Oroville Dam

This prediction has happened. Please pray for the safety of everyone. This prediction was originally assumed to be the levee failure in 2016, but they were very clear with the word dam not levee.

Predictions on 12-29-15   They talked about a dam breaking or failing to work creating a huge flood.

11 thoughts on “Oroville Dam

    1. We all knew what he meant. Always some clown around to state the obvious. Grow up please. Thx.

      1. Chewdy: Grow up and learn to communicate correctly! That is a big spelling error actually using an expletive instead of an elementary word, and he needed to be informed. Don’t be ridiculous!
        The other thing is that this is potentially far more dangerous than the 2 failures in the spillways. The entire dam could fail due to the fact that the failures of the two emergency spillways are causing cutback of the earth that supports the dam itself!
        This is a dam expert discussing Oroville Dam and it’s structural problems due to the failures.

  1. Yikes, I hope everyone evacuates safely! Floods aren’t anything to take lightly, especially sudden ones caused by dams or levees failing.

  2. And authorities knew about this possibility twelve years ago. So negligent. Just awful.

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