female psychic.
    I. Wizard–male psychic.

    God does not speak to His people through crystal balls.
    Note: Most of these false prophets claim to have contact with spirits of the dead. The Bible clearly states that the dead cannot be contacted by the living. (Study Guide 10 contains more information on death.) The supposed spirits of the dead are evil angels, or devils (Revelation 16:13, 14). Crystal balls, palm reading, leaf deciphering, astrology, and talking with the supposed spirits of the dead are not God’s ways of communicating with people. The Scriptures teach plainly that all who become involved with such things are an abomination (Deuteronomy 18:12). And worse, those who continue involvement will be shut out of God’s kingdom (Galatians 5:19-21; Revelation 21:8; 22:14, 15).

    If you can truly see the future and do not have enough money why do you not just win the lottery once and then use that money to spread awareness more? You won’t even have to charge money for readings for people in help if you have enough.

  95. Miska Pradan says:

    What is this guy asking? Can you also answer his question please as I and my friends are curious:

    Can humans really manifest thought and feelings into existence? How much of these law of attractions are true? What the are the laws that govern the universe?

    • I believe in the law of attraction, but more from a position of Karma, what you put out is what you get. Your mood, and thoughts amplify your surroundings. The idea you can will money by thought is not something I follow, other than requesting it from Spirit. But then again they might just say no.
      I am a firm believer that we decide our own future. I have not seen anyone fall into the field of fate or chance, its all about choice, even if that means the choices of others. But again Karma dictates your future, and what Spirit feels you need to learn.

  96. Tony Ja says:

    Why don’t you ask the spirits about things you are not sure about then Eric?

    Ask them to what extent the Law of attraction is real. Because many people believe in it but if you get the true answer it will clear up things and people might not end up wasting hours of days imagining things for no reason. You have so much power to help us understand life better but you only chose to try and predict the bad predictions of the future.

    Ask the spirits which religion is really real?
    Ask the spritis if there is such thing as hell?
    Ask them if the bible, the koran, the tanak are accurate and really the words of gods?
    Ask them what is a creator?
    Ask them about other civilizations?
    Ask them about karma and reincarnation?
    Ask them the true purpose of life?
    Ask them when the next prophet is coming?
    Ask them how god exists and how he came into existence in the first place?
    Ask them if the story of adam and eve is man made or real?
    Ask them if the big bang is real?

    You have so much power with you to learn and understand new stuff form the spirits. Why not make the most of it?

    We want to understand life and have our eyes opened too. There are too many liars making things up and too many things contradicting everything to even know what is real and what is not in life anymore. Life is just delusional. Help people like me understand and not be lost in life.

    I know you try to reply to every questions and I really appreciate you for that. I hope you can reply to this as well and help humanity open their eyes.

    • I have asked about several of your questions. One day I will write a book about it. For now though the Spirits are dead set on our plan to get these predictions out to the world and then eventually change the outcome, then after that expect to see me share the knowledge of the Spiritual realm, in some ways they want to authenticate who they are first.

  97. Linda G says:

    Hey Eric I want to let you know that the reading you gave me a few months ago has helped me so much already. In the reading you gave me I was told to take care of an issue with my teeth, which I had not taken care of for a while. The warning you gave me was pretty specific that if I didn’t get it taken care of very soon it would lead to a lot of pain and some expensive dental work. Well today I finished seeing the dentist and from what he told me I really needed the work he did and if I am lucky I will not need anymore. If I hadn’t gone and seen him when I did after your reading and let it go on like I had been I would probably have also needed a root canal, etc…I am super happy today I went when I did!! Without talking to you I would have waited too long to get it taken care of, because by the time I would have been sure there was a problem it would have been too late! I am so glad I found you! So often we think we are doing well enough but miss some little thing that can cause huge problems, but if the future is seen the problem gets fixed before it is too huge an issue…Blessings to you and spirit!

    • Thank you very much. I am very pleased that it worked out and the Spirits could help you. Your story is a testament to what we are trying to do here. Just as Spirit can help you by warning of what’s to come, we can warn the world of events they need to be aware of. Thanks again.

  98. Kathy says:

    In a personal reading, can you tell us who our spirit guides are?

  99. Kathy says:

    It sounds like we might not know them by name.

  100. Jim S says:

    Jim here 1/1/51…what can U tell me about me and this LOU thing. I see lou meaning possibly the bathroom…No I am not joking. More. I was at the WTC. Both.

  101. Joshua says:

    Hi Eric I am very curious. How does one become like you? Able to see the future and talk to spirits to get the answer? I would like to learn this art too.

    • I was born with the ability to communicate with Spirits, the predictions and predicting the future are only done by the Spirits, without them I could not see in the future. I would always encourage people who want to connect to spirit look into a zen like meditation where your focus is on absolutely nothing.

  102. Johnny Jakam Webb says:

    Hey Eric,

    From your knowledge that you have gathered from experience and from communicating with the spirits, is our future set? Say that someone like yourself who predicts the future says that I won’t be able to become rich or become a high level athlete or a actor but that is all I have ever wanted to become, then what does someone like me do? Do we just drop all our goals and ambitions from a childhood? What if we have no back up and thats the only thing we want to do? What for the people that dream of becoming wildly successful or changing the world? The type of dreams that rational people think are out of our favour and with odds of 1 in 100,000,000.

    • Nothing is set. The whole point of this site is to warn what is coming and change it. Think of it like this was, your on the long road, you can only see whats right in front of you, but the Spirits high up in the air can see what’s down the road, the bumps, the crossroads, but that does not mean you will hit them, or that you will change course.

  103. Laurence says:

    Hi eric I’ve been following you work for a while now very impressed

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  105. Jacqueline says:


    May I please ask for details regarding personal readings and what is needed to proceed.

    I have been following your global predictions closely and seek spiritual guidance via the expertise you possess.

    Thank you very much for your time and consideration.

    Best regards


  106. CLK says:

    HI, Interesting site. Where do the spirits come from? I may email you soon to get a prediction as I have been having some weird dreams.

  107. Je connais une personne qui ne parle pas anglais. Comment ça se passe ?

    Le compte rendu d’une lecture personnelle peut- elle se faire par mail ?

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  109. Rhona says:

    Eric Spirit one again thank you for my reading ..
    Anyone planning overseas from San Diego do not hesitate to have a phone reading it was clear ..precise and straight to the point ..
    very calming and reassuring .loving energy ..
    great advice and gentle warnings brought forward with love and reassurance ..
    blessings Eric …

  110. Pamela says:

    I started reading your Blog a few months ago. Thank you for your efforts to make the world a better place. I have a few general questions that I have pondered for a few years. Hopefully you can give me your opinion on any of them.

    1. If we all have free will, I am assuming that what is being predicted are events that might happen if the world/individuals continue on the same path. That is, I assume that there are points in the path where a choice might be made and another route followed. If that is true, can the Spirits detect ‘important forks in the road’ where two possible outcomes exist? I’m especially wondering if police forces of the world sometimes manage to successfully interfere enough in a terrorist’s efforts that the foreseen attack does not come to pass. Also, do the concepts discussed around the theory of Schrodinger’s Cat come into play? Which is, if I understand it correctly, either outcome might happen but it wont be fixed until/measured/observed. So… nothing is fixed, but once Spirit tells you about it, the path is fixed?

    2. Usually, for something to happen, a series of events, planned or unplanned has to happen. Can Spirits give “If event X happens, then event Y is more likely to happen”… type statements?

    2. Is ‘time’ as regulated in Spirits’ World as in our world? We have clocks so even if it feels like an hour has passed, we can look at a clock to check our ‘baseline’ for the passage of time. Do they have the same? I’m wondering if it is difficult for a Spirit to detect and compare our ‘regulated’ (by clock ticks) to their sense of time. That is, the meaning of ‘soon’ can very a lot with them, as even with us, soon can ‘feel’ different depending even on the particular event.

    3. I’m a believer that ‘time’ is ‘cyclical’, like the passing of a year and can be ‘measured’ by certain seasons. So, I’m not surprised by this ‘phase’ of apparent ‘destruction’. If we only ever thought of time as being linear, then we’d always be surprised and upset by the arrival of winter snow
    (for those of us that live in areas of 4 seasons.) In fact, I’d say that if the seasons were 20 years long, we would be surprised, upset, confused, unprepared about winter…. Do the Spirits have a sense of time as ‘cyclical’? ‘linear’? or ?

    4. If we come from a dysfunctional, even abusive family, and we ask for a reading, would those who have passed that were a part of the dysfunction/abuse appear? To ask to hear from a ancestor who was loved and admired is great, but I’m not to sure that I would be happy/want to hear from someone that I learnt not to trust in my life: even if they said they were sorry I’m not sure that I’d believe them. Just as a disclaimer, I myself did not suffer abuse, but a friend has and I know how complicated/conflicted his feelings are about his family. I can imagine an abusive/bullying parent suddenly ‘jumping in’ to the conversation and trying to ‘control things’. Perhaps a bizarre though on my part…

    Blessings to you in the New Year

    • Hi Pamela let me try and answer some of the questions and then if you need to know more ask a second round. First we live by free will, from what I know these events they predict are in a state of play. Imagine if you will someone throwing you a ball, the ball is already in the air and the spirits are predicting where it will land. But the choice has to be made by us. Another way to look at it is sometimes when the phone will ring I will contemplate answering it, but the minute I get up to answer it the minute I choose to act, I have an ideal of who will be on the phone line. However Spirit has different levels of knowing the future. First there are the solid unconditional events, at its core life and death. An earthquake, a hurricane are events coming one way or another. But acts from individuals like a terror attack are predicted differently. Its not really a prediction as it is knowledge that individuals are out there planning to do horrible sinister acts, the know the plans are unfolding, they know what they plan in their heads, but that does not entirely mean they will happen. Hope that makes sense. Spirits does not use our time at all. Because we are talking about beings that have their hands in the universe, the time they use mirrors the lining up of planets and cycles of stars and planets. As for your question about your friend I can only speak to experience, I don’t know whether his family will show up or not. But in many readings Spirits have come through specifically to apologize. I have never met a spirit during a reading there just to be malicious. Keep in mind personal readings are used to help the individual, help them develop, provide spiritual advise and guidance, and provide warnings that they need to be aware of. Unlike my site that shows every dark alley of the world personal readings are almost always positive.

      • Pamela says:

        Thanks for taking the time to respond. It is all very interesting Blessings 🙂

      • Lia says:

        Hi Eric, Happy New Year! Just today, I hypothesized with my husband in conversation that we are all interconnected, and therefore, perhaps millions of people praying together for a hurricane to veer away from their locale could be possible? My husband thought me crazy (LOL!) but when I further explained how I viewed the collective culture of a past employer, or a city or country, I think he started to think about the power of collective thoughts in a population. Above, you happen to mention a hurricane. Is that ‘fated’ or do you think that we have a collective power to alter events through intentional prayer or thought waves? I thought it interesting that we were just having this discussion and now I see your comments. What do you think? Do the spirits have an answer?

      • Give me a week or two and I will ask them. My question to them will be a bit more broad, I will ask them what my audience’s role should be and what would be the most productive course, perhaps that might include a collective mental force?

    • Can some of you who have had personal readings from me give their experiences to Pamela so she has an idea of what she would expect.

    • jules104 says:

      Hi Pamela. I just wanted to tell you that my family and I have done maybe 1o readings with Eric. Every one of them wonderful and helpful. They have really helped us through a very difficult time in our lives. Eric and Spirit have warned us of the dangers ahead, what to expect and how to prepare for it. We are in somewhat of a battle so to say. If we had not listened to their advice we would now be in a very bad position against someone who has “no moral compass.” That is probably where free will comes in. We could have chosen to not listen to Eric and Spirit when we did our readings, and I can guarantee you our path would be about to change for the worse in a few months.
      Eric and Spirit are very respectful and non judgmental. You really don’t need to say anything to start off if you don’t want to. The Spirits will know what it is you need most. Though yes you can ask specific questions. I’ve found the Spirits do have boundaries on what they will tell you about others also. It’s sort of on a need to know basis. They are very respectful of everyone which is how it should be. I think you are going to be amazed. For me, talking to Eric is like talking to another family member. He’s very thoughtful and respectful…as I ramble on about my messy life. 😉 Never judging me. He and Spirit will give you helpful advice so that you can make the right choices, take the appropriate steps etc for whatever your situation is in life. My first reading my mother and father who had passed showed up. And I feel as though I could have acknowledged them or chosen not to. It was my choice. So don’t worry about those who have passed already coming through in a disrespectful manner. I doubt Eric or his Spirits would even allow it. Anyway, I just wanted to tell you how much Eric and Spirit have helped me and my family. Our readings are geared to a more specific subject but I’m sure you can just do one for the heck of it and see what comes up. They are actually very exciting and fun. Eric is such a joy to talk to. No doom and gloom what so ever. Just very helpful in our case. I do hope you will try one. Also just an FYI, if you look at other persons who do readings and what they are charging. Eric’s are cheap in comparison. Especially with the amount of info you get. It really is amazing. I hope I’ve helped ease your mind somewhat. Blessings

      • Pamela says:

        Hi Jules. I appreciate the information. For a number of reasons, at the moment, I am on the fence about getting a reading. I’ve just recently managed to get through some ‘life challenges’. Im not yet ready to hear about anything that I might need to prepare myself for…. I am not sure that I am yet strong enough. 🙂 Blessings.

  111. jules104 says:

    Hi Pamela. I totally understand. It should not be something you feel pushed to do and only when you are comfortable with doing a reading. And just to be clear, when I mentioned that Eric helped us to prepare…it was something as simple as making sure we were documenting “every little thing” in order to bring forth the truth later on. At the time we had no idea that it would be necessary. Thanks to Eric and Spirit we are now in a position to prove, in a court of law, someone else’s deceit and total misrepresentation of the truth. Also, maybe it’s just me but, I truely believe that Eric and his Spirits are very conscious of what you are prepared, or want to hear and what you do not want to hear. And so perhaps take this into account while doing a reading. Blessings

    • Pamela says:

      Hi Jules; Your reply is very encouraging. At the moment, I think that for me, even knowing that I had to deal with a nefarious relative would cause me stress. In fact, I do have such a relative in my life, but this probably isn’t the place to talk about it. Light and love to you and your family.

  112. jules104 says:

    Thank You Pamela. Sending prayers for your protection and light and love your way for a year of calm, peace, joy and much laughter. Hugs. 🤗

  113. Emils says:

    Eric, so future is already written and it will happen no matter what? What do you think about the Akashic Records that say that future is not yet prederminated? I dont wish you any harm. I wish you best of luck possible. I just want to know, if we are only playing our written parts?

    • Oh no, the future is not set. We live by choice and are bound by the choices others make. The whole point of this site is to warn people what tragedies are coming so that we can alter them through awareness. So then comes the question how do I predict the future? Its complicated however the short answer is.. imagine you driving on a highway, mountains are ahead of you and a city after that, filled with crossroads, bumps, ups and downs. You can only see what is right in front of you, but the Spirits up in the clouds see the entire road ahead. They know what’s coming, their view is dramatically different from ours, but make no mistake you are the driver.

  114. Emils says:

    Do peoples spirit guides know the future of the people?

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