Notes on 8-16-14

“Evil..” Spirit said

“Clarity please.” I said

“In or around Chicago.. children buried.. mourning turns to rage.. another mad man with a gun.. such needless loss.. his name tied to the first one.” Spirits Voice

“In a short amount of time 50,000 lives taken.. war has arrived to the fat spider.. from the sky the spider must back step (retreat?).. their position diminishes.. ISIS now backed in the corner.. t will spill even more blood.. the military in the sky demands a blunt foreceful unwavering broadsword attack.. whether or not it happens is unknown yet.”

I felt the ground shake under my feet again, which means another earthquake, but the details are still missing, hopefully we can get to them before its too late.




26 thoughts on “Notes on 8-16-14

  1. Eric, the in and around Chicago ,children buried , comment..a serial killer.? The most infamous Chicago serial killer was I believe.John Wayne Gacy.. I know there have been many more serial killers in and around Chicago. Maybe someone knows of another?

    1. Most famous Chicago Serial Killer was during 1893. Read the best selling novel DEVIL IN THE WHITE CITY! Awesome book of a true story of a frightening serial killer that preyed on women during the Chicago Worlds Fair. He made a torture chamber house. Its a must read if you haven’t ever read it. Living in Chicago 14 years, it was intense to read it. I told you all a long time ago, I ran from Chicago. Something in the city felt wrong in the last year. It was not always like that. I surely miss my beautiful life there but knew it was best to get out when violence started increasing. Love to all of you. Lets hope somehow the Universe will stop whatever this is.

      1. Jon, I just read that mormon prophecies say the next civil war starts in chicago. And I saw that thomas john had something about october being a big month for the US in his annual predictions. Food for thought.

  2. “his name tied to the first one.”

    Eric, do you get a definite sense of the name Adam…or could this possibly mean that the mad man’s name is tied to his first victim? Perhaps someone related to him?

  3. Thanks Annie, I am not 100% sure however they have a pattern of referencing all of the religions on a regular basis. I do question that “his name” could be the victim or the gunman.

  4. Hi Eric. What do you think the prediction of, the mad man…his name tied to the first one means? Are they referencing a previous prediction, a previous incident or just a previous mad man maybe? Any thoughts on what it is? Oh just saw the other comments. So Adam is a reference to religion? As in Christianity?

    1. Hi Jules, the Adam and Eve reference would go with all three major religions. But I am not sure if that reference to ‘his name’ is for the victim or the gunman. But they have a tendency to make references to religious text all the time. In another prediction they said “Where is the compassion for all” which was a slight to Buddhist monks attacking Muslims, because their religion teaches “compassion for all life” there are other references too. I am assuming all of this based on their trend. They seem very versed on all religious text (figures when you consider the source), and use it as a reference guide for their symbolism. I only bring it up because where as they are very well versed on all the religions most of us are not.

      1. Thanks for all of the info Eric. I was actually wondering if the Spirits referenced religious figures and texts with the assumption that most of us knew what they were talking about. Sheesh I’d say they must be, “rolling in their graves”, about now, over my ignorance, but I know they aren’t actually. LOL! Anyway I am wondering if the ties could have anything to do with the Adam Lanza school shooting scenario. Like a copy cat scenario. Also referencing Jon Blues serial killer, Dr H. H. Holmes of Chicago and some Murder Castle?? Some people even thought he could have been related to the Jack the Ripper slayings. There is an Historian named Adam Selzer that wrote a book on him also and has spent time investigating the murders. What about an Adam Walsh connection? Just thinking about him since they have John Walshes new show on “The Hunt”. Sending prayers, light and live to Chicago and especially to all the children there.

  5. Eric I was just reading up in the Adam Lanza incident and they were saying that he had a map on his wall and one of the shootings he had studied was the Northern Illinois University shootings. So I went to look that up and it states that the Northern Illinois University shootings had “ties” to the Iowa State shootings in the way of it being the fifth deadliest ever. So I am wondering could that be where the “ties” come in. Either the person was mentally ill and had studied Adam Lanzas massacre as he had studied others, or it will be right up there as one of the deadliest shooting sprees in a school. Are you able to ask Spirits if it is a school and if so get a name so we could warn them?

    1. Yes I have been watching that diligently. We actual have plans to ask Spirit for a date of eruption. Not sure if it will erupt before we get to that.

      1. There was also a naturally occuring 4.2 earthquake in Guthrie, OK., today, approximately 24 miles from Oklahoma City. It was on the weather channel and highlighted on USGS.

  6. Hi Eric. The recent horrific beheading of Journalist James Foley and the threat of another journalists beheading… , do you think this will be the straw that breaks the camels back so to speak? I think the US AirForce has possibly been asking for permission to carry out a, “blunt forceful unwavering broadsword attack”, on ISIS. Perhaps the President will give the go ahead now. Also, did you not have a past prediction on a beheading taking place?

  7. Eric, There is a lot of talk about the Jackie Robinson West Little League Baseball Team from Chicago in the news right now. They are having a parade with fireworks for their Homecoming. I looked up the fireworks and it sounds like they have them twice a week off the Navy Pier during the summer until Labor Day. This parade and fireworks just happens to land on the 27th. Do you think this event could be related to the Chicago mad man and children?

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