Notes on 9-14-14

I had a visual of one Sunkist placed on the table.

“The Hurricane will turn towards Florida
and strike it in the last weeks of September
one of two”

Eric’s Comments: They have two countdowns running, the first is expected now, between the 14th-15th, and the second isย 4 days from now between the 17th-19th. Nothing happened on the 12th however.
One of the countdowns are expected to be the European attack, which is at the very least set in September. I am hoping for a foiled attack.



62 thoughts on “Notes on 9-14-14

    • Eric thank you. Anything to help us protect ourselves from the Ebola virus is a blessing. I follow Health Ranger whom is awesome at testing foods and producing high end “organic” products, as well as testing on all vaccines that are on the market. For anyone interested he does have a series from 1-3 at present on how people can protect themselves and their Families from the Ebola virus. It’s a very genuine site.

  1. thank you for the information on the florida hurricane, yes, one of two. earthquake in Italy? damaging church property and old sites? thank you for all you do.!

  2. Yes Thank You for the Florida hurricane info Eric. My family from the North Orlando area will be visiting until the 24th. I will be keeping an eye out for them. They aren’t very receptive to the otherworldly so it’s kind of hard trying to tell them what to watch out for in the future, but I’m just going to warn them about the hurricanes this time. Especially the one coming up in October. If it never happens then that would be great to. But I’d rather err on the safe side. Blessings.

    • Jules 104,
      I have that same issue. I have told some directly. If they will take heed ,is another matter.. The only thing I have found effective is to ask spirit to guide and protect them. And then to let it go. Blessings to you and yours..

      • Just a piece of advise for star48 and all of you hitting a road block convincing people of Spirits work. Always show them the whole body of work, all the predictions that have happened and those that haven’t, there is enough predictions that have happened to at least make someone a skeptic. I hope that helps, I have done it with some of my own non believing friends and they seem to at least carry an air of doubt in their non belief of Spirit.

      • Thank You so much Eric. I soooo appreciate your and Spirits wisdom and compassion, and this site. I feel like this is my extended family. I do have family members that have actually said to me “I don’t know why you would want to know what is going to happen in the future, I’d be to stressed out knowing or having to worry about it all, I’d go crazy and be a maniac!” I have to be careful about what I do and do not tell/warn them about. Maybe I should let them know the elephants take the senate and they will pay attention! LOL. Thank You again Eric. You are a true blessing to all of us and humanity and don’t ever forget that! Blessings Always.

      • Thanks for sharing Star48. Yes I figured I will just pass along to them the messages Eric receives from Spirit, that may affect them personally, and they can make their own decisions of what they want to do with that info. I realize everyone is in a different place on their journey, and so, try to be respectful of that. I do feel as though someone must be watching over my family in Florida though because they have two holidays away planned and each one is during the period of time that the first and second hurricanes are to hit. Strange as it may seem. Angels watching over us eh?

  3. This upcoming hurricane seems to want a Charlie wannabe…. That destroyed Port Charlotte, Punta Gorda, Arcadia and more. I hope we don’t have to experience another such as Charlie. We’ve got our “boogie Bag” ready, gas tank filled and ready to move quickly!

  4. I am wondering if Spirit has spoken anything about the Scottish Referendum. This is one of the biggest things since the breakup of the USSR. If the vote is a YES, Scottish Independence could spell financial disaster that would echo not only through Great Britain but here in the USA. BBC has done a great job analyzing both sides. But on Sept 18th, the world may change forever. If YES passes (as there is a 50/50 split in the current polls), not only will the Union Jack Blue, Red and White flag change completely visually, so may Scotland demand to have their own monarch and currency. The British Sterling (Pound) could plummet and you can only imagine what it would do financially to all of Europe and the US if this happens as we are all so closely connected. Does Spirit have any say in this matter?

    • Would you as an American choose to be ruled from London once again, or would you prefer to continue to celebrate Independence Day every 4th of July?
      For many of us here in Scotland , the chance to gain our independence from Westminster is as much about establishing social democracy as it is about the markets or anything the fear mongering, casino bankers might b worried about.
      It also means we can get rid of the Trident nuclear submarines which are based in Scotland and never again b led against our wishes into illegal wars such as those waged by Blair and Bush, which the people of Scotland vehemently opposed.
      Independence is the right of every nation not just the USA.

      • Well said Ossian
        Friends, please ask for blessings for Scotland as come September 19th whatever the result half the population will be disappointed. It’s never going to be the same but whatever we decide it’s your love and support we need

      • “Independence is the right of every nation not just the USA.” Very well said. God Bless you and your beautiful land.

      • Personally, I really want to move out of America. It is not as great as many think it is, right now, especially. I believe a civil war is coming to the US, if it isn’t already here. I would prefer not to be here during that time, should that occur. The bigotry is growing rapidly and the great divide is ripping this country in factions. For intel, I read some of the extremist right wing news (which is obviously all crazy). But one must know ones enemy and what they are thinking. Being a youngish gay man isn’t as easy as one would think as the extreme right are rising up in hate all around here in America. More so than in the past. I know being in other countries may be the same. So being ruled by another country seems much more appealing to me right now. Iceland, Sweden or Switzerland would be great. ๐Ÿ™‚ Though my heart has always been in Wales (mostly because it is my ancestry before my maternal ancestors came to America in the late 1700s). I am not choosing sides, as I do not live in Great Britain. I have visited all of Great Britain about 15 times in my life for months at a time. I have family in both Scotland and Wales. I just know that the decision will cause a rippling effect throughout the economy of both the US and many other nations. Whether that rippling effect is a good one or a bad one is what I am asking Eric if his Spirit Guide has mentioned anything. I know the US stock market is poised for a major crash within the next two years whether Scotland and England break up or not. A crash or correction would cause a great deal of layoffs of working class people, like myself to lose everything as we did in the US in 2008-2009. I am in agreement that all nuclear countries should not be necessary and we all live in peace with each culture enjoying their own freedoms. And I COMPLETELY agree on your comment about Bush and Blair. Horrible leaders, if one can even call them ‘leaders’. I do wish the beautiful land of Scotland all the blessings it truly deserves. And Muriel is correct. No matter what happens, half of Scotland will be disappointed on September 19th. Will that bring about violent protests much like that of the days of Ireland’s IRA history because one side is displeased with the result? I am unsure. All I wish for is peace for everywhere and feel in my own Spirit, it may be some time before we see it due to all the extremism around. Namaste to you Ossian and to your family and friends ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Thanks Jon Blue, hope your coping in our heat wave. They have not mentioned a civil war. However they have mentioned a very bad president coming to power and being so corrupt and bad that there are massive protests, massive upheavals and violence, he actually quits or is impeached, but not before everything goes off the rails, but they never showed a timeframe, nor did they want me to post it right now, so I don’t see it happening anytime soon. It would negate Obama because they mentioned he would not be president for very long.

      • Another note.. I have plans to ask them how the vote will turn out for Scotland, cross your fingers guys! We are overdue for some good news for once.

      • I agree. I think I remember there being a prediction pertaining to that on Eric’s site previously. But I may be mistaken. Also, have you read John Hogues site/prediction on the referendum? He has been predicting that Scotland will become an independent nation and be better off for it in the future. I believe he said that even if it didn’t happen this year (though it may), it would eventually, soon. Look up his website and search for that Scottish Referendum Vote. He just recently posted an update on it again. He is a well know astrologer/prophet. I hope I’ve helped somewhat. Many Blessings for Scottland.

      • Thank you Eric and all who responded. Jules comment was great too. So happy the Spirits have not shown massive unrest just yet. Thats a good sign!!!! YAY for good signs. It must mean that if Scotland does get its independence, all will be beautifully well for it. I was listening to the audiobook The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho two nights ago (read by Jeremy Irons). I read it back in 2000 when it first came out. “Keep searching for the omens.” Maybe this is one of them ๐Ÿ˜€ And as you said Eric, if the Spirits haven’t mentioned any uprisings in industrialized countries, all will work out ok for our lovely neighbors in England, Scotland, and Wales. I think political unrest in coming in the distant future for America and I’m getting out of here when that happens. As for this heat wave in SD, I am making it through. I rented an apt without AC because everyone here said one never needs it. Well this week, I am spending my afternoons in air conditioned coffee shops and the library while my two little doggies go to an air-conditioned playcare. LOL! Thanks again all. Community united. Peace and Namaste.

      • We will all be praying for Scotland this week I know. Also, I hear what you are saying Jon, myself having a 19 year old LGBT daughter in College right now, you do want to be cautious. But try not to worry so much about the hate mongerers and bigots taking over. They will always try to rise up against those who are different then what their ideology of normal is, (what is normal anyway). But more and more people are uniting with love against that fear they are trying to spread. More and more people are raising their consciousness so that they may be able to look at ones soul and inner being, the true beauty of Gods handiwork, and not just their idea, the worlds idea, of what it is suppose to be/look like. They are coming from a place of fear because they are becoming extinct, in the minority. And so are grasping desperately to hold on to what is their world/power and comfort zone. But I have a feeling God has His own plans. And I think they are much bigger than that box they are trying to put Him in. Blessings Always.

      • thanks bunches Jules for sharing your story too. Those words help me and many others. God will make it all work out. That I know for sure. I was given a second chance at life so I do feel protected as long as I continue to meditate and listen as well as be aware of listening to what others may have to say of value. ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

  5. My prayers are with you Scotland. My family immigrated from Scotland many many many years ago. We still celebrate our Scottish heritage to this day.

  6. Eric, I have been watching the hurricanes and see that hurricane Eduardo is supposed to turn back into the open waters. How do you feel about that? Wondering if it could turn like it says and make a full circle towards Florida. It is at a catagory 2 already. Just worried is all. I pray it passes! And it looks like another is behind it.

  7. Many thanks for all messages of support concerning Scotland.
    Whatever the result, we’ll all have to work together in harmony to create something new and positive!
    As we say in Gaelic…”This crioch air an t-saoghal, ach mairidh cell agus gaol”
    which in English more or less translates to …. The world may come to an end, but music and love endure forever. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • jon blue, thank you for all your posts, I still feel, civil war is coming, another American civil war, is coming, but, it is a couple years into the future, all of us, must band together, as one people, one nation. weather changes, will be teaching all humans this, if they learn this important lesson, GOD, and his massive angels, do change things, but, only if humans learn, .thank you, for speaking from your heart, and thank you eric, for all you do.

      • thank you for your kind words, Allen. I do agree in the long run Love always wins over evil and hatred. Always. Its just a matter of helping each other out. I was thinking the same thing about another American Civil War. I don’t know how that would play out but it was one of my visions just before I moved to San Diego. I am not as good or as in tune as Eric is by any means. But I think we all rely on each other for strength if we have a shred of the gift of being able to hear angels, spirits and ancestors reaching out to help us. Warm and happy thoughts to all of you.

    • Thanks Anthony, presenting a different angle is always helpful. As all of you know my opinions/comments on Spirits meaning is far from accurate. I would argue they presented mass flooding, rivers of surging water drowning Florida, however they have used a black storm cloud hovering over the Capitol of the US prior to the government shutdown.

  8. Maybe the sunkist reference is hurricane Odile, in California/ Mexico. The second can of sunkist from a previous thread is a hurricane forming in the Atlantic. Sunkist 2 will be in Florida.

    • Lia, hi..
      I thought we already tagged Norbert as #1 for Ca/AZ and region and Odile as number 2 the same region,(along one Sunkist coast)
      Than Florida will have their 1 can of Sunkist – than the second will come..along 2nd Sunkist coast..
      Am I mistaken.? I thought it was discussed in comments?
      Please correct me if I am wrong.. Blessings

      • Words have two meanings sometimes. No hurricanes last year and there will not be any hurricances this year also. Hurricane also means destruction. Leaders of destruction.Thos that feed the beast which is war.War generates descruction. War generates re-generation meaning re-building. all tied to money. Read this article. โ€œBusiness is business,โ€ he said. โ€œThis is the way the world works. Iโ€™m a practical man and I have my business, and the reconstruction could make me a lot of money.โ€

      • Anthony,
        hi- I am sorry I do not understand your reference to no Hurricanes. We have formal descriptions of weather. We have had Hurricanes this year 2014.
        I am sure you are a reasonable and good businessman. I think you have misunderstood this posting.
        Take cae of yourself.,Blessings.

      • Both Sunkist are set in Florida, none of which has happened yet. They do have separate predictions that compare existing/current hurricanes like Odile as small compared to whats coming to the Florida sea. I do not have a prediction about Odile, which was a concerning miss.

      • Eric,
        so the Sunkist reference was only for Florida? I am sorry there were so many suggestions
        I guess I assumed( wrong) that it meant Norbert and Odile and Polo..and southwest was a possibllity.
        Will re-read before posting. I was going by memory…thank you for correction..!

      • It was a confusing read. But yes it was used twice for Florida area. That’s not to say the next time they show Sunkist it will be for Florida. I still don’t know exactly what it means. My assumption is “Sunk ist” but we will have to wait and see what happens and then add it to the Glossary.

    • They have not mentioned it, but we always have ears on Australia. Both Australia and New Zealand are huge fans of this site. If anything we need to refocus our attention in your area. So much of their work is stuck on terrorist, but that goes to our undying need to change these horrible events.

  9. my blood in my viens runs thick with scottish heritage and though i live in australia my mother and father now in spirit have dreamt the dream of her freedom….we love our britain but aye its time….fear not the change it is a good thing …we are all blessed with pride in our nation…this would heal many hearts and progress is a joy … scotland i wish you all the very best for your future…

      Hi Star48. I was looking for the Nostradamus Quatraine and came across this site. It has to do with the quatraine 2.97 and the Third Secret of the Fatima Prophecy. It was actually an interesting read though I have never been on the site before and can’t confirm if if is correct info. I believe it’s titled “Pope Francis And The Rose Prophecy”. It basically talks about what you brought up but adds that he thinks there is a connection to the Third Secret of The Fatima Prophecy also. Maybe you will see something I wouldn’t. It did remind me of Erics red roses being cut down prediction also.

      • Jules 104,
        thank you.. I will go through it and cull the quatrains. I am a little handicapped.
        I am in between— moving in to my new home. However all my books, notes and reference materials are still not available to me. I would like to make sure of what I post.
        I am waiting for my builder to finish my home. He is behind in his time schedule.
        Right now I am living in a hotel until he is finished.
        So I do appreciate your help. Blessings!

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  11. FYI: shooting at Brigham Women’s hospital, 2nd floor (known location) but not in New Jersey near New York I had a dream documented back in September that said the following: 27 6:05 35 NEW JERSEY COTNOL YOUR DREAM 24TH OR 27TH – NEW JERSEY, 3,4 Date: Sun, 14 Sep 2014 19:41:55 +0000 To:


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