Malaysia Cash Scandal

This prediction is now complete.

Malaysia’s Elections     Razak wins Malaysia, what you can expect, corruption…

The Facts on 7-3: Probe investigates: Almost $700 Million went into Prime Minister Najib Razak Personal Account.


35 thoughts on “Malaysia Cash Scandal

  1. Wow they predicted that one perfectly! $700 million? It’s horrible what greed does to a person and how much money is intertwined in politics and political favors these days.

    • Harvey if you look at the top part you will see it in purple, “Malaysia’s Elections”, “Razak wins Malaysia, what you can expect, corruption…” It was posted on 03-15-13. It doesn’t actually say $700 million, but instead refers to it as… “corruption” comes with his election. Blessings

  2. Eric, I have a question that hindered me from time to time. I fear that we won’t have the next president of the United States. There will be the election in 2016 but it will be over before we know it. Also, I fear that China will use and deceive Russia against US during the WW III then China will take over USA. WW III may begin in 2018. Is it possible that we won’t lose our USA when China takes over cuz of our debts we owe it to them. Look what is happening to China now as they are prepared and stronger when their time is right to fight USA. Russia will lose. USA will lose also. I don’t like what I’m seeing. 😦

    • World war 3 is between yourself and god. China and russia are peaceful. There is alot of negative souls in charge right now. Were at the beginning of time which is chaos. Chaos is about to end.

    • Sorry, I haven’t seen that. They have already talked about the next election. Be cautious not to fall into the snare of anti China propaganda. If China really was the monster some say they are would it be easier for them to stop supporting our continued debt crisis, and throw the US into an economical tail spin.

      • Thanks Eric, so many rumors as it dreads me as what “if” that can be prevented.

        All Blessings!

  3. Eric, the NY stock exchange just stopped due to computer glitches. And, United Airlines suspended operations due to computer glitches. This seems suspicious, doesn’t it?

      • When was this prediction? I vaguely remember, but forgot the specifics.

      • Hi Carolyn. On, 2-10-14, “Terror Attack”. It is under the “Unrelated”, about the NY Stock Exchange. Coincidentally enough the fire works and North East prediction is on the same Posts page. That’s a little weird.

      • I just read that the Wall St. Journal website went down due to computer glitches. Clearly, this can’t be a coincidence. That 2-10-14 prediction may be coming true.

  4. Humanity is growing up …the majority world wide is realizing awakening to how futile and barbarack war really is …..the young ones are bridging the gap ..mothers the globe over are sick of seeing their sons and daughters die what avail..terrorism is turning even some hard core individuals to question the sense in killing ….we face duality at its swan song ….dark faces light in all of us…darkness can not exist in the light..walk in a room turn on the light darkness is gone …so up the light compassion common sense quota and we are on a winner…in my humble opinion i have faith in the vast majority of my fellow human beings…nd ultimate support of guidance fom spirit… Blessings love and peace to you all…

    • I remember that post also Eric. There is the Nov 7 2012 Post, “one more dive before the final turn around”..but I am thinking that what you are asking about was something else. There is the 2-10-2014 “Unrelated” NYSE Post, but I don’t think that was it either. Maybe from last November or sometime around then? I will keep looking.

      • Eric, is this what you talked about your life? The post is Dec. 3rd, 2014. “What’s change Spirits?” Let me know if that not what you meant.


    • I thought so also, recently. But here is another one. Dec 28, 2013, “Predictions for 2014”, #11. That is speaking in terms of the Global Economy though.

    • Is it September 22, 2014 “Flood of Walls Street”?

      I do remember you mentioned something about the black out, walls street, and other things while back in late 2014. Hope we find it.

    • Eric, could it be this reference..?
      Predictions for 2014
      Posted on December 28, 2013 by Eric Leigh-Pink
      A window of things to come:
      A much better global economy.. finally.. moving forward! The global economy will rise, fall, and rise again in 2014.

  5. This is unrelated but:

    This article mentions that Cosby broke a confidentiality agreement with Andrea Constand. And in this prediction:

    You said: “You broke the agreement now your going to jail.. a humbling experience for someone who thinks they are above others.. the famous star.” — Spirits Voice

    I have a feeling Cosby will be on trial very soon.

  6. Eric, the corrupt Malaysia government has set the country’s election date to May 9 2018, trying everything possible (including dirty tricks) to stay in power. Any chance (slim chance if there is any) the opposition will win? The country needs to come out of its intense dark period asap.


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