Notes on 9-3-15

China: I had a visual of a massive explosion, another one, it was huge.

I was falling asleep and felt the ground shake under me, I felt like I fell about 3 inches. I asked Spirit
Where? They responded with a paper roll, and it read ‘hear’.
In my opinion they could be saying ‘here’ as in California or they could be referencing to hearing their word as if its a previous prediction:

Here are some possible predictions: Notes on 10-14-14 Notes on 6-30-15 Predictions 8-17-15

I had a visual of a tall man standing on a train his fingers and hands visible, held, stuck,  then violence.
I had a visual of people being scooped up, removed.

“A church under siege.”

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  1. tonyabrooks306 Avatar

    Have you seen the refugees trying to stay on trains in Europe? And they are being forcefully removed.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Yes, I do believe Spirit is predicting the situation becomes violent and are removed. Right now I believe they are stationed on the train. Does anyone have news of today over how the situation is?

      1. Anne Amato Avatar

        The situation in Hungary is fast approaching disaster levels with the number of migrants streaming into the country. The migrants sheer numbers overpowered any attempts to keep them off the train….or to keep them restricted to it. The borders into Slovakia and Austria are now closed.

      2. Anne Amato Avatar

        All those poor children….makes me heartsick. The migrations of refugees are getting so heavy that I do not believe even the world relief agencies will be able to handle this crisis.

      3. twiceblessed Avatar

        It appears our prediction has happened. “Migrants refuse to leave Hungary train
        Scuffles break out west of Budapest as police try to force migrants off a train at a refugee camp, while European leaders wrangle over the growing refugee crisis.”
        This crisis is truly mind blowing.

    2. jules104 Avatar

      Tonyabrooks306 and Eric, I just saw this online and wanted to scream. This is so ridiculous.

      1. rhona Avatar

        Jules 104 blessings and we can scream in harmony… Its such an overwhelming situation…it is unfortunately a statement and response from Hungry that reflects a very old mindset and its been brought about by a great deal id survival instincts on both the recieving countries and the destitute refugees………Jules have you seen any posts from Star a little concerned….

        1. jules104 Avatar

          Hi Rhona and Blessings to You in Australia. Interesting that you would ask about Star48 because I was just thinking about him also and wondering if all is okay with him up in Idaho. I am hoping that he is just really busy with volunteering due to all of the fires which have been going on up there or on a wonderful vaca or something. I hope we hear from him soon and will be praying that he is in good health and good cheer.
          About Hungary, yes unfortunately an old mindset which is keeping them stuck in a rigidness which doesn’t even reflect a true “Christian”, in my opinion. I hope and pray that God may open their hearts and minds so that they may see more clearly through eyes of love and do what is right and good, filled with hearts of compassion. Sending light and love to Hungary and All who are involved in the situation there. Blessings Rhona and always good to hear from You 🙂

      2. rhona Avatar

        jules 104 chuckling here found a reply from star 48 on 9-01-15 comment on Guatamala.I asked you at 5-47pm and Star commented at 6-45pm within the hour of us putting it out there….so he is ok….icheck daily on the fires and kind of thought he was in amongst it…so muxh unfolding at the moment world wide ….it will no doubt get worse before better but it will take resources finances and a whopping infusion of campassion tempered with logistics and all areas of confusuon and unrest world wide ….it is cathartic though heartbreaking in some regions ….prayers love and light ti you and yours…..Star 48 we are thinking of you…hello….

        1. jules104 Avatar

          Oh great! I was beginning to worry, sent him an email, but not sure if he even gets them sometimes. Hopefully he is busy moving into his new home which he’s been building, before the winter season shows up. We certainly know how that goes right? :O Blessings Rhona

      3. rhona Avatar

        Sorry Jules 104 thata should 9-3-15 president told to resign where Star 48 commented…

  2. Anne Amato Avatar

    The word “hear” in Chinese (I cannot type the phonetic marks) is “tingjian”. This is very close in spelling to “Tianjin” which is the port city where the first explosion took place. Otherwise, if the Spirits meant “here”…(“zher” or “zheli”) and pointed at paper, do you think they would show you a map?

    1. jules104 Avatar

      Hi Anne Amato. I was thinking the same thing that perhaps it could be translated into a Chinese city name etc. Thanks for the info., very interesting. Blessings

  3. Anne Amato Avatar

    Further to previous….the translations are in Mandarin….but there are so many dialects in use, could be totally different.

  4. Greg Avatar

    At this time we really have no real way of predicting earthquakes with any sure accuracy. People in earthquake prone areas just need to have a plan and be ready to deal with the situation when it happens.
    The explosion in China is sounding coincidental if it turns out to be as huge as the last one.
    The refugee situation in Europe will probably get worse before it gets better. Countries are blocking refugees and some countries who have taken in refugees are asking the other European countries to take their fair share. If they’re having to ask, then that means that there are ill feelings developing between the political establishment of various countries. There is already hard feelings toward the middle eastern countries for not pulling together and making a real attempt to fix the problems in their neck of the woods. This is definitely not looking good for world peace.

    Eric, I don’t understand how spirit can see things like the man on the train and the church under siege but not see things like road signs or train numbers that would help us identify locations. I’m ignorant on this and I’ll admit it.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Hi Greg its hard to explain but think of it this way. Spirit is looking through a very powerful telescope at a massive distance. If you where to take our history of predictions you would find that the predictions with a massive land scope has the most accuracy. A hurricane striking Philippines, a hurricane hitting US east coast, an explosion in China, all events that would be easier to see at a great distance. But a shooter killing a handful of people, or an airplane issue, takes a lot more work and has a larger opportunity for mistakes. But we are trying to improve on it, details, dates, locations, are all a focus. One of the reasons we are only going to focus on the ‘next’ prediction is to free our hands from looking into multiple timeframes. I hope that makes sense.

      1. Greg Avatar

        Thanks Eric,
        I suppose it makes more sense. Perhaps their vision is through a type of veil as ours is. I can see where it might be more difficult to focus on the smaller details that often provide the definitive clues. I do agree with focusing on the closer predictions. It allows more effort to be brought to bare on a particular event. Quality over quantity.

        1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

          Exactly, quality will be the new effort.

  5. Sam Avatar

    Half of this has happened I think the train is deff what’s happening in Hungary it is heartbreaking! I don’t understand why the Hungarian government made the press leave what don’t they want the world to see? As for the shaking do you think it could be earthquake coming to California? Also there was another explosion in China the other day is this what they are talking about or will there be more? X

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      I don’t get it either, just let them leave??

    2. Harvey Avatar

      Sam, what happened in Hungary? Haven’t caught up with news lately.

  6. jack Avatar

    Europe should institute and enforce a no immigration policy in regard to the current situation and do whatever is required to return these people, straight across the Med, to the shores of N. Africa. Their illegal intrusions have created a firestorm in the nations of Southern and Central Europe and in a word….those people are not Europe’s problem.

  7. rhona Avatar

    Eric could be 3inches on a map is equal to 108miles….thinking maybe you hear the sound of the quake in reality as opposed to hearing something spuritually (clairaudiently) So it could be California…just a thought…

    1. rhona Avatar

      Eric didnt word the last reply well …some maps of course have a different mileage per inch scale ..maybe spirit meant you.hear the sound wave…

    2. jules104 Avatar

      I was wondering the same thing Rhona. Could it be that you “hear” the earthquake, and maybe also that it is “here”? And was the paper roll a scroll of paper rolled up or what? Or… just like Eric said, something which we have already heard, been told, they predicted previously?

      1. rhona Avatar

        jules 104 we are on the same thought wave lol…perhaps newspaper roll …you know, delivered, making it local news as well as hearing it …thoughtful to send Star email Jules..

    3. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      We need to figure out what the ‘roll’ is.

      1. Jules104 Avatar

        Didn’t they mention a “drum roll” in an old prediction which was related to an earthquake once? I vaguely remember something like that.

        1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

          I will check to see, not remembering that. I will look. My thought was a sort of end of some kind, running out of time?

  8. Greg Avatar

    The refugee situation in Europe is actually a global problem. Because so many countries are interconnected economically and culturally it goes agains our very principles to just ignore what is going on or to just say “ship them back”. There are countries that are tolerant of free will and those that are not. Those people such as ISIS and others are not tolerant and are purposely doing what they are doing so they can thin out the population which leaves them less resistance and more control over resources. Given time, they will produce children and indoctrinate them to their way of thinking. Let’s be clear. They are impregnating a lot of women right now and will keep on doing this to build a new population to suit their needs. Peace is always preferable to war but to allow certain countries at this time to continue is not good. To take them out at this point will take extreme aggression and would necessitate the acceptance of higher than usual civilian casualties. The refugees could be used as interpreters and all manner of support in the effort to take back their country but probably not as soldiers initially since it would take too much time to adequately train them. But, they could be trained in various roles from political to military to be ready to step in when the country is secured. Unfortunately, with an election year coming up for a number of European and Western countries, not much is likely to be done other than to set up refugee camps which will be quite expensive in the long run and could have some negative residual effects.

  9. Donna Taylor Avatar

    In the UK right now there is an amazing reaction to the refugee crisis in Europe. In fact it is happening in many European countries. People are becoming tired of mean spirited attitudes of the national governments that are turning refugees away and are protesting in favour of the refugees being welcomed and cared for. Even at football (or I should say soccer perhaps) games, banners are being displayed saying ‘refugees welcome here’. There has been a mass petitioning of the government and small charities are being overwhelmed with donations of provisions and cash to send to help the refugees stranded in Europe. This has all happened in just the last week and today the British Prime Minister has announced that the government will respond and allow more refugees into the country. This, I believe, is a positive thing. In the last few days we have had the tragic image of the body of a small infant washed up on a beach. In this darkest of hours, many people have come out and revived a faith in human compassion. It has made me think a little of a prediction made earlier about something a change in attitudes. I cannot recall exactly when it was. But we are witnessing a very positive change of heart towards the refugees. There are still those who wish ill towards the refugees, but many more are softening their attitudes. This can only be a good thing I think?

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      hands joining together prediction? Notes on 8-10-15

      1. Harvey Avatar

        Awww. ..makes sense.

    2. Greg Avatar

      The change in attitude you refer to may be the prediction on 6-28-15.
      “A miracle is coming.. such endorsement from our father and all of us who live in his domain.. this act will change so much negative tone but is so simple, so much compassion, kindness, and love, and unfortunately you will never truly know the massive impact it creates. ”
      I hope the countries will pull together to address the refugee crisis in a positive way. Time will tell.

      1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

        Yes, I can see that, but as I recall they were really stuck on the ‘hugs’

  10. Donna Taylor Avatar

    Yes that is the one I was thinking of! It may not refer to what is happening right now, there are still many people in parts of Europe who hardened to the plight of the refugees (some things I see people write on social media are beyond belief, and I would not even repeat them) – but I’ve been really taken aback by the growing compassion that seems to have suddenly come out of the blue. It has certainly helped lift some of my own despondency with the world.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Can I have a link that shows this if you should find one. Thanks

      1. twiceblessed Avatar

        Here is a great link Eric. It is about the volunteers and very day citizens doing what they can to help since government is not stepping up.

        1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

          Thanks, I will ask Spirit for confirmation

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  12. travis Avatar

    I wanna send out my prayers for all the people over there affected by this crisis and to hope compassion and light come to the situation

  13. zoe Avatar

    Shocking footage shows Good Samaritan shot dead after rescuing girl from hostage-taker on cathedral steps

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      That’s just horrible!

  14. zoe Avatar

    “A church under siege.”

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  16. rhona Avatar

    Star 48 god to hear from you…how is the situation in PNW i have been checking whats your report on the fires..blessings and stay safe…

    1. star48 Avatar

      Hi Rhona,
      it has been raining and is cooler..great to combat fires.-
      It is to get hotter again next week., the rain has made air quality -great..
      Slowly getting a handle on the fires…they are still watchful…lightning..possibilities..
      So overall good news…thank you for your energy and prayers everyone! It worked..

  17. rhona Avatar

    Star48 so very happy to hear first hand about the rain…yesyes yes….i have been looking at the weather up there and it appeared it was going to help..that lightning is a threat in the making ,sheet lightning could be a compromise with mother nature instead of those awesome powerful bolts…wil keep praying and visualising clean air and rain…good luck to all inPNW

  18. cmt Avatar

    Explosion Shakes Chemical Plant in Eastern China
    BY REUTERS 9/7/15 AT 7:04 AM
    BEIJING (Reuters) – An explosion shook a chemical plant in the Chinese province of Zhejiang, state media said on Monday, though there were no immediate reports of casualties in a country on edge after blasts killed more than 160 people last month.. .

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Oh my.

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  20. Jack Avatar

    “A church under siege.”….could very easily refer to Christianity in Europe, i.e. the Christian church, being threatened by the muslim hordes that are rampaging over Europe.

  21. star48 Avatar

    Eric, Collegues , Earthquake. Huge. . 7.9. Chile.

    1. star48 Avatar

      Upgraded. To 8.3. Magnitude.,

  22. star48 Avatar

    Eric, Collegues New notice encompassing Chile EQ. Now 8.3

    1. jules104 Avatar

      Thank You Star48. Praying for the safety of all there in harms way.

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  24. star48 Avatar

    Eric, update on EQ possible notice in CA.
    ..from USGS… ( I think this is right thread.)

  25. star48 Avatar

    Eric, as reference… Swarm of EQs in San Ramon, Northern CA.

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