Notes on 10-1-14

I had a visual of what seemed like a picture or poster and it read “Shooter” with the number 2 in the center.
I had a visual I was standing in front of my house and a small weed grew from the ground. (Home grown terrorist?)
“The US, shooter, now. ”
I had a visual of a man standing in the grass of a park holding out an apple.
Eric’s Comments: They implied this event is related to another prediction, the number 2 could be a new way of presenting a date. I have been asking them to present a timeframe with the first initial vision which they have been working towards.

58 thoughts on “Notes on 10-1-14

    1. That would fit with Eric’s “luring” thoughts. I’ve read previously that his friends thought he may be luring the Police in to where he could ambush them. Pennsylvania is close in proximity to NYC also. Hence the apple again.

  1. False flag alert! The breaches in security around Obama is setting the stage for an assassination attempt which will be blamed on a “home grown terrorists” and will call marshal law and collect those who have been called terrorist groups. You know, those people who cling to their bibles and want the America that our forefathers gave us. Wake up people.

    1. I almost agree with this theory. The head of the Secret Service, Julia Harper resigned today. Please, Universe, keep Obama safe! Whether one agrees with him or not, he is a good person. And I do agree with your statement on the far right wing swinging their bibles around as if they find themselves to be god. Scary people for sure. I call them the American Taliban. Rounding them up may be a good thing.

      1. You think Obama is a good man?!? That’s rich. Obama doesn’t know how to anything except swing a golf club. I am one of those Bible slinging folks that stand for the Orginal Constitution as our fore fathers gave us. Just tell me one thing that Obama has done that is good for this country. Leaving the brave men and women that fought for this country to die and opens the borders and let’s all the trash from 3rd world countries in and take care of them. The jobless claims are higher than they were since the 1980s. More people live in poverty now than ever before. Best watch out for this American Taliban.

      2. Obama, regardless of your opinion of him, is the Devil You Know. Should he fall by assassin’s bullet, he may be replaced by someone who you would consider a far worse Devil.

    2. Just my observation..I have read numerous things on this site that Jon Blue has written that were/are very politically divisive in my opinion, and he has never been nudged to stop/ or to get back onto topic. Not all people on here agree with him, yet we are polite and he adds to the conversation, thus when 1wanderingtruthseeker gives her opinion, I think it should be tolerated with the same generosity afforded to Jon Blue.

      1. Hi JB. Good point, but I got the feeling Eric was reminding us all to keep to the point and not get into politics religion and bickering amongst ourselves or we will never accomplish anything for the good of mankind. Blessings.

    1. This is what I thought as well. A shooting in Central Park, NYC the “Big Apple.” & that he is a U.S. citizen–>home grown

      1. I meant, home grown terrorist was the first thing that popped into my head when I read the statement.

  2. This time of year I associate apples with the Fall season. Is there a park in front of the White House? Only asking this as the Presiden’ts security has been compromised lately with all the intruders. It also came to light that someone shot at the WH last November. We live in a very scary time, right now.

    1. Oh, good point Luna! Just the other day there was an article about a man with an Arabic accent ( that is how the described him) who entered a school in OK and asked some very disturbing questions…. How many police/security officers were in the school and how long did it take police to respond to an emergency. Here is the link to that article:

      1. Oops my bad…. The man did not ask about response time but where was the nearest police station. Sorry😕

  3. What about being related to the Notes for 8-16-14, “another madman with a gun”, “in or around Chicago”, “children buried”? Holding out an apple in a park would seem to fit for luring a child or a play area for kids. Or for 7-29-14, the lone wolf, the man gets on a bus secretly…but it seemed that may be Europe.

  4. Hi Eric. Just wondering if we have any other info from Spirits on the US Shooter or if you have an idea of which previous prediction it’s related to. Can’t help but wish we could change the outcome somehow.

      1. Okay I understand. Maybe why I am getting that anxious feeling. Wish we could do more but praying for this prediction to be foiled or intercepted/interrupted is what I will be focusing on for now I suppose.

      2. Is that not biased?

        The truth should always be shown, no matter how dark or light it is

        1. Hi A2DaK. Biased? I think what Eric is saying by, they are blocking it because it’s too dark, is they don’t want to show him due to the graphic scenes/nature of the vision which can’t be taken back once shown. Eric’s Spirits genuinely care about him and realize that there is a limit to what he should be shown. From what Eric has said in the past about arguing the point with them, because he is a selfless individual and doesn’t think only of himself, I can only imagine this is what he is speaking about when he says they are saying it is too dark.

          1. That’s correct Jules, they want to prevent any attack on my mental stability, they have also blocked it if it is a threat to me, but I don’t think that applies here.

    1. hi jules bless your caring heart…at times when we dont have specifics i direct my thoughts and loving universal light to the enegy of the prediction …the light and gods energy knows whet e to go it will make a differnce the importace is the inention the prayers and the belief . keep safe you and yours ..

      1. hey jules we were writing and posting at the same time the very same intent …now that says something …smiling heaps …xxx

        1. That is saying something Rhona :). I knew you would be sending out light and love into the universe for this prediction. So glad you are feeling better! Blessings to You and Yours.

  5. National Apple Harvest Festival is held the first 2 weekends of Oct. Also…through cracks weeds grow…The civil unrest occurring around the globe at this time could prove to be a petri dish for growing homegrown terrorism.

  6. Eric could this be related to the Boston prediction for 8-30-14. They said, “on or around the sacred holiday”. The Jewish most sacred holiday is “Yom Kippur” and the Muslim holiday of “Feast of the Sacrifice” happen both on the same day this year, Saturday Oct 4th. This only happens once every 33 years. Also there is a lot going on at this National Apple Harvest Festival in Pennsylvania which Velvetmaggot mentioned. It falls on the first two weekends of October. Oct 4th and 5th, and then Oct 11th and 12th. It brings in a lot of people. There are more cities that have them also and have music and fireworks at the end. I know the one in Penn has live music but I don’t know about fireworks. Still praying all is quiet over the weekend.

  7. could the 2 on a poster be a web site posting on the second of a month written on an apple computer ….or another linked prediction in feb that gives more clues..just a thought….

    1. Hi Rhona and Eric. I looked up the past February 2014 predictions and two jumped out. The prediction for “Distant Prediction 2”, which actually has to do with an apple and has the number 2 (though I’d not think this would have been enough time passed as to say we are already in the distant future), and the “Miranda Barbour Serial Killer”, which was a prediction from last November 2013, it says something about “A mad man, now I’ve killed the most people in the US”. It was posted in Feb as well having possibly happened. I am probably grasping at old predictions right?

      1. Thanks Jules as always you present ideas I would have never considered that make us think of other possible meanings. I was also considering the Pennsylvania shooter. Maybe its the cops luring him out. I don’t think its about a serial killer, in the past they show serial killers in a demon form.

    1. That’s interesting Omarie. Eric did have a prediction for that. Is that news source pretty reliable? I hope we will hear something on the mainstream media soon.

      1. Hi Jules104! I’m not sure. I saw it on, which is a very conservative website. I will keep checking to see if the majors(CNN, MSNBC etc) start reporting it.

  8. The story given to the talking heads is that Kim Jong-Un fractured both ankles because he’s fat. Yes, being morbidly obese isn’t great for the feet, but it doesn’t break your ankles!

  9. Wondering if the Apple and number 2 could represent New York, New York. Because it is stated twice as a city and state. The Apple representing “the big apple” of course.

  10. Eric I had actually already suggested the 8-16 notes previously. But I was thinking the Chicago another mad man. Are you thinking the 50,000 people? I am guessing no that’s for Middle East? Either way perhaps since we are on the same page for 8-16 notes, it could be for the Chicago area?? I sure wish we could figure out the timing. I know we will eventually though. Will have to think on the cards and eight ball. I’ve never been much of a card player or pool player! Sounds like you are going to win at something though. It brings to mind the terrorist and you in the cooler calling 911 with a smirk. 😉

  11. A nationwide protest is scheduled to occur in areas around St. Louis revolving around the shooting of an unarmed man in Ferguson, MO. Many of the past protests have ended in fires, looting, and violence. I’ve read a comment on someone dreaming of a fire near Chicago, someone close to me had a dream of fires moving out of St. Louis and going west.

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