Notes on 10-12-14 Ebola Prediction

Here is the prediction on the future circumstances of Ebola.

I had a visual of a map with the words “Ebola Infections” with highlighted areas and scattered dots throughout the land mass shown. Then the map switched and a second map showed  containment protocols circling specific areas, the dots now focused in one area, however the bad news was the area had grown in size.

“Help is coming
a worldwide front to tackle the virus
however late it may be,
the problem contained quickly
April it dwindles, over,  for now.” Spirits Voice

Eric’s Comments: Overall they are showing containment and implied that ‘April’ might bring in an antivirus or Ebola blocker. A medical break through helps dwindle this epidemic.

30 thoughts on “Notes on 10-12-14 Ebola Prediction

    1. Not only hope but they are just blowing it out of the water in a short time, a prediction I am looking forward to seeing, but we aren’t out the woods yet, they do show it grow larger before it diminishes.

      1. Thank you kind sir kinda comforts me some been on edge a lot but I do see where you say there blowing it out the water cause politics and junk fear does give media ratings which is very sad

  1. Thanks Eric. It’s good to know that help is coming to those in Africa through a worldwide effort, and for the rest of the people on this planet who will be affected by this horrible epidemic.

  2. Many countries are working hard on ebola vaccine and yes some will be ready in 6 months time.

  3. well thats a good start to the week.My prayers have been answered. Only way possible of this is everyone working together.

  4. so pleased to hear that eric..its a great relief….many thanks and glad your feeling well….

  5. Eric 7.3 mag earthquake near El Salvadore. Issued a tsunami warning and told people to evacuate the coastline. Also Tony Blaire was a target of a terrorist attack. I will try and find an article for you.

  6. Hi Eric.. So so very scary. Prayers and thoughts out to those infected. Has Spirit made any mention on how people should go about protecting themselves? Is there something that we can push and share with others to help stop the outbreak on an individual level?

    As always – thank you for all that you do! Light and love to all!

  7. Just want to thank you and your spirits for their information and warnings. I pray that America can get their act together and stop the spread. So far today I heard the CDC let a woman with a low grade fever fly knowing she had been exposed to the man who died. Do you think this will now spread through out the U.S. It’s really scary. Also when is the Presidents going to give the Kurds weapons to fight ISIS – so many innocent people being killed – G-d help this world find it’s way to peace.

  8. Hello, if you feel the need to help- please visualize the map of those countries affected and visualize a bright healing light enveloping them and please thank the angels and your god for sending their healing energies to those in need. Thank you xx

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