Chile Earthquake

This Prediction has happened. The number ’20’ on Predictions on 10-20-15  might be the gap of time, though it would be off by 2 days.
Gap of time: 18 days

Predictions on 10-20-15   Earthquake in Chile.. very soon

On November 7th, A magnitude-6.8 earthquake rocked the central coast of Chile on Saturday.

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  1. lIa Avatar

    This is weird for me – had a dream last night of an earthquake; I was directly in the scene of this video. Have never been to Chile. Accurate prediction, Eric.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thanks, did your dream imply latin america?

      1. lIa Avatar

        Not really – I did not know where I was, though the people were darker skinned ( i.e., olive skin color) compared to where I live. I knew it wasn’t where I live, but honestly, I thought maybe it was a personal symbolic dream, meaning that I should brace myself for personal life challenges. But, my dream was just like this video, so I think I was seeing the Chile earthquake that you had predicted.

  2. anthony Avatar

    Just had dream of earthquake. Layered glass floor. Floor was cracking then paused then boom.

    1. Lia Avatar

      Wow – have you had other dreams like this? The layered glass floor image is profound to me. Makes me think of ce skating as a kid – worrying about the ice when it made cracking noises.

      1. anthony Avatar

        This is new. Also nov 11 has arrived. Times up. Your on your own. This implies for canada and America.

  3. anthony Avatar

    Many people under the spell of apep leading them to their destruction including nations

  4. Mary Avatar

    Can anyone tell me if I’m wrong? It seems like there’s constantly negative spells on people such as easily upset, frustrated, arguing and so forth. I think it started since the day of blood moon. When will this be over? I’m tired of everyone’s having rough times every now and then.


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