Nepal Flooding

This prediction has happened. its a monsoon not a cyclone, so I have some doubts, but the area is clear.

Notes on 7-23-14 “Typhoons and Hurricanes, yes to Florida.. China will be hit again and again and again.. next for China is unexpected.. the east will be hit.. also Indonesia.. but its Florida and the Bay of Bengal that has the greatest threat”

Notes on 6-25-14 Hurricanes ?.. July-August, October.. I then saw a map of the bay of Bengal. I believe India was the focus but I would not discount the other Peninsula to the right of India. We still need to put the puzzle of location and time together

The Facts reported on 8-18 by AP: Kathmandu (AFP) – Floods and landslides in Nepal and northern India have killed nearly 200 people and scores more are missing, local authorities said Monday Quoted by:;_ylt=AwrSbm3jKvJTQngAfuRXNyoA

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  1. pprostano Avatar

    Eric, what about Ebola outbreak??

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Yes they made a prediction on 7-23, in summary the prediction says, the virus would be a problem but would never rise to the level of a full blown pandemic, it is fear and hysteria from all of us that is more dangerous.

  2. pprostano Avatar

    What about the Ebola outbreak? What if anything is being said?

  3. anthony Avatar

    looks like san diego calf next week. you need the rain. cat 6 .might go right up the gulf of calfornia. i predicted la would get hit with hurricane type storm, relieve the drought. Something building at bottom of mexico on the 24th.

  4. A Avatar

    Eric word just came from CNN that the Pope’s grand nephew, his mother died in a car accident in Argentina. His nephew was critcally injured. Wasn’t there a prediction concerning the Pope? My prayers go out to him and his family. So sad.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      There are predictions about the Pope, but I don’t think there is one about that horrible accident. I will look to make sure.

  5. Linda Avatar

    When I searched for “pope” through this site’s search box, I saw the prediction from March 11, 2014 and read a volcano prediction and in the comments Eric reported the spirits told him Iceland. It looks like this prediction is coming.
    RJ, what more can you say?

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      And that 8 could be seen as August.

  6. benmadigan Avatar

    eric -any news on the Icelandic volcano? Will it be bad? It looks fairly imminent.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      I would encourage you to look at the notes on 3-11, 5-8, 4-4, 3-19, and 5-6 which implies a very large eruption. They normally don’t talk about events repetitiously unless its a big event. I will post something as a reminder by tomorrow morning but I am trying to get an exact date from them, they did mention 787, which could be seen as August, though does not explain the last 7. The number 7 by itself has been used as a reference to dates, because there are 7 days in a week.

      1. rhona Avatar

        Hi eric and everyone…..yeh i have been remembering my dream too….northern hemisphere…fair skin…cold….starting in the water…it does feel immense…light, love and a.preparedness prayer for all … Im getting 22nd august it starts….

      2. benmadigan Avatar

        thanks Eric – I checked out those references – Most impressive record indeed.
        About the numbers – if we take 8 as the 8th month- August – then 7+7 =14th which is not exactly accurate as things started moving on the 16th, A week on would take us to the 23rd + or – a couple of days for standard predicting error!! let’s hope for the best

        1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

          The number 7 by itself is a message that they are talking about a date or timeframe.

    2. Lia Avatar

      Hi Ben & Eric, I wrote about a horrible incident in June on this forum – it was a precog dream. I was at a college in the dream and ash was everywhere. I just reviewed the link to the Iceland volcano, Bardabunga Volcano, and my alma mater had a pop-up ad appear above the article. I think my dream could have been about this Volcano, which would explain the explosions and ash all over the place. Colleges start classes in the next weeks – maybe that will be the timing of the volcano erupting.

  7. omarie Avatar

    Eric, just saw this on Drudge: hurricane being predicted to hit New Orleans. granted its a little early, this tropical depression might end up anywhere…. Hope it fizzles out.

    Also, on a side note…. Anything about Ferguson, MO?

    1. Lia Avatar

      Whoa- one of the tropical storms is named, “Karina.” Spooky. Maybe this is Eric’s Florida prediction?

      1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

        Hi Lia, can we have a site reference. Lets hope the name isn’t a reflection of things to come.

    2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Not picking that up about New Orleans but we have missed things before. I am trying to fit MO issue into the conversation, but we are still trying to catch up with the other messages. Lots going on out there, and none of its good.

    3. Lia Avatar

      Hi Eric and OMarie: Oh, I just looked at the link where I was reading and the two tropical storms I referred to earlier, one being named “Karina” is in the Pacific, not the Atlantic. I neglected to read that piece of info. So, my mistake folks. Sorry about that. Here is the link that I used at the NOAA hurricane reporting center:

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