Trump Supporter Punches Protestor

The first part of this prediction continues to unfold.

Predictions 1-7-16   Sounds like Donald Trump;   I had a visual of the US flag flying high, then it became entangled, crumped up.
“The rich one, the loud one, creates a tone that in turn invokes violence. Violence against others. The top leaders reign ends.. its over.. his place.. no more.”
“Leaders you have a responsibility to the tone you create.”


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  1. Christophilos Avatar

    I check your site daily and have been doing this since I discovered you. I am puzzled by your entries due to you mixing what you receive and your opinion on what you receive. In dream analysis, the dreamer is the best judge of the meaning of it’s symbols. Do you consider these visions in the same category as a dream?
    If these are spiritual messages for mankind as a whole, then are we each capable of giving meaning to what is received?
    When you state an opinion of your belief as to meaning, you color the message for the rest of us.
    In my own experience of spirit messages, I never received a message that found fault with any individual. So I find this puzzling if “fault” is being found. (I may not be expressing myself very well. I hope this is not confusing.)
    Many of these messages are so vague as to be meaningless until after the event. So “hoping to alter any tragic outcome” would appear to be almost impossible.
    I welcome your clarifications and commend you on the work you are doing. I recognize it as an act of love.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Its just one mans opinion. Its in no way meant to be a clear understanding of Spirits message. There have been several occasions that fans have voiced their own opinion on a prediction completely different from my own and they are right and I am wrong, that is the beauty of sharing these messages with all of you. There was a time I did not give my opinion but for a brand new reader it can be confusing. In a small way I could see the ties with dreams but for the most part their message is totally unique. What is important to take away is each symbol represents something specific and that is then set in stone. So a visual of a crack might not make sense at first but once we realize it represents an earthquake it will always represent an earthquake. Please take a look at the ‘glossary’ page to see those symbols we are sure of. Its true that some of our predictions are vague. But I would disagree with our mission as impossible, we have made headway in small droves from Typhoon Haiyan to the horrible storms in Australia. The warnings on a few occasions have made a difference. But without a doubt there is room for improvement. Take a look at ‘the most accurate predictions’ to see some of the more detailed work. One example is the Paris attacks, they made a point to be very detailed in the attacks however their timing was off. Over time I feel you will see improvement, its like learning a language, and I am still learning. I hope that explains things, I hope you continue to read our work. I look forward to the day that we together make massive change, change in saving lives, hindering suffering, and making a dent in the tragedies of this world.

  2. Patricia smith Avatar
    Patricia smith

    Trump rally in chicago postponed due to violence at venue

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