Hawaii Hurricane

It looks like this old prediction, again from last year might happen this year, as a Hurricane might strike Hawaii. Last year the only large storm that happened was a tropical storm. The second part clarified my error in mixing this situation with the coming Tsunami that was also predicted last year.

Notes on 4-7-13
A visual of me standing on a hill in Hawaii and a large storm was approaching. The wind was picking up speed and danger was looming. Repeating a prediction is a consistent practice of theirs. Repeating a prediction was originally used as a way to show that their prediction is still coming and has not changed…

Notes on 7-17-13
“Eric don’t scrabble the moon” — The moon is the predictions. As the Sun represents the actual event, which is why they use a circle(cycle)  to represent its arrival. The thought behind it is the moon reflects the light of the sun. As they reflect the event that is coming but never quite entirely (different phases of the moon). Scrabbling? It sounds like I am assuming two different predictions are one. That would fit for instance with the Tsunami, they talked about it several times and one could assume its two separate situations.

Things they are working on now; another Hurricane expected mid August, Volcano eruption, nuclear weapons?, Ontario, I also have a question about Lebanon.

Old predictions I am asking about; Florida Hurricane, Danish volcano, Boston college attack, Brazil-the can, and the Lee Harvey Oswald moment which they implied would unfold in October.



28 thoughts on “Hawaii Hurricane

  1. Just finished watching my local news and they mentioned the Hawaii hurricane. Actually they said their were 2 hurricanes…. Hawaii is going to get a “1-2 punch”. The first one is going directly over the big island and the second is supposed to side swipe them. In any case, our poor friends in Hawaii are in for a rough time of it. Will add them to my prayers tonight.

  2. Ontario? Is that Ontario, California or the province of Ontario, Canada which is where I live..

  3. I had a dream that Hawaii was totally wiped out, right off the map, submerged under water and never to return. I was very sad when I woke up remembering it all.

    • Perhaps kate you were remembering when hawaii was lumeria…its known that a great tsunami submerged most of the hawaiin islands long ago…some escaped and went ti new zealand and many other islands…im not discounting your dream…but.. There are in my belief and understanding some who were there that it is contained wihin your cellular memmory …and perhaps these hurricanes have resurfaced some fears….blessings to you just google Lumaria and see if it resonates….

      • rhona and Kate,
        blessings to you both. rhona, I think you are spot on there. I remember a very vivid dream in February, I had that was a real as I am typing this. It was me running into what seemed like a museum in a lush place. It had towering white columns like you would imagine for Atlantis. A bunch of us were running from a massive storm and hiding in this museum of big marble statues. I was in greek looking clothes. And knew that I was studying to be a sculptor in the museum. The old master off huddled as us young huddled behind the stones. I remember watching a glass dome like structure bubble over the column just as a massive wave came over us. I wasn’t really that scared as the water went over the glass. It was a fun dream to recollect probably a portion of a past life. We are given everlasting life, after all. We come back down on the planet from heaven when we need to “go back to the classroom” of life lessons, I believe.

  4. Yes Kate…I have a terrible feeling between the hurricanes, and an earthquake this could be the case. Maybe a Tsunami during the hurricanes? Unsure…

  5. “the moon is the prediction”. Spirit may be referring to what place is the moon in. Is it full, half, waxing, waining? Where does it sit in the sky when you see the moon? What color is it? Shape? those could be keys. More of my own prediction of the US falling into riots and “civil unrest” are starting to show as police are becoming more bold at shooting unarmed people or strangling them in the street causing people to protest. These protests will become very great in major cities, which will possibly ensue riots much like an extended version of riots from the 60s and 70s but with more brute force as more people have guns and are a lot more angry, it seems. It doesn’t help that a food crisis is about to happen as food prices are going up because California is in the worst drought in history and California won’t have enough food to send out, therefore increasing supply and demand prices to skyrocket. I saw visions of desperate people shooting the truck drivers of water delivery service back in my October visions of last year. So much so that it drove me to tell my own delivery guy back in Chicago what I saw. He said that happened in the California drought decades ago. But history seems to have a way of repeating itself because humanity can be a bit hardheaded.

  6. My 18 year old daughter last night had a dream a Hawaii tsunami. We were a bit up from the beach in a tent but her dad was in the sand and he was taken. It was a sunny day. She never hardly dreams, but when she does they are similar dreams.

  7. Eric,
    Hurricanes…Lester is now a category 4,—2 Hurricanes

    Photo: Satellite imagery shows Hurricanes Madeline and Lester over central Pacific; both storms headed west – @AlexJLamers


  8. Eric, Update…
    emergency proclamation.,

    Hawaii Gov. Ige signs an emergency proclamation as the state prepares for potential impacts from hurricanes Madeline and Lester – Hawaii News Now



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