Notes on 7-27-15

“We are talking about a president (or prime minister)… Oh have the mighty have fallen.. he is told to resign immediately.” — Spirit Voice

Are they talking about Razak or Tsipras, both of which where stars when they started. Or is it a leader who presents himself with bluster of being great. Al Assad is another possible candidate but he is not at all great.

“Over 303 deaths found.” — It was implied to be something from the past. –Spirits Voice

Eric’s Comments: When it comes to comments please remember to be cautious and courteous. These predictions are now read by thousands upon thousands of people daily across the globe, try to imagine.. that is the size of the audience your comment is reaching. These are sensitive circumstances that require our civility. Please stay on topic, please reframe from bickering between each other, and most of all please respect the beliefs and culture of this global audience. Our goal has and always will be about a community of people coming together to change the tragedies of tomorrow, I truly believe we can achieve that, and now they are predicting it, but I am concerned these faults in our community might stand in our way.


26 thoughts on “Notes on 7-27-15”

    1. Mexican President Pena Nieto is being investigated for giving building contracts to his friends and family. There are a lot of questions about how he has been handling state money.

  1. Dear Eric,

    I appreciate what it is that you do. When your predictions do come true it goes to show that you are not a scam, which makes us believe that the personal readings we get with you will be accurate.
    The sad truth is that we can’t seem to avoid the predictions from happening in reality. I feel as though you could do a lot more with you abilities. Educate us on what life is and how it works. Show us the bigger picture of life. How life works.

    I believe it would be interesting if you could start a section on your website teaching us these while still doing the predictions which go to help prove that what you speak is not garbage.

    Thank you

    1. They have plans to share knowledge about the Spiritual realm, to share my experiences with them, so no worries, its coming, but first we need to master this gift, and change the outcome of these nightmares. Thanks!

  2. Hello every one!

    Every day that passes things are getting very hard for the Greek people.Tsipras for sure he sould resign because he took the No of a 62% and turned it to Yes….
    Although for the momment there is no alternative for a better Government people know very well that there are not dead ends for Democracy! It will take some time but we will find the way.

    Anyone who traits the people can not stay long as a Government, Anyone!

    1. You are all entitled to your own opinions, as am I. I have nothing good to say about Obama, so I will not share my thoughts or opinions on him.

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