Peru Earthquake

This prediction has happened.

Notes on 4-17-14  “Ecuador wrinkle now.. Peru.. 871.. a very destructive very bad earthquake.. unraveling.” — Spirit, what does 871 represent? “The magnitude”

The Facts on 9-29 by AP: Authorities Say 8 Killed in Peru Quake. A shallow, 4.9-magnitude earthquake killed at least eight people whose crudely constructed homes collapsed in a remote Andean village near Cuzco, a Peruvian civil defense official said Sunday. Quoted News:

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  1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

    The number 8 is clear, 71 normally would represent a date, the 1st, its possible their prediction is off by 2 days.

  2. aldo Avatar

    I still did not happen , because it speaks of a strong and destructive earthquake, but it happened one of 4.9 ° small

  3. aldo Avatar

    871 ? I did not understand his explanation , CAN explain in more detail?

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      8 people have lost there lives
      71 normally would represent the 1st, they have a pattern of using the number 7 to describe a date, take a look at World Predictions Glossary. Making it the 1st, which means they are wrong about its timing, off by two days.

    2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      The number could be a representation of the tragic deaths. 8, and 71. With 90% of the town destroyed, unfortunately more lives will be lost.

    3. jules104 Avatar

      Hi Aldo. If you go to the black box at the top of web page on the bottom left there will be a “World Predictions Glossary”. Look under the title “Numbers”. That may help some. I believe that the eight stands for how many were killed in this prediction and that when the Spirits present a number 7, it can mean a specific date, (in this case the first). But they are sometimes off by a day or two. From what I gather time is difficult for them to pinpoint exactly in our world. But they do quiete a good job mostly. I hope I was of some help to you in this area. Blessings

    1. rhona Avatar

      hello everyone as a precaution it is on my mind too that there is more to come…there is a goose lake in the area as well …i cannot pronounce..maybe alaska and peru tigh in with duck goose …sometimes spirit may use multiplicity…at any rate sending much light and energy with love and compassion to peru…

      1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

        Yes, please pray for the people of peru

  4. rhona Avatar

    ps guys my aim is to be soooo wrong…blessings

  5. rhona Avatar

    ps guys my aim is to be soooo wrong…blessing…i apologise if this posted twice…

  6. travis Avatar

    So eric since you speak to these spirits and make these predictions do you think these are the end times? What about this so called new world order do you think there is hope for humanity? Anyone else wanna chime in?

    1. Mauree Avatar

      Are we at the beginning of the rapture, with all the fighting in the Middle East, Russia planning world war 3 , natural disasters? What do spirits think?

      1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

        No, not right now.

      2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

        They actually have a prediction rolling out soon that this is the ‘time’ of the woman. Global women rights, women controlling government, high places of authority and explosions of science and technology achieved by women, that might not be that big of deal for Americans, but they are talking about a global event unfolding. The days of women standing behind men are ending.

    2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      There is definitely hope for Humanity. What we have not presented is another set of predictions that are distantly in the future, some go as far as 1000yrs from now, and the future is awesome. As for the latter, they have talked about a Hitler like individual who will be seen as a terror of humanity, they say if put hitler, Napoleon, Bin Laden, and Khan together it would still not compare to his tyrannical reign. The only timeframe they gave was to say I am in my last days just as he is rising, so that’s not anytime soon as I am still fairly young.

      1. travis Avatar

        Sorry to get u off track eric its just minds in a worried state due to climate change this ebola outbreak and all this stuff bout new world order and stuff plus i had a friend in air force who left the states suggesting america is gonna colapse and i should get gun for protection

        1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

          No I am not seeing any of that.

  7. travis Avatar

    Anyone else terrified bout ebola in the us

    1. LLG26 Avatar

      There is still a lot of hope that the ebola virus will not spread as fast in the US as in Africa because our health care system is so much better. Containment of any virus is more difficult if there are a lot of people carrying it. As long as there are only very low numbers of people with the virus in the US and the CDC and other health professionals are monitoring all the infected person’s contacts the odds are good that it will be contained. We are truly fortunate that this virus does not reach high numbers in the lung tissue to become an airborne transmissible virus. So most people with a microbiological or medical background aren’t too concerned yet for the US. The death toll in Africa is a different matter and we should all pray for the people who are trying to contain this infection in Africa.

    2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      I wouldn’t worry. The culture we have does not match ours and you have to physically touch someone with it to get the disease, on top of that our nation is far more suited for that type of situation.

    3. Annie Avatar

      Since you asked, Travis, I am going to take a moment to put my thoughts out there…as “out there” as they may be. *smile*

      I believe that emotions are more creative than we currently understand in our paradigm.

      If we give over to fear, we create more things to fear via our global consciousness. If we sit in judgement, we create more things to judge. If we hate, we create more things to hate in our world. Whereas if we love, our families, friends, and ALL humans we encounter daily (knowing they are people just as deserving as we believe ourselves to be) – we then create the world we would want to see, literally. Be the change.

      This is why I personally do not fear ebola, nature’s events etc. as it is not productive for my spirit or others who surround & encounter me. I try to give out energy that I would like to see felt and experienced the whole world over. For me this means not submersing myself in news or main-stream media (most “stories” create fear in the watcher), and instead try to be an active, present participant of the energy I send out into the world, as, we are each responsible for our own that adds to the collective.

      If enough people consciously co-create via their emotions, we reach a tipping point for the better. The Earth can feel our global consciousness too, and can and does act or react accordingly.

  8. rhona Avatar

    hi travis your questions are valid and you need to know? right? yep many years ago many times over the world and many of us were gripped in fear bombs dropping around where sleep should have come….light and love prayers and the human spirit brings us through these times ..courage , faith in humanity and our deepest collective goodness will prevail…there is not only hope but its a given humanity in huge cover whelming numbers wants peace…for the individual such times as now can rattle our survival reflex to extreme fear or extreme courage …darkness can not exist in the light of us be brave fear not …the first world order oh dear we have been hearing this for more than 20 years…humanity’s voice is resounding we want and deserve what is best for us as a collective and politics and leadership is becoming transparent and accountable…time is what will sort all this out…hold tight sweetheart be strong

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