Israel and Gaza Conflict

These other predictions have happened. The notes of 5-27 was a warning that a bloody fight would began to unfold and twelve days later Gaza and Israel began a bloody battle of rockets and airstrikes.   You could relate the notes of 3-13-14 to this battle, or the Ukraine crisis. If it is related to this, the unbalanced response is a fault of both sides of the battle.

Notes on 5-27-14
“The bloody fight.. that’s a prediction unfolding.”

Predictions for 2014
Israel will have a bloody conflict with its neighbor

Notes on 3-13-14
I had a vision of an uprising, protest, upheaval, the government or the advisories respond with brutal force, multiple deaths, a blood bath. In a bizarre part of the vision people where hiding behind metal boxes, and large metal fans but it did not work the fire power of the advisory killed the majority of those hiding because they had gatling guns. Again implying an obscenely unbalanced response to dealing with the uprising.



3 thoughts on “Israel and Gaza Conflict

  1. Eric, day 11 in the Israel /Gaza conflict.. Now escalated ground invasion..July 17th
    While Ukraine conflict –plane taken down -.July 17 –you mentioned both in the same posting..
    You were correct…..

  2. your “psychic” blog doesn´t say anything that we cant find on any news cannel anywhere.
    Where´s your special information? It seems like you have nothing to say

  3. Ron walker,
    I would hope that you will read the review of predictions from 2013…Also Major events predicted.. Blessings


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