Boston Man Believed to Be With ISIS

By saying this prediction has happened would imply an attack, however one cannot ignore the connection and similar content. I leave it to you to judge.

Notes on 6-29-14  “3.. Boston.. college.. attack.”
I had a vision that the attacker was shot.


17 thoughts on “Boston Man Believed to Be With ISIS

  1. No, don’t believe the attack happened yet ( in Boston), however so glad they have been able to identify him. The more of these terrorists (spiders) that we can shed light on the better for the rest of us. This is a good thing IMHO. Thanks, Eric. On a side note, and I hope u don’t mind me asking…. With so much darkness and evil and just really negative stuff, do the Spirits have any news on something wonderful, something that would put a smile on everyone’s face? Just all this evil is just very depressing and sad. I hope you don’t mind me asking.

    1. OMG! I totally agree, I am getting tired of connecting to spirit just to see all of this horror. For now I can say that they always saw this year as a very dark one. We never posted the prediction back in December because it was such a downer but they made it clear happier years would follow. I will ask them for some happy news for once, keep in mind we are restricted to what the news reports, as it would need to be verified.

      1. as always, awesome response to ‘OMARIE”‘s wonderful question. When my grandpa talked to me in those dreams, it was the same. It was a very dark year or two. But he did say it would calm to a peace for a while but did not specify when. It does kinda suck that it is all dark and negative this year and in the visions we all have that are part of this wonderful community on worldwidepredictions, but I believe you will start seeing happier news when the Spirit is ready to provide it. Right now, Spirit and our other guides, IMHO, are focused on getting most of us safely through the next two or three years. Continue seeing, continue writing, continue connecting with Spirit and continue being a beacon of light for all of our lights to shine to better the planet and save each other through Sharing, through Love and Friendship. Thanks to each of you and to Eric for being there and helping. It makes a difference. Namaste!

    2. There is no evil, just people playing their parts, nor is there darkness. The world has shifted rather far and is far morelight focused than people realise when all they see is the crap on the news or people constantly pushing out fear mongering predictions

  2. Hello Eric, Have you predicted any mass bombings of large amounts of Christians in the US this year? Example…..the stadiums or conference centers filled with Christians listening to evangelists. PC >

    1. I don’t think so though, there more focused on a location and the theme of the location, here are the possible locations so far: transit station, something involving a plane (several), a bridge (US), a stadium, and a place showing fireworks.

  3. Did some thinking trying to connect the three terror attack predictions. Here’s the process: I discovered there is a Holland Elementary School in Boston. Boston and Chicago share very close latitude/longitude positions (but that was a very thin connection at best), however I found out that TONIGHT at 7PM the New England Revolution will play against Chicago Fire in Gillette stadium – which has a bridge-like structure to the main entrance. Yikes!

    1. Thanks Tim, The bridge prediction is expected to unfold on the west coast of the US, perhaps north CA. Its a very old prediction, it is unlikely connected with all the new predictions that are very stuck on Europe, Netherlands, Norway, and something in Boston. However we do have to consider a multi location attack around the same timeframe.

  4. When I saw this on the news I was hoping this was part of the prediction as Northeastern University is in the area we were all talking about. I really hoped this was how Boston was connected instead of some horrible attack.

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