Hostage Taker on Cathedral Steps

This vague prediction has tragically happened. Go to the link to see the video, warning it is graphic.

Notes on 9-3-15  “A church under siege.”

The Facts: “A Good Samaritan has been shot dead after trying to overpower a gun-toting hostage-taker on the steps of a city cathedral.
The sickening drama unfolded outside Sao Paulo Cathedral at around 2pm yesterday afternoon as scores of people watched on from a nearby square.
Videos including footage filmed by eye-witnesses on their mobile phones show the moment 61-year-old Francisco Erasmo Rodrigues de Lima confronted the gunman and pushed him over.
His terrified female captive managed to run to safety.
But tragically her saviour was shot dead seconds later as hostage-taker Luiz Antonio da Silva recovered his balance and fired on him from close-range.” Quoted News:

2 responses to “Hostage Taker on Cathedral Steps”

  1. pat45 Avatar

    What a brave and selfless man, to put his own life on the line, he will be with the Lord now.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      To that I have no doubt.

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