Notes on 7-21-14

“The airplane that crashed .. they will lie.. hide and meddle.. the truth, some of it exposed.. the global rage so unspeakably massive.” — Spirits Voice

“Great spiritual leader of the orient will pass.. the sickness unfortunately around the corner.. A great honor is bestowed on him.” — Spirits Voice

We talked about hurricanes coming, Florida will be affected in the worst way, but we are still waiting on details, it sounds very much like previous predictions, but the timing is in question, in some ways it seems like two different hurricanes: Sum of the Florida Hurricane




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  1. Jules104 Avatar

    Hi Eric. I was just wondering if the Spirits have shown you who “they” are , the ones lieing and meddling? I can surely assume who “they” are, but with the way things are going these days, I wouldn’t put it past any one to commit such a horrendous act and stir the pot for political, land, resources gain unfortunately. I feel so bad for all of those families and friends of flight MH-17. I’ve found many articles on the Russian people’s reactions and they are equally horrified at it all. I will be praying for the world as this unravels further.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Russians and Russian rebels. They implied but did not verify that Russians or the Russian rebels shot down the plane.

      1. jules104 Avatar

        Thanks Eric.

      2. Ann Avatar

        The Russian government has nothing to gain by downing a civilian plane. The US/UN who were directly involved in the coup in Ukraine have everything to gain in swaying world opinion against Russia/Putin.

        1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

          I truly believe who ever did it made the mistake of thinking it was a military plane. As for the prediction, lets just see how it plays out. There is a lot of propaganda on all sides fogging this up. But lets all wait to see if this prediction happens. I can’t help but notice the irony of how we are all debating the integrity of national news, while they predict we are being lied too.

  2. Pn Avatar

    The only great spiritual leader of the orient I can think of is the Dalai Lama. I so hope that this is not true

    1. Marikins Avatar

      I hope the Dalai Lama continues to thrive – love his smile!

    2. Jon Blue Avatar
      Jon Blue

      “the sickness” may refer to the different viruses and bacteria that are being found in people overseas. Ebola is getting much stronger. I had a vision a good while back that I needed to completely stop eating red and white meat period. It was “poisoned”. Meaning that is where the next Black Plague will come from. Maybe this is the sickness that will come. Maybe avoiding meat will be the only way not to catch “the sickness”. There are several diseases right now that are slowly becoming an epidemic in Asia and India and Africa. Its just a flight away from the US.

      As for Putin. I warned everyone on here a while back that he was going to be a major problem. I had the visions he would become a powerful and frightening force. As with anything, The Creator gives the gift of “Free Will” so predictions can be fact until we as humans take a different course of action.

      Praying daily for Dalai Lama and my other faith, the Episcopal/Anglican Church as we seem to be the only two churches progressing with women’s rights, gays and the rights and love of everyone and everything. Progress.

      But on the other hand of that, war is coming. Revolution. Even worse. I said it before. The USA will have a great economic crash and with that will come some massive riots in big cities. The nation will split in four quadrants. In that vision of mine, I remember thinking “Hunger Games” type action and at that point I had only heard the story of those books but had not read them until now.

  3. Marikins Avatar

    In March Spirit said of the first plane: “Look to the south..” “Passenger 45.. is to blame.” I felt that there was someone with advanced technical knowledge that caused the plane to be “taken” by an Asian country. I feel the second plane was actually destroyed but is related to the first plane (might be the first plane in fact). This message “The airplane that crashed .. they will lie.. hide and meddle.. the truth, some of it exposed.. the global rage so unspeakably massive.” I feel it is completely deceptive but that people were really killed in order to cover something up. It is being meddled and messed up to hide the real perpetrator, but the one taking the blame knows the real guilty party and is just doing it to get in good or something. There are still some people alive (first passengers) caught in this dreadful situation. I pray for the most benevolent outcome and the truth to fully come out now.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Passenger 45 could be talking about the plane that was shot down, maybe 45 is key to the who?

    2. R. J. Avatar
      R. J.

      the first plane is in the water, not taken by aliens, as some channels have claimed, not taken secretly by governments, not taken by terrorists as some have claimed. the people on the first plane passed quickly, they are not still alive

      1. Jon Blue Avatar
        Jon Blue

        Personally, I remember when I first saw the first plane on the news that has “disappeared”. I was a full time flight attendant for ten years for a major airline. I remember thinking “they will never find this plane”. My next and very surprising thought was “its been taken”. To me, I think it may have fallen victim to being shot down OR was actually taken by a government. I was never much for conspiracy theories. I do find it extremely ODD that the MH17 flight was shot down on the anniversary of TWA800. I do not believe in coincidences. Most of us flight crew have always believed that flight was taken down by a missile. I even have two college friends who were on the beach and were part of the 700 witnesses interviewed by the FBI and CIA who said they saw the “light heading toward it”. Thats my sincere opinion and I know planes, the industry and people VERY VERY well.

    3. Lehayla Avatar

      I have my suspicions about the passenger who was supposed to be on both Malaysian planes and “luckily” canceled right before to switch to cheaper flights. I mean seriously, that’s 1 in a billion luck.

  4. Nessie Avatar

    I’ve come across a theory about how MH17 was actually MH370 painted to look like MH17 in order to get the cloaking technology that was carried on MH370 out. I don’t know if this is the case.

    When MH370 disappeared I instantly felt that something wasn’t right. But the MH17 feels like a mistake that they are now trying to cover up. The aftermath seems like a giant test for humanity not to go to war with Russia, more of a power struggle with the west that is losing momentum to the East. The media are also stirring things up and I was wondering if Spirit can tell you if this event is an accelerator for things to come in this respect?
    I know nobody wants war, but it does feel like we are in a certain time frame connected to the beginning of WW1, it could be that this event is a giant trigger, although I really pray it’s not. Thank you Eric and Spirit for your consideration.

    1. Marikins Avatar

      Nessie I hope not a trigger either. My feeling is that there will be a lot of covert actions among the super powers to get ahold of whatever it is. I keep seeing a dark black cloud associated with this, like it comes from a focal point and spreads out. Something about magnetized. I also think that there is a force for good that doesn’t want anybody to have it. Sorry to go on, this thing is giving me a super headache and I have to brain dump :O)

      1. Nessie Avatar

        Lol about the brain dump!

        What do you mean about the force for good that doesn’t want anybody to have it? What is it that they don’t want us to have?

        Thank you.

      2. Marikins Avatar

        Hi Nessie,
        I am no where near the amazing Eric but this thing has my brain! I just have a feeling that there is an advanced technology that the super powers want. As most advanced technologies, it can be used constructively or destructively. I feel there is a white benevolent energy that wants to prevent any side from getting it. I will say it feels above the human level. Also I may be completely wrong, but my terrible headache is gone and I thank you!

    2. R. J. Avatar
      R. J.

      ah no, two different planes, of which both have crashed, one from technical problems, not stealth ability, and one from being shot down. no trigger point, no war.

  5. star48 Avatar

    Eric, I have a question regarding the reference to Florida hurricane.
    “Florida will be affected in the worst way, but we are still waiting on details, it sounds very much like previous predictions, but the timing is in question, in some ways it seems like two different hurricanes: Sum of the Florida HurricaneFlorida will be affected in the worst way, but we are still waiting on details, it sounds very much like previous predictions, but the timing is in question, in some ways it seems like two different hurricanes: Sum of the Florida Hurricane.”

    The timing from last year’s prediction – –is that what they are referencing? The pumpkin reference?
    Or because the timing was off –they are starting from scratch?

    Or are they mentioning the timing is in question, because they are pointing to the same event.
    Only they are saying it is happening in this time frame–@2 months?
    Can you clarify please.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      As everyone knows there is still a gap in their ability to accurately predict timing, but so far it seems like the events are still very much going to happen. The hurricane will affect the south part of florida and it will cut through the middle of Florida. The flooding will be absolutely horrible. Timing is still in question.

  6. star48 Avatar

    Eric, I apologize apparently I duplicated the first paragraph .

  7. erhalin19 Avatar

    Hi Eric:

    Unfortunately with this comment there may be some cheering up to be had. With everything that’s coming through, and all of the comments that everyone is posting… It’s hard to feel optimistic that we can all drive change and positivity into the world.

    Does it ever feel like it’s just too much? Like the world is just too big and we’re just too small?

    Sorry to bring pessimism here – I truly don’t mean to and often look at these posts with hope that we can drive change. Just sometimes, especially lately, it feels like there’s a tidal wave coming and we won’t know until it’s too late.

    As always – thank you for your guidance and all the work you and Spirit do.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      I hope not. This entire site, why we decided to do it and all of their efforts are centered around this one idea that we can change these tragic events, create a ripple in that future tragedy. It hasn’t happened but I have to have faith that it will. I will say when I was a teenage I had about 4 spirits around me, providing a flow of information about others. Now its more like 30, and its all about whats happening in the world. Its seems that they have faith in the idea.

      1. Lia Avatar

        Hi Eric, Wow. Your teenage years must’ve been very interesting to say the least. And now, to have as many as 30 beings around you must feel rather empowering, but perhaps exhausting at the same time. The interesting thing is, how would we truly know if we have changed an event from happening? The prediction does not become true? It’s an interesting dilemma, don’t you think? Like the July 4th fireworks terror attack not happening. Perhaps our communications helped homeland security and other authorities to identify areas to focus on that otherwise might have been ignored (like Boston, for instance). I’d be curious to know what the spirits tell you besides “event driven” data. For instance, do they indicate messages to humanity about how we can ascend spiritually in our development? Do they relay information about the meaning behind certain events? Also, are certain events set in stone, while others are changeable? Perhaps we here are sensitives who witness the events that are “meant to be” because the energy is that much more powerful. Just a few theories. Love and light to you and your spirit guides for doing this work 🙂

        1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

          LOL that is more than I can cover in a comment box. When you have 30 spirits around you on a regular basis, yes you cover everything from is there a god? to religion, space, and any of the many deep questions one could ask. All I can say for now is it truly amazing. But right now those who oversee these predictions want me to just focus on mastering this gift of predicting the events of today. I am sure one day I will write my story and all of their amazing stories on those deep questions. They also have sets upon sets of predictions that range from 100 to 1000 years from now that I have not shared as well. Putting all of that out there will fog up our mission to create change and alter the future. As for the question of changing the future, I do not believe we will be able to really change the event but alter its outcome. Earthquakes and storms will happen, but with our warning we can minimize the damage it might cause to our lives. I have no doubt they will predict or discuss with all of us any actual change we might create, for now we have not accomplished it, however they have mentioned that unlike previous years, 2014 will be the year the stage has been set, the lights are on, and we are waiting for our moment. So I am very curious to see what that means exactly.

          1. Jules104 Avatar

            Hi Eric and Lia. Sorry for jumping into your conversation, but that’s absolutely amazing and wonderful Eric. Thanks for asking Lia :). I feel so blessed to have everyone on this site working together for the good of humanity and the planet. Oh and Thanks to all thirty Spirits especially!! Oh my Eric, I don’t know how you do it. Love and Light To All.

  8. Lioness Avatar

    Please God bless the Dalai Lama. Dear Eric, I have no psychic ability and I’m so worried about this world. My children are young and I worry about them. Will we find peace again? It used to be so clear cut goodies and baddies, but now the lines are getting blurry. Do the spirits give you any hope? Any good news? Will the Dalai Lama be found again? Or is it the end of the line?. I’m afraid Russia will be made to pay somehow but they are too big now, too powerful.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Lets not assume its the Dalai Lama, it could very well be another leader.

  9. jules104 Avatar

    Hi Eric. I remember finding this site a while ago and thought it was pretty interesting. It is a compilation of mostly, very old, prophecies made by numerous people on WWI, WWII, and WWIII. It’s pretty erie how similar they all are. I really believe that people have free will and can change the predicted futures outcomes to actually become something different for better or worse just by the choices they make along the way. I hope and pray that the people in this day and age choose to make it better with life, love and compassion for one another. Just wanted to share this link though. It’s for the WWIII portion. Prayers to All.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thanks will take a look.

  10. edivalle Avatar

    Eric, there is new questions coming to light, Russia claims that their radars detected Ukrainian SU-25 fighter jet in close distance of the MH17 Boeing on the day of the catastrophe, they supposedly have proofs and that us radar has the same info but hides that from public because of their political and financial war with Russia. Here is the link, great news site i read, independent not paid by powers that be “powers that were” in my opinion

    1. star48 Avatar

      Edivalle, hi — you do now that RT stands for Russia Times?
      It has been shown to have a bent towards a great view of the Russian POV.
      I only mention this as a 3 generation newspaper baby..
      You should look at five accounts and throw out three on important stories..

      1. edivalle Avatar

        there is no real news in american mainstream media as a lot of imported issues are not reported at all, the news is different in different places of the world and i listen to different stations… that to say it has to feel right in your guts to be right for you! 🙂 and yes i know what it stand for and i don’t favor any country.

        1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

          Every nation has there own bias in the news, including the US. Have you guys ever seen fox news 🙂

      2. Jon Blue Avatar
        Jon Blue

        You do realize, Edivalle, RT is a STATE run news broadcast! Meaning owned and supported by Putin himself? You do realize a number of reporters recently have abruptly resigned from the station? You should probably do better research. I know one reporter put out exactly why she abruptly left the station once she was safe in London. I have two friends from University working in our US government and they have told me explicitly what RT stands for in their beliefs. Also, if you have them connected to your Facebook, you may want to remove them from your feed. I will leave it at that for you to figure out.

        1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

          I read RT news. Seriously every news has there own slant, and the US is just as guilty if not one of the worst. The only news that I feel has a more equal proportion is BBC, but even they have a European Slant.

          1. Jules104 Avatar

            I agree Eric. Curious as to how this will all play out. If nothing else, I pray that this horrible tragedy was a “mistake”, and not intentional. Though it doesn’t make it any less painfull or tragic for the friends and relatives of the victims. My heart is with the Dutch today. May God be with them and carry them through this darkness and into the light again.

      3. Jon Blue Avatar
        Jon Blue

        my best advice for News (and from where I get most of my news) would be Reuters, BBC, and Associated Press. Also use news from Red Cross and nonaffiliated sources that provide non-biased humanitarian aid. Buzzfeed can be ok at times but even that can slant a little too far left in its writing.

    2. edivalle Avatar

      as Eric said every nation has there own bias in the news, thats why i read few different news as BBC, Reuters and others more on investment than political side 🙂 i do like to look at the different point of views of the same story. No i didn’t realized the connection to Putin or Russia (if true, besides the rt name which means absolutely nothing, but i will check on that ) Jon Blue i get your point! and don’t you think thats sad that i have to worry what news station i read and if my name is anyway associated with it! and i didn’t mean to be political at all… i read a lot trying to be open minded and feel we are all humans and we should be just on a side of another human being. There is usually as many opinions as there are people but there can always be a middle ground.

      1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

        It does mean Russia Today

  11. star48 Avatar

    Eric, information regarding disease right around the corner?
    One possibility.. To watch..

    1. jules104 Avatar

      Hi Star48. I just wanted to mention that the state of Colorado also has the bubonic plague which occurs naturally around here. People and their pets get infected by the fleas from the Prarie Dogs, Rabbits and Marmots here. I didnt know this but the Pnuematic Plague is even deadlier than the bubonic plague. And then you have the septicemic plague. Anyway, just thought I’d mention it. Also doesn’t RT stand for Russia Today? I just saw on the news yesterday that they had another journalist quit the RT due to the lies and propoganda they were told to report about the downed Malaysian flight MH-17. Thanks for all your hard work on finding news, etc for Erics/Spirits site.

  12. star48 Avatar

    Jules104, great catch, yes , it is Russia Today. I do make mistakes. If anyone notices anymore please bring it to my attention. Thank you.
    Jules104, I appreciate your gentle guidance. Thank you for your kindness.

    Different plagues have been more active, in the lower 48, in the past few years, via Bats too.
    I remember growing up CA when it had less than 10 million in population.
    Now CA is approaching 40 million. Being vulnerable to many diseases is the norm now.

    Having lived in Europe (married to Brit) I thought of moving there for the next chapter in my life.
    I went to explore for a year. Worldwide, lived in different locals for a month plus looking for a home.

    I was guided to where I am now. During winter I found a home in North Idaho @60 miles from Canada where I have found myself ,completely surprising me. I had no clue, did not know anybody, never been up here.
    However I have found, Scotland, Norway and New Zealand all wrapped together.
    In other words my paradise. On the 5th deepest clean freshwater lake in US.
    One of the cities close to me has less than 7,000 people. I am planning for the future.

    It will be okay for my remaining years., I just found out I am in a vortex area. And this area is one of the Golden cities of the future. So I am where I am suppose to be, I have had vision / dreams of earth changes. In them I have been shown that I will help guide people from the chaos.
    My goal is to be of service, to Eric and spirit and mankind.
    Blessings to you and yours..

    1. jules104 Avatar

      Thanks for sharing your journey Star48. It sounds like you have had a very interesting and full life so far, for sure, and are right where you are suppose to be. Do you have any thouhts on the area of Maine? I have recently debated whether that would be a good place to move to. Thanks again for all of your dedication and service. Blessings to All.

      1. star48 Avatar

        Hi Jules104, I think you could ask for guidance. It worked for me, but be careful what you ask for…my guides have a great sense of humor…after I arrived i really laughed hard, I realized that they had taken my request -answered it and added a fun twist….As a flag..
        That still makes me chuckle..

    2. edivalle Avatar

      hi star48…..i was wondering about that for some time now……relocation 🙂 and i read a lot about possible earth changes….how do you feel about changes in the US and especially west coast? …. when do you feel that might happen?

      1. star48 Avatar

        Hi, I have had experiences of seeing a black wall of water coming towards shore in Southern CA a few years ago. I shook it off as I did the vision of a women walking her little dog terrier in an auburn area When a rather large earthquake tilted the earth beneath her. I was viewing it in real time from above. I still to this day have never met her or her dog. I had previous other visions but never felt I had to leave .
        I felt differently in 2012. I asked for guidance. Put my house on the market, I sold it in Ten days ( a signpost ) Got rid of all my accumulated stuff. Just saved what minimal amount I wanted.
        Put it into storage.,as well as my 52 MG. And took off for Europe. Looked there. My aunt died in an accident while we were together In northern Spain. I had to do the honor of making sure she got back. I was pretty shook up so I went to Switzerland than Greece for 3 months
        Came back bought a 4 wheel drive car. Visited one of my 3 brothers outside Reno (Sept,2013.)
        In the period between 2012-2014. In my family ,people who have never talked or planned to leave CA are moving. To Montana, AZ, NV,TX, it is unbelievable, I would say they are being guided.
        I do not feel that the time of trials for the West Coast is that far off. We are coming into very soon.
        Or that matter for America.
        You need to follow your own voice inside. Do not discount the information spirit is telling you. You are the only one that can respond to your own.
        “You have been wondering about that for some time” sounds like guidance to it always put forward in some way.. Magazines? Articles? Friends? How is this wondering being reinforced ? My advice ;do not wait ,to follow your own knowing. You will get your own acknowledgements when you are on the right path.

  13. star48 Avatar

    Eric, another possibility.. Of disease that is now airborne .- Mers

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      I will put it out there when we have an opening. See if there is a contagion threat.

  14. jules104 Avatar

    Watching CNN this am. The Dutch pay their respects to the MH-17 Victims who have arrived home. They have come out in the tens of thousands to line the bridges and roads while the procession of 40 hearsts pass by. My heart bleeds for them. Such a sad day. I can’t help but cry for all of humanity. For this has not just happened to the Netherlands, but to all of us.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Yes, I am watching it.

  15. star48 Avatar

    Jon Blue,
    thank you for your succinct response on RT.
    Bias is the grinding wheel of news of all countries
    I take note of your Facebook reference
    Know that the only thing that I have shared On Facebook is this site, for information to be shared .
    I hope you are doing well…in your recovery.,Blessings

  16. star48 Avatar

    Eric, he is list of Spiritual Leaders alive now..
    Oriental orthodox churches leaders are listed.,

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thanks that should help.

    2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      One thought that comes to mind is Thích Nhất Hạnh

      1. star48 Avatar

        Eric, he will be 88 in OCT.. Here is info.

  17. star48 Avatar

    Eric, a Guru – who sparked global yoga..passed..
    Here is information

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      I saw that, I was thinking it could be about the spiritual leader that will pass, but India doesn’t fit.

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