Clarifying Spirits Communication

I want to take this moment to clarify how Spirit communicates.

Multiple times Spirit will show something that is unrelated to the prediction as its time frame. ‘When this event happens, this prediction will follow’. This is meant to be a precursor to a prediction, but be cautious not to assume the two events are any way related. Also keep in mind that its ‘around’ that timeframe and does not always fall on that specific moment.

The precursor event: two helmets coming together

The prediction: A shooting spree in the US north east.

The precursor event: Asteroids flying in space

The prediction: A meteor will strike South America

The precursor event: Pumpkins put outside

The prediction: A massive hurricane will strike Florida.

There has been lots of chatter that an asteroid will hit the earth, that is not happening at all. It is only a meteor, one that will do excessive damage to a town. Keep in mind the predictions are ‘around’ the precursor and not necessarily the exact same date or time. Look at it more like a set of dominos falling, one domino is the precursor event and the other is the prediction.

Why don’t the Spirits just tell me the answer: There is a language barrier. They don’t have a mouth or vocal cords, and English is not their native language. Almost all the Spirits have never existed as human beings.  So their communication is done mentally, which comes as visuals, or mini dreams. However they are starting to learn English, and can give a basic response in English. Spirit has explained that over time our predictions will improve, my ability to connect with them will grow stronger, and they will learn more about our language.

Why not just quickly ask Spirit for the answer: It actually requires several hours of meditation to get just one line of answers. Every night I have to clear my mind of all thought, only at the moment where I have emptied all thought, does Spirit flood me with messages.  When you see a post with multiple predictions that usually means I have been meditating all night from 8pm to  4am. That small amount of information is the only thing that I can gather within that timeframe. Over time the work will improve. Take a look at the very first predictions and compare them to todays.

Spirits message is unique. Sit for a second and notice the tone of your own thoughts. Its like a slow moving river of thoughts changing from one item to another. Spirits message is like a raging river, crashing down, when they communicate with me its almost invasive and jolting.

There is also some confusion with Spirits message at times. There is a large group of Spirits who are bringing different predictions to me. During a session at night I am usually surrounded by a fairly large group hovering around me. There is a tendency for them to accidently entangle one event with another. Its a flaw in the process. Because I meditate for hours then get a message, then meditate for hours and get another message, I am not always clear on when one message starts and ends or if the topic has changed.

I do hope that brings clarity to the process.

I have a request from you my fans, please respect each others culture and beliefs, this site serves a global community from places like Australia, Pakistan, Uganda, Brazil and Malaysia to name a few. If you make a comment please keep that in mind, your disdain towards a belief, religion, or political party is not shared by all. Respect each other, show decency here or we will never come together to achieve our goal of changing tomorrows tragedy.

Please do not respond to the trolls, just ignore it. Your response fuels their ego. I am not doing this work to prove anything to anyone. We do this so that we can eventually make a difference in the world by altering the tragedy predicted. Our focus is set on that path and no other, I have no plans to respond to the close minded its only about changing the future. The work here speaks for itself both in its flaws and its successes.

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  1. Andrew35 Avatar

    Thank you for clarifying the process Eric. I appreciate all your effort.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar


  2. Anne Amato Avatar

    Eric, thank you for the explanation and clarification. What you do must be absolutely exhausting,
    I’ve only experienced regular dreams…or hearing…but 3 dreams which I remember in great detail. took place while asleep; 1 while fully awake and walking with someone.

    In the two with speech, they were without any question…my long-deceased parent’s voices.
    And they came true down to the smallest detail.

    In one, there were no voices…just a familiar face…and feelings of great fear and disturbance; and then great relief…. I am still awaiting the unfolding of that one and it worries me. It is tied into the number 916 and a black military uniform that does not bear any resemblance to anything we currently have. This dream came during early August of last summer….so I expected something on 9/16/15. I contacted the person who appeared in the dream and just asked him if the number meant anything to him. Surprisingly to me, he came up with a bible verse. When I told him I had the feeling it was a date, he said “September 2016?” That also surprised me…as I was thinking more immediate.

    So there must be great differences in the method of communication…. I do not meditate or anything….they just happen.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thanks for sharing your experiences, we all have different ways of connecting.

  3. Anne Amato Avatar

    And as far as Spirits….and the unbelievers and trolls….Shakespeare said it best:
    Horatio: “O day and night, this is wondrous strange!”
    Hamlet: “And therefore as a stranger gave, it will come.
    There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio,
    That are dreamed of in your philosophy.”

  4. Coroico Avatar


    Thank you for that — fascinating stuff. Just a query if i may — why do think it is that more spirits who lived as humans are not in the group you are in contact with — also none it seems who spoke English? Is it that this world ceases to be of immediate interest straight after passing on or that more “recent arrivals” are not yet capable of these predictions? Or am I working on completely wrong principles and humans simply do not become spirits of the kind you are in contact with?

    Hope you don’t mind ! and as ever thanks for what you do.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thanks, it would only be a guess but I believe the power to look into the future seems reserved for the ancient, its not someone who just passed away could do. But like I said I am not entirely sure, only that most of the Spirits are very very ancient. When I we slow down I will ask them. Its a good question.

      1. Anne Amato Avatar

        Eric, I have heard the term “old soul” to describe some living people. Perhaps the Spirits are variable depending upon what we, as individuals, can understand. Perhaps it is just that some of us (like you) have a greater gift for accepting the truly unfamiliar–the truly unknown. While perhaps others of us could not comprehend without the voices of those known to us at some point during this life. Just a thought.

        1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

          That’s me! But these spirits aren’t just old, they are ancient. To be fair I don’t always comprehend, that’s the biggest obstacle. Thanks Anne

  5. Pauline Holmes Avatar
    Pauline Holmes

    Eric,you are doing an amazing job keeping us informed with your spirit communications. I admire what you do and love reading the comments.

    On Monday, February 8, 2016, World Predictions wrote:

    > Eric Leigh-Pink posted: “I want to take this moment to clarify how Spirit > communicates. Multiple times Spirit will show something that is unrelated > to the prediction as its time frame. ‘When this event happens, this > prediction will follow’. This is meant to be a precursor to a p” >

  6. Tina Avatar

    Thanks for sharing how the process works Eric, to say it’s complicated and pressing would be an understatement. I commend you for your time and patience with getting the world a message.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thanks Tina, it is a great honor to serve something greater than myself.

  7. Thomas Wolke Avatar

    How do you know that your subconscious mind or your particular fears or wishful thinking isn’t tainting your visions or dreams?

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      That’s a good question. Meditate for half an hour. You will get a constant flow of thoughts, one after another, it will flow like a river or stream going the same speed. Spirits communication is not like that, its like a flood of information, almost as if it was done in fast forward, crashing down that stream with huge massive force. I can tell the difference between the two. Its hard to explain but its almost intrusive, like someone who is yelling behind you, and you get a bit shocked by it. Sorry that’s the best I can do to explain it.

      1. Harvey Avatar

        Wow…it sounds similar in my dreams. I dreamed that it was colorful like rain bow colors in DNA things with black in background. The shapes are different and beautifully created as I can’t explain it. It flows lively and fast forward. It was awesome and seen that seldom in my deep sleep. Thought it was just a dream beyond my imagination. Something it doesn’t reveal on earth. It’s all inside like DNA thing like if you are looking through the magnifying. It’s huge on the inside.

  8. Popi Avatar

    Dear Eric,
    Thank you for this post! It comes to a moment that I had these questions in my mind and I am surprised as since 2013 when I have questions soon the answers appear in extraordinary ways!

    You have an amazing gift and a havy duty at the same time and I admire your way of action!

    If you allow me I would like to ask you some things as we the people are fascinated about the spiritual world..
    Do you mean they are souls that din not ever choose to incarnate? But they do see the here and now of every lifetime? What is your opinion?

    And do you think that souls of our loved ones that passed away can communicate with us through dreams?

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Yes I very much believe your loved ones can communicate with you. The Spirits I serve are ancient, very very old. They would view us as toddlers in comparison. They have exceeded beyond the need to learn what lives would teach.

    2. Anne Amato Avatar

      But, Popi, you once said something that I meant to let you know that I agree with…I think you said something about that “we come here for a purpose and than because of how physical life is here, we grow apart from that knowledge of what our purpose is”. If I misunderstood, I apologize.
      But that IS how I personally view all this…that some of us (perhaps not all..I have no clue) choose to come here, and when we are finished here, we return to that from which we came. Is it possible we are all a small part of one enormous Spirit? Just a thought for you all to consider.

      And it is nearly 2 AM here…and AGAIN…. I cannot sleep…perhaps I should learn to meditate! ( :

      1. Popi Avatar

        Anne Amato hi,

        Yes its true, there is a Greek guy that for the last two years he came anonymously on the web and made a series of 3 blogs and when he finished he stopped every interaction.
        He gave a huge an known info and said that we all are parts of a massive higher soul as a cell is part of the body. We are here as we have chosen to do for an interaction with physical world and our body is just the suit we need to do that because the matter we created is so thick that you can do that only with a body. We do have the info from the mother soul but we have forgot arriving here. The dreams he said is the interaction with our spiritual world but we only understand the ones with the symbols that we are able to understand and decode.
        We are souls and Consciousness and we have a body !
        Anyone of us chooses to incarcerate at the same time in different lives in different times and of course nationalities and you can’t say par example I am Greek and proud because it’s stupid as in another incarnation you are mabe Syrian or Afghan so we are all everything and one as we also belong to one huge soul.

  9. allen Avatar

    hey eric thank you for making it clear, how the process works, but I want to add alittle more. the communication is done telepathic, where they hone in on your energy patterns. every human, has their own enery pattern, most higher levels psychic, do the same process, SOME, of the spirts, did live a life or two on earth, but, English, did not exsist, then. this was eons ago, many many societies were here, that we do not have a lot of physical proof, I think the only records left, are buried in the pyrimids. and the vaticon librarys. also, what we all do and think, everyday, changes the big sceme, so we can Change most predictions, because, time changes, on earth, all other realms, do not have time, as we know it. I think the bigger picture, here, is that we all learn from each other, as all of us, have something to teach each other, as well, as coming together, as a group, to change, a bad into good. my spellings, needs much work, but I hope, everyone, can get the simple message, that I have wriiten here. thank you as always, for being a light, to others. as earth, needs so much more light and help…………

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thanks Allen.

  10. tonyabrooks306 Avatar

    Thank you for doing your best to warn others before these events happen and thank you to the spirits. I recall on the night of May 20, 2004, I was writing and I got something come through that told me that the Universal Well was going dry. The gist of what was written spoke of how people are losing compassion and are subconsciously picking up terrible things to come and they are unable to deal with it. This message came through writing about how children come into the world now, and end up being killed, because they did not want to grow up on this plane of existence. I was warned of a major catastrophe that was coming, and of course, in December, the 9.0 earthquake hit the Indian Ocean, killing people in several different countries. I have kept this writing and when I go back and read it, it also makes me think of all of the earth changes that have happened and will continue to happen. So, yes, I do believe that we are being warned of things to come, by other worldly beings. And I thank them all for trying to help/warn us.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thanks, keep up the work, sounds like automatic writing.

  11. LL Avatar

    This is fascinating, but how does the process differ from our readings with you? I’ve had three so far, and they have all been incredibly accurate. In most cases, the information came through to you almost immediately. Sometimes you’ve spoken out loud to them, and once was puzzled by an answer that seemed random to you, but answered a question I was asking in my head. Is it easier to receive info for someone you’re sitting with, rather than gathering info on world events?

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Its much easier to plug into a person than the world. Keep in mind you have guides to feed us the information, and most of that is done prior to the reading. With the world we have to look ourselves, the process is much longer. With that though is their point that over time our work will multiply in accuracy and size. I have been doing personal readings for over 20 years but with the world predictions its only been 4. So experience has a major role. There was a time when I did readings and you could only ask one question at a time and it took a long time to get an accurate account of what they were saying. So it would literally take about an hour just to ask 1 or 2 questions, a far cry from what I can do now where in a reading the information really flows like a raging river.

  12. Harvey Avatar

    Eric, why can’t the ancient Spirits be part of physical forms? Why can’t they experience like us? How would they know if they never experienced the physical life forms? What is their main reason by protecting the green and blue earth? Why? Sorry for asking so many questions. Many things I don’t know about them from the other side.

    Blessings to you and the Spirits.

    1. Anne Amato Avatar

      But, Harvey, how do we know they (at one time or another) were not of physical form…here or elsewhere? An analogy of sorts: if you came originally from say the North Pole…and suddenly found yourself growing up in some southern hemisphere area as a very young child, you would quickly adapt, right? But then, after your time in life in that location you returned to your origin. Would you not quickly revert to what was originally you?

    2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      The impression they gave is that they did live like us at one time, in a time when our solar system did not exist. They are the grandpas and grandmas of the heavens. They have experience everything that’s possible, and that is why they watch over us, because they are the most experienced. Christians would call them angels, Hindu would see them as deities.

      1. Harvey Avatar

        Thanks Eric. It’s so hard to imagine if the Ancient Spirits once had experienced in physical without the solar systems. I wonder how is that possible. I believe anything is possible.

        I knew along that there was something out there before the earth was created. Something or whatever it was that created before the solar systems time. Because I dreamed of the powerful DNA. It was bigger than life itself. DNA was from outside of the planets. DNA existing in vast. How? I don’t know. I totally believed we are made to be here in flesh to nurture our planet.

        Imagine this. If there was no souls on earth, the earth dies. If there is no solar systems, it dies, then what about the souls, will it die? Just a thought. One thing after another in order to survive.

        I’m sure we have something or someone looking after us, the souls with flesh on earth. When we die, it will be our duty to look after the next generation of physical forms in order to survive.

        I believe you, Eric. Just so lucky as you are one out of millions to connect with the Ancient Spirits. They knew they could count on you to help bridge BTW spiritual and physical forms.

        All blessings and peace to you, Ancient Spirits and the beautiful earth in the solar systems.

        1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar


  13. jules104 Avatar

    Eric, Thank you for all the love and compassion you have for others…all of the time and effort you put into serving and helping this world to become a better place now and for future generations to come. I thank the Spirits also for everything they do to help us along our path and journey in this world of ours we live in here on Earth. Peace and many blessings.

  14. Sheri Avatar

    Thank you, Eric, for doing what you do. We need you in this world. Thank your ancient spirits too.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar


  15. Anne Amato Avatar

    Yes, Eric, thank you for all you do. You and all you provide is highly valued by all of us. I hope all our questions and observations do not cause you issues. Just please take care of yourself.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar


    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      It really sounds like this prediction is coming together.

      1. Ves Avatar

        Yes it does Praying for safety for All God Bless †

        1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

          Thank you, yes everyone please pray for the safety of all.

  16. Laurence Avatar

    What a suprise there was no terrorist attacks or any shootings whats so ever
    But well done on Eric predicting the super bowl happening no one seen that one coming how does he do it ??? .
    I said nothing would happen and thank god it didn’t but everyone on here has rose tinted glasses on I bet there is a shooting in america in the next few month does that mean you will all jump on the Eric bandwagon and claim it’s another one of his predictions?
    Most of you on here believe what you want to believe .

    1. Lia Avatar

      Well, he did predict the super bowl ( two helmets bumping together image) was the ‘precursor’ to another attack; the key word is precursor, so we’ll have to see if anything happens soon. Hope not. Timing is always tough to predict ( in my opinion). I hear what you’re saying… But the accuracy Eric had about Paris last year and their terrorist attacks was spot on. And yes, we all do believe what we want to believe – one might say it’s the human condition. You seem angry with everyone’s support of Eric. Do try to open your mind to the possibility that Eric’s humility is what causes such support. You do have your point made. Just be kinder next time please 🙂 Love to you!

      1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

        Very well said Lia, thanks

      2. Laurence Avatar

        So what does the super bowl have to do with any attacks ? Nothing happend in and around that date
        Say a shooting does occur in 5 days time what is the reference to the super bowl ?

  17. Chewdy Avatar

    On Feb 2 (day after the Iowa votes) my spirit guides said “the late Donald’ which I interpret as meaning he’ll not get the nomination. Then on Feb 7th they showed me a book titled ‘Bernie Sanders – The Destruction of America’ which I interpret as meaning he’ll win the election.

    Usually when I announce to anybody what I’m seeing as the future, it doesnt come true. That is why I’m saying it here.

  18. R2D2 Avatar

    Head-on train collision in Germany south of Munich. News source is BBC….

  19. R2D2 Avatar

    Train crash at 07:00!! Local time. So…the precursor was the superbowl (helmets crashing) and the event- train with the number 7???

    1. R2D2 Avatar

      The BBC news article said 07:00, the news conference (video) said 06:48. “Approaching 7 o’clock ” said in prediction. Sorry for the confusion, the news clip is hard to follow with German /English translator . He’s talking over him while translating.

    2. Laurence Avatar

      So the football helmets coming together was a representation of the trains coliding?
      And obviously the number 7 represents the time ?

      1. R2D2 Avatar

        Wholly smokes I never put the two together. Your right Laurence. A head on collision. The helmets. Figured it followed the superbowl and thats it. But yes, your correct. Yes.. presuming the 7 must represent time. Good job!!! 😉

  20. Sharon Avatar

    Hello, from todays top news stories, go to Fox or CNN yourself-
    The mother of a 10-year-old boy allegedly raped by an Iraqi refugee at a pool in Austria said she now “regrets” teaching her children to welcome migrants from wartorn regions of the world, local media reported Monday.
    There really is no discussion. Hes in the hospital with internal injuries, from being raped by a refugee in a public pool! Makes me sick to my stomach! Some gullible do gooders need to open their eyes and see there is true evil in this world & some of them want to hurt and destroy us. Those same people who have no COMMON SENSE wont “get it” until their own daughter or son is a victim and then they will say, How did this happen?

    1. Harvey Avatar

      It’s so sad to hear the unfortunate situation like a 10 years old child brutally raped by a stranger at the pool. It’s awful and made me heartbroken. Thanks Sharon for cautious us. We can’t trust anyone.

      May there be Peace on earth.

  21. Sharon Avatar

    I too enjoyed reading how your process works. My husband is extremely psychic with amazing accuracy. He tends to as the movies says, “talk to dead people”. I could write a book between him and my best friend who is also psychic. He doesn’t know when it will happen, sometimes he meditates and gets something, other times it just happens. He has gone so far as to be psychically walking through the childhood home of my friend who is 65 years old and describe it exactly, Even though it’s in a state he’s never been to and when she lived there he was probably 10 to 15 years old. He has amazing talents but just thought I would mention that he hears everything in English and clearly has guides But does not know who they are. I think it works a little differently for everyone.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Yes I completely agree, it is very different for everyone, I met a very powerful psychic who could remove heal small ailments. One that could literally talk to you mentally. But yet neither could make predictions about the world. I do have one Spirit that does speak a limited English its just not their native language. There are things that are the same though. The quick, fast forward, sudden, delivery of the message. An odd feeling right before the message, its like being on edge for no reason. I also have learned that people connected tend to either have constant headaches, back pain, and issues sleeping. I am curious if any of this sounds familiar.

      1. Sharon Avatar

        My husband doesn’t get many headaches, but he and my friend feel very drained, tired and worn out if they’ve been receiving info for a long time. My husband has sleep issues yes. He also has a lot of nightmares, and has had a few prediction dreams. The night before that huge meteor hit in Russia a few years ago and did all that damage he had a very vivid dream’s of 4 or 5 big balls that were spinning at a great speed towards him from outer space & getting closer, but they had numbers in them and we didn’t know what it meant. When that happened the next day I said oh my gosh it had to be related. We still don’t know what the numbers were. He doesnt generally try to focus on world events, usually more messages, memories or names from those that have passed.

  22. Lia Avatar

    Eric, do you think that the attacks predicted for ‘the Northeast’ mean NYC or Boston? Do you get anything else on this?

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Just the word ‘New’ like New York or New Jersey, the problem seems to be, there is more than one event. But we will continue to focus on this horrible event that is consistently presented in February.

      1. Harvey Avatar

        The president day is in Monday, the 15th. Anyone remember about the president in Feb?

  23. Rmf Avatar

    Spoken and written languages are constantly changing. You would only have to go back 400 or 500 years and you would have a difficult time understanding someone speaking your native language. Heck I have hard time understanding my teenagers. So it’s no surprise communicating a thought is the biggest barrier, just as it is with us all here in the physical world.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Totally agree thanks.

  24. afistfullofsand Avatar

    something happens before valentines day

    1. Laurence Avatar

      What do you mean by this ?

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