Myanmar Earthquake

Another earthquake this one in Myanmar. Please keep the people affected by this in your prayers. Myanmar does sit next to Yunnan China. This could also be related to the marked date, however this prediction is off both in providing an exact location.

Predictions 4-8-16  713 – The 13th is marked

What about the earthquake in China?   “Your too late.. Asia.”

Predictions 3-29-16  China earthquake in minutes. Heavy, horrible damage. In the south end, ‘unan’.
Are they saying Yunan?


96 thoughts on “Myanmar Earthquake

  1. For the last four months I have been having a horrible feeling about something awful happening on the 19th of this month. I do not know what or where. Any feelings from anyone else about 4/19? I almost feel like it is the “kick off” of numerous big things. I am not able to pin point where this feeling is coming from but it is one I cannot seem to shake. Feels like it is local to me, New England and New York area.

    • Star48, just saw the comments. Hadn’t got them via my email. This reminds me of the prediction for the earthquake/tsunami? in south Japan? I think it was the post that had two islands which they showed Eric. I was looking in the Ryuku Islands and Okinawa area at the time. What are your thoughts?

      • Jules104, ( my opinion)
        I am not sure.. there is no tsunami. Also scientist are concerned that this 4 cluster in 48 hrs , and 9 major ones in a few months time, in Asia is a foreshadow of a quote “big one” . Where ,when? That is why i commented on Vanuatu As well..
        Did you see article I posted at 8:40 am?
        You and I commented about Japan…especially with all the active erupting volcanos.
        It still is not over , too much unrest….
        The comment (at the last) that spirit gave about Asia..,I think I have to conclude that they are talking about the region,,? Then the question ?
        Is it over? Or just a prelude…?
        So I am out there on the cliff looking out to sea myself…
        I know this does not help you..I know you have concerns ( family) but my reaction is the ring of fire is so active…
        The quiet, west coast and South America, have to be in play, the volcanos are going like mad…so many active ;I lost count a few days ago…
        Axel seamount down, unrest dormant volcanos in Oregon, NV, Utah seismographs picked up harmonic tremors ( minor ) but still H.T., ..2 volcanos erupting in Mexico ,
        central America, Guatemala , Columbia, Chile ,Ecuador on and on ..
        I think it is unprecedented ..
        The energy has to go somewhere…( my opinion) soon,
        What do you think about the dovetailing of the two?

      • Hi Star48, Thanks for all the info/thoughts. I am paying attention here on the West Coast. Watching the volcanic activity off the coast. Newberry Volcano had activity recently. I agree very active on the Ring of Fire. I think the whole planet is going through some major changes. I was also noticing there were two earthquakes previously, one in Chili and one in Argentina. Thought that was strange since Eric had mentioned the rubber band breaking and Chili and Argentina. It occurred right before the earthquakes in Japan. Not sure but it seems all related. I don’t think this is over yet.

      • Jules104,
        today…these have been recorded by USGS
        swarm of 15 ( still ongoing) just today – British virgin IS,
        5.3 Bolivia, 5.1 Chile, 4.7 Argentina ..only Utah and Nevada showing so far in mid and low 3..

      • Jules104, Rhona
        Tsunami alert for about 1 meter high. Went out just now .
        Ps.. EQ over 6.1 off coast of Guatemala -too…

      • Jules104,
        I was wandering around reading some reports about concerns of some groups.
        Pole shift, extra planet, CERN you know the fringe…looking for people’s ideas why the activity has sky rocketed, in the past few years. I have my opinion..( Cayce /Spirit in 1939- the interior of the earth had changed..and that would be the beginning of Earth Changes) my opinion..

        Anyway while I was going through I came upon a report from someone on the island…
        They were Upset
        that the collapsed building in Tenerife was being overlooked …
        reading more ,apparently there was an EQ and many homes on the island have cracks…yet they are upset because there is no site showing an EQ even happened…

        Did you hear that, or that it could be true?

      • I haven’t heard about that one. First I had to locate Tenerife. LOL. So…an island off of Spain? I was looking in Japan still Star48. I guess I’m not as worldly as you. Now I’m curious about what you have mentioned. No reports of an earthquake there but cracks in buildings? And the residents said they felt an earthquake?

      • Sorry Star48. Forgot to mention, I’ve read about what Cayce said on the changes also and what the cause is. Find it very interesting and don’t doubt it.

      • Jules104,
        I love that we are on the same wavelength.
        .I was intrigued enough years ago 25+ To go to Virginia Beach.
        To the A.R.E. Institute and Library…
        I was greatly amazed at the volume of his works…and had a affirming experience ..
        So I am a little prejudiced. ( so now you have a window to my opinion base)

      • Star48, I use to live in the area of Va Beach. Spent lots of days there when I should have been in school studying. I lived in Newport News on the James River after moving from the Seattle area when I was 9 yrs old. Big culture shock. Regretfully I never went over to visit the Edgar Cayce’s A.R.E. I had no idea it was even there until I left. Oh to be able to redo right? Well I will be on the look out in October. I hope there isn’t going to be a big one then but you never know. It’s just a matter of time really.

    • Caseyatthebat,
      no one ignores your are on the same wavelength! What do you feel this a foreshadow ? Please join conversation.,interested in your thoughts..

      • Popi, I know more houses collapsed…I think there are 2 known dead and many injuries
        Is that right so far?
        You know with all the changing the magnitudes of the EQ so many times ( USGS)
        It can get confusing…,so far — officially saw a list

        The top of the list us the newest…the bottom the oldest.

        104km ENE of Hasaki, Japan
        2016-04-14 11:29:19 UTC-07:0025.1 km

        3km N of Uto, Japan
        2016-04-14 10:14:36 UTC-07:0010.0 km

        12km SSE of Kumamoto-shi, Japan
        2016-04-14 09:53:02 UTC-07:0010.0 km

        5km SSW of Kumamoto-shi, Japan
        2016-04-14 08:50:31 UTC-07:0010.0 km

        14km SSE of Kumamoto-shi, Japan
        2016-04-14 08:34:18 UTC-07:0010.0 km

        51km SSE of Oyama, Japan
        2016-04-14 08:25:39 UTC-07:00263.0 km

        6km S of Kumamoto-shi, Japan
        2016-04-14 08:06:22 UTC-07:0010.0 km

        5km E of Uto, Japan
        2016-04-14 08:03:47 UTC-07:0010.0 km

        1km ESE of Kumamoto-shi, Japan
        2016-04-14 07:43:41 UTC-07:0010.0 km

        4km E of Uto, Japan
        2016-04-14 06:38:43 UTC-07:0010.0 km

        1km W of Uto, Japan
        2016-04-14 06:22:19 UTC-07:0010.0 km

        8km E of Kumamoto-shi, Japan
        2016-04-14 06:07:35 UTC-07:0010.0 km

        8km SSW of Matsubase, Japan
        2016-04-14 05:42:25 UTC-07:0010.0 km

        7km SW of Ueki, Japan
        2016-04-14 05:26:36 UTC-07:0010.0 km

  2. Eric, SWC,
    another EQ in Vanuatu, 6.5 mag, shallow @ 10 KM deep in water.
    No threat of alert..
    That makes 10 major EQ’s in 3 1/2 months…

  3. Star 48 thats great info on the quakes …i also commented on Japan several times especially sykyaki on radio
    Jules praying for the major areas that are and will be affected in a few days …may your fily stay safe

    • Thanks Rhona, Yes Thank You for all of the info Star48. I thought you had mentioned a song Rhona and Japan. Hmmm…yes a bit worried there will be more activity. My son said he hasn’t felt any of the earthquakes yet. Keeping watch always here on the West Coast. Praying for all persons affected by these quakes. Blessings You Two.

  4. Swc Eric sorry to throw this in at such a late date …but..i have just discovered an Unan in Japan..about 475 miles from Sendai…700 and odd frim Kyushu ..but thinking more to come for Japan …love light and prayers for all. Japan… is a link fir Unan at least one that evidents its in Japan..
    Blessings all

  5. Eric, followup to Japan EQ..
    seems to be taking all the oxygen from Myanmar EQ..

    Note..”.There are also concerns about volcanic activity in the wake of the quake. The island of Kyushu, where the earthquake happened, is a highly volcanic area. A level 2 warning – meaning people should not approach a volcano’s crater – has been in place for Asosan in Kumamoto prefecture on the island since November 2015.”


  6. Eric, SWC, ( Eric could this be that post Japan,Japan, Japan one?)
    Japan , just had 7.1 mag EQ near Komomoto, Japan depth 7 km.

      • Jules104,
        the good news…
        tsunami alerted lifted!

        The worrisome news…be hyper aware for Cascadia, and coast of OR to ?

        Already small EQ going off…Inland locations too.. That Guatemala quake was off the coast… I keep thinking the volcanos, as well as dormant ones will start slowly awakening., stay safe!

      • I agree on the dormant volcanos awakening Star48. Been watching the dutchsinse site and that’s specifically what he’s been talking about also. I saw recently where he said that Mt Rainier had a 3.0 or 3.1 earthquake and it wasn’t reported by the USGS. Like why? He’s proven that they don’t report quakes at times. I really think that “rubber band breaking” is going to be the big one which will eventually relieve the stress that’s been building up for so long. Where it finally ruptures is the big question. South America? Argentina/Chili area? North America? I guess we just have to be ready. Not sure Oregon is. Pretty sure it’s not so much. 🙁

      • Jułes104,
        I believe Eric/Spirits… South America 1st
        However West coast …too quiet..– I am going to take a stab.,
        October..(towards/in Cascadia zone..).
        Remember I am in the surrounding area too…inland…
        Let’s see if I my contemplation gets a result..

      • Eric,
        I made that comment ,@ 9:42am I wanted to mention to you that it should have a Japan focus ?rather than Myanmar focus.?
        , just as you posted. Japan post @ 9:42am. Around the same moment..
        It, is now a superfluous ..comment. As my comment is on the Myanmar thread..
        Thanks for responding..Within a few minutes..Amazing.timing..

  7. Hi Star 48 i too have read much of Edgar Casey’s predictions as early as 1980 for me…Having a young family i wanted to change the outcome of their’s and other young ones on the planet..So i.set about as he suggested with absolute belief in prayer and visualusing change through live and light for the planet
    The Harmonic Convergence of 11:11 w as a huge shift day for the collective consciesness of the planet and i believe we have created a change to the collective cosciensness of humanity .
    Edgar gave us a clue there and I see Erics work and our collective concern is a very clear marker that we can accomplish what Casey hinted we could
    I would like to site the two women in the town that wre awoken at night and told to.go out in the street and pray for their town and an earthquake struc and no lives were lost..
    This stiry may nit be cinclusive proof but there are many stories of cillective prayer changing events s
    I cannot and will.not idley sit and wait for.his predictions to unfold …im not imply by any means that you are …not at all.
    I simply wanted it noted he gave us a way to change this ….compassion and love effects earth energy …
    And sime may say darkness is rampant …well to quote Kryon “turn a rock over and let the light in and alk sorts of creepy crawlies scamper from under the rock
    Darkness hates the light and is strugglung for survival and trying to create other dark places to survive through fear to cast a cloud over the light..
    We are more than on track as Jules and many others hve said there is more light than darkness and i think Edgar is happy to be wrong and is probably helping us out..
    My opinion hop it doesnt sound like an opposing view or challenge to your interest in Casey
    Blessings and love light to you….

    • Thanks Rhona! Add me to the list of those noticing 11:11 for many years. And noticing that so many others have the same experiences. Have always found numerology interesting. This will be fun to read.

  8. Hi can anyone help ….my page has loaded in a different format..i no longer have colored id flags for individuals comments …is it my phone…if so how do i get the old format back..ant ideas.

    • Hi Rhona. I’m not having the colored flag problem. Is it something on your end? That is strange though. Hmmm…. Also, Loved your comments on Edgar Cayce. Blessings.

  9. Jules104, Rhona,
    somehow I gave given you an impression …that Cayce is my only reference…
    No, It started me on a path of study ( the spirit,Hall of records,)
    However it was the beginning of a path..I read about Cayce when I was around 10 yrs old ..the first time..I still thought about him from time to time. ( esoteric experiences)
    ( huge reader, number 3 library card from the new library built in our city, took limit every week)
    Of course still at that age it was not my only interest..
    However years later as more esoteric experiences ;started studying with Sage, than Read /studied about Astrology, numerology, card reading ( for myself), pendulum work, Nostradamus , other light workers ,meditation,Siddha Yoga, (profound experiences)
    still wandering along my path.
    had more experiences, appearances of angels ,when I was in need, once in front of about 8 people..(they recognized the being for what it was.. In fact one shouted, over and over again, he’s an Angel ) while it was helping me ,in Greece, at the temple of Delphi, 7/1998.
    I am still learning, still studying ,still growing, still adjusting my understanding- still having esoteric experiences.

    So the journey continues…

    • Wow Star48. Thanks for sharing. I didn’t get that impression at all. It sounds like you must be a very old soul and have had a wonderful journey so far. I just love reading Your and Rhonas adventures/perspectives on life, etc. I am always interested in hearing other persons ideas and thoughts and where they have “come from”. We are really all one big village I think and can always learn something important from another. And that’s amazing that you were interested in Edgar Cayce already at such a young age. Wow!

      • Jules104,
        We are All the SWC.(Spiritual Warrior Clan)
        .like attracts like…I love that we are meeting on this portion of our journey…to serve..
        Ps.most do not know but clan is Gaelic for Children..I been told..
        Still trying to learn..Gaelic ..or is it relearn…LOL.

  10. Star 48 not at all….your experience on lifes spiritual.path is evident with the wisdom that comes through …i actually presumed you have had many spiritual lessons and periods of growth on lifes path …you read alot have an enquiring mind have compassion and kindness att your core …it come through Star that you would leave no stone unturned in a spiritul quest and woul purge all information for truth …love the angel experience i kid you not i had one almost identicle in 1981 ….i can relate to your early search as well..never even entered my mind casey would be your only ref the spirit world is too.massive not to explore it ia all.its glory and cross ref helps the truth to become clear that undemiable thread then spirit backs it up with a little what just happened experience … The links were for others too ..sorry if i.gave that impression i cant stress emough it quite to.the contrary…
    Blessing. Ps i think many.of us Swc have walked the search and experiemce path to spirit and i. Agree have much ground to cover and learn yet.

  11. SWC, 7.4 mag EQ off coast of Ecuador 6 miles depth.
    Tsunami alert only for coast of Columbia and Ecuador .
    Put info on Rubber band thread.

      • Jules104, yes upgraded. uSGS says 7.8 others 7.7
        Tsunami alert went out…confusion as 6 / 4 buoys showed movement..
        Right now confusion.
        So, thought I would slow down to figure out who will carry the day!

  12. Hi Cee thanks …i had 11:11 on my clock later after posting….as they say a nod and a wink.from spirit….my grandaughter toik the wind out of my sails …she is 9 and her parents dont know anything of 11:11 and she said ” nan did you know if you see 11:11 on clock it means you can make a wish .” then said she sees it all the time by accident .I didnt ask her how she knew maybe through school.friends
    blessings and yours ..

  13. Rhona, Jules 104,
    can you help me out..I was on a differant site. And a French speaking person told me there were two EQ in France.,I asked her for her source. As I was only aware of one 5. That got changed around the only commonality was the exact time..
    She sent me two articles and for some reason I cannot get translated . Can you help?
    Here is the first article..
    Ican you tell me the General info? Succent .?
    The second I will put on another comment…( cannot put 2 links on one comment)

      • Jules104, thanks,
        the person I lived with for 25 yrs..spoke French, (lived and studied in Paris,)
        unfortunately they died in Jan…
        I am hopeless..with French..that is why I needed the help.
        No worries on time…

    • Star48, was this the same area dutchsinse added on his live stream right after the Italy EQ lastnight as to watch for a sizeable EQ happening? Did you see he gave that area in Italy a two day watch/warning for an EQ? USGS needs to look into the science he’s using, in my opinion, and put it to good use themselves. Maybe they could save lives. Blessings.


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