Israel Launches Ground Invasion

This prediction continues to unfold, several of you have pointed to the recent news of Twitter uproar over pic of ‘applauding’ Israelis watching night attacks on Gaza and how it might relate to the third prediction below:

“An image of Israelis in Sderot who gathered on a hill to watch and celebrate Gaza being bombed has gone viral on Twitter. The photo posted by a Danish journalist caused uproar online.” Quoted by: RT–

Also, as many of you remember the third prediction was met with mass vitriol and criticism, as many felt I was taking a partisan role. I can only say  I communicate what Spirit shows and says word for word. Their opinion is their own, but I don’t believe this was an opinion of theirs more of a tone that would come out of the prediction. I can only pray for a hasty peace. The Predictions:

Predictions for 2014 Israel will have a bloody conflict with its neighbor

Notes 10-11-13  “Crisis in Israel”   “War is coming”

Israel Crisis  Israel will be poured lemonade, and react with vitriol. For the first time in a long time it puts them on the wrong side from the view of world leaders.. uncompromising.. without compromise there will never be tranquility in the holy place.. another bloody conflict.. another crisis.. now he is gone, out. — Spirits Voice




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