Personal Readings

I have updated this page with common questions people have asked so you get a better picture of what a reading with me would be like.  If you haven’t already please share your own experience of a reading with me under the comment section.

Personal Readings.

9 thoughts on “Personal Readings

  1. Next plane crash & ship xxsinking will
    Be on July 23, 2015 flight number
    Already in view namr of ship cinat in code

        1. Thanks Rhona. No, I had not even heard of this person. I guess they have a lot of extra time on their hands? Blessings and Peace 🙂

      1. As always since 1996 I’ve made all my predictiion in cryptic form & as parables, the breakdown form is very complicated as punisment for all of the abuse I’ve endured since I first predicted ,The 911 events. The plane & ship sinking in the crytic
        Anomalie prediction made in july
        Was for October by mixing the date numbers & the letters you
        Get a crystal clear time stamp
        of the number of deaths as well.

  2. Eric I would like to get in touch to have a reading done soon…. then if possible I would like to have a second reading done in person as I will be in San Diego at the end of September 🙂 Thanks for all you do!

    1. Sorry I’ve been at a disadvntage & am in a terrible stressing period, as to a reading you can do that yourself if you’ve collected enough of the right
      DNA fragmented ancient memoriesthey are all there inside of you, but if you insist I migh. Be able to if you call me
      At (818)9170829

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